iPhone Repair Dubai

Now we live in a generation who is hungry for change. New devices with the latest technology are the trends which are fascinating every person. Apple iPhone is one of the most beautiful examples which can depict where we are heading in the technological world.  But when repairing comes into the picture we find our self in a tight spot. Broken screen or faulty battery can destroy the experience of such devices.

Nearly all manufacturers try to squeeze a massive amount of money for repair services. To utilize the full potential of your Smartphone, you can trust UAE Technician. We offer efficient solutions with economical prices for the latest version of iPhone :

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iPhone Price List

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We have invented our unique methods for repairing devices such as iPhone. Expertise over several issues has made us deliver to all kind of consumers including individuals, small and large organizations, etc. Not only we offer repair and maintenance services but also provide support for optimizing various gadgets. From data recovery to repair of the screen, we can give you a solution which is suitable for your pocket without compromising on quality.

UAE Technician iPhone repair Dubai team is highly experienced and dedicated team to fix the issue of apple all models as given below.

iPhone Repair Price in Dubai:

Models Folder/Screen Replacement Cost Battery Repair Cost
Back Glass Repair Cost
Iphone 4,4s. 230 NA NA
Iphone 5,5s,5se. 250 NA NA
iPhone 6. 6S 289 215 NA
iPhone 6Plus..6S Plus 300 230 NA
iPhone 7 330 235 NA
iPhone 7 Plus 379 250 NA
iPhone 8 369 235 230
iPhone 8 Plus 449 250 250
iPhone X 635 300 255
iPhone XS 650 315 255
iPhone XS Max 769 330 325
iPhone XR 699 250 325
iPhone 11 779 300 175
iPhone 11 Pro 789 409 175
iPhone 11 Pro Max 1100 429 175
iPhone SE 2020 849 249 230
iPhone 12 Mini 849 349 330
iPhone 12 999 449 330
iPhone 12 Pro 1349 450 330
iPhone 12 Pro Max 1649 495 330
No iphone 13 stock not available right now NA NA NA

We also fix the issue of these models as well – iPhone SE Repair, iPhone 5S Repair, iPhone 5C Repair, iPhone 5 Repair, iPhone 4S Repair, iPhone 4 Repair, iPhone 3GS Repair and iPhone 3G Repair

iPhone Repair in Dubai Services You Can Trust

Worrying about your iPhone damage might not be the right thing to do now. Instead, you should turn up at a reliable iPhone repair in Dubai team to fix your iOS device. UAE Technician offers doorstep iPhone repair services for emergency solutions.

For example, your iPhone might not be charging, or you can’t hear people over the call. Fix such intricate issues with your iPhone and restore its fullest potential with our dedicated iPhone repair near me.

We, at UAE Technician, offer the finest-grade solutions for any iPhone problem you face. We have partnered with the best-in-class technicians who are certified experts in repairing iPhones. Be it screen repair or water damage minimisation, get unbeatable and guaranteed results from our iPhone repair shop Dubai.

We utilise only authentic spare parts for iPhone repair and replacement purposes. We offer a warranty on every iPhone repair so that you can retain the highest satisfaction and durable fixes to your iOS device. 

Moreover, we offer comprehensive support for all available iPhone models, such as:

  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus
  • Apple iPhone SE (First, Second, and Third Generation)
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • Apple iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone 14
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max and more

So, upgrade your iPhone repair near me with our authentic services. Book an appointment with our iPhone tech geeks and get doorstep services without experiencing downtime.

Major & Frequent Issues that Require Expert iPhone Repair Services Dubai Intervention

The slightest inconvenience with your iPhone might be a zero-tolerance ground for you. After all, you keep your schedules and everything organised with the help of your precious iOS device. 

On the other hand, you might not be able to call someone during emergency hours. So, consider an instant iPhone repair services Dubai near me to revive your smartphone.

We, at UAE Technician, specialise in repairing iPhones regardless of complication levels. Whether it’s a screen repair, screen replacement, motherboard repair, or water damage repair, we can handle any complex situation. In addition, we offer the best solution for your iPhone so that you can enjoy the best productivity out of your device.

Our expert team of iPhone repair Sharjah addresses your iPhone problems with an accurate diagnosis. On top of that, they apply the most suitable and genuine repair to your iPhone or its components. 

In which situations do we offer the best iPhone repair services? Let’s check out:

iPhone doesn’t Hold Charge

Your iPhone is designed to deliver optimum performance even in low-power circumstances. However, you might be observing that your iPhone can’t hold enough power to sustain itself throughout the day. Or, you need to plug the charger into your iPhone more frequently than ever.

Chemical ageing is common with any electronic battery. You might have to replace the existing iPhone battery to boost its performance to the highest possible peak. Trust our iPhone battery replacement services for your iPhone.

Our technicians will look at your battery health first. Then, they will take the necessary steps. Sometimes, the corresponding charger might be at fault, or there are internal circuitry complications. We offer fixes for any iPhone battery and charging problems swiftly. Hire experts from our iPhone repair shop near me dubai for emergency attention and get solutions at unbeatable prices.

Disabled iPhone

This is one of the most reported iPhone issues that users have witnessed all around the globe. Your iPhone might display this specific error message: ‘iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes’. This generally happens when users or others try inputting the wrong passcodes 10 times in a stretch.

Has it happened to you too? Well, you need not freak out as UAE Technician can easily get you out of the loophole. The challenge with this particular problem is that you can lose your entire iPhone data if you skip one single step. So, don’t take any chance with your iPhone and contact our iPhone repair near me Dubai technicians.

We can also help with the following instances, such as:

  • Forgot iPhone passcode
  • FaceID not working
  • iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo
  • TouchID not working

Our professional engineers can easily tackle these software nuisances. Additionally, they keep your iPhone data safe and backed up. So, get in touch with our iPhone repair near me for troubleshooting software challenges and more.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Data Not Working on iPhones

Without a stable internet connection, your iPhone is not able to utilise its highest functionality. If you face difficulties while connecting your iPhone to a nearby reliable Wi-Fi network, then you are deprived of necessary internet connectivity. Restarting might remove a temporary glitch, but it’s not a cure for something deep-rooted.

Get rid of Wi-Fi network issues with our dedicated iPhone repair service near me Dubai. We can help your iPhone get connected to any desired Wi-fi network by resolving the configuration problems. Also, our technicians offer Wi-Fi module repair and replacement for critical instances.

The same bug might appear when you try turning on the mobile data connection. Call our professionals before you proceed to reset your settings and other content on your iPhone. Our technicians offer foolproof solutions to retain your iPhone’s networking ability immediately. Call our iPhone repair Sharjah specialists and share your iPhone issues.

Screen Issues

Has your iPhone gone to an all-black-out state? You might not be able to turn on your iPhone, and you might have tried charging the device for a considerable amount of time. And, it was of no use. In that case, your iPhone screen might be the culprit, and only an experienced technician can confirm that.

Contact UAE Technician if you want to avoid long queues and get rapid action for your iPhone screen repair. 

Our superior team of iPhone repair near me dubai can tackle any screen glitches, such as:

  • The sudden death of screen
  • Unresponsive screens of iPhones
  • A partial portion of the screen is working
  • Cracked screen
  • Water damaged-screens

We offer digitiser repair and replacement, display repair and replacement, and more equivalent services to aid your iPhone screen performance. Our technicians make use of certified spare parts to repair your iPhone. Thus, you can get sustainable results at affordable rates.

Our experts take care of your iPhone’s functionality and data while fighting against corrosion due to any water damage. Get prompt and trustworthy screen repair services from our specialised iPhone repair shop near me in Dubai.

Malfunctioning Buttons

Can’t you turn on your iPhone because the Side or Power button refuses to work? Well, you are not alone in the same situation. However, the good news is that UAE Technician can fix your iPhone’s Power button in the least turnaround time. Besides that, we can repair and replace the Volume buttons on your iPhone.

Those volume buttons on your iPhone might fail to regulate the audio. Get them fixed without professional help. On the other hand, Home button issues are quite common for iPhone users. If you can’t use TouchID on your Home button-empowered iPhone, then contact us.

Recover your Home button’s functionality with our devoted iPhone repair Sharjah professionals. Therefore, you can call our technicians if you face any issues with your iPhone buttons.

Damaged Rear Housing

The charismatic look of iPhones gets carried away by their all-shiny back glass. They are attention-seekers, in other words. However, physical damage can ruin your back glass and leave them shattered. If your iPhone is out of warranty right now, then getting it repaired from authorised Apple shops will cost you a fortune.

Well, you can get the same stunning back glass repair at competitive prices only from UAE Technician. We offer compatible back glass replacements for all the newest iPhone variants. If your iPhone has an aluminium rear housing and it’s damaged, then we got you covered too.

Our iPhone repair service near me team can deliver you an on-site iPhone rear housing replacement regardless of the model. Secure your iPhone’s durability with our certified and insured iPhone rear housing repair and replacement services.

Everyday Software Problems

iPhones are less prone to malware and other web threats. However, this doesn’t mean that malware attacks can’t happen to your iPhone. Your iOS device might get dead slow, and you might even face crashing frequently. Hire our iPhone repair shop Dubai professionals to get rid of these tantrums.

Apart from this, our professionals can help you in the following instances:

  • Freezing of iPhone
  • Crashing of any particular application or all
  • Overheating
  • Unavailability of the latest iOS version or update

Whatever your iPhone software problem is, UAE Technician is a trusted place to remove them all. Our technicians offer support in software troubleshooting. 

They can provide you with software fixes, anti-malware solutions, software updates, and more. Get in touch with our iPhone repair near me and experience the real difference.

Camera Repair

Do you experience blurry images while attending FaceTime calls? Or, it might be a rear camera issue that doesn’t offer you a crystal-clear picture or video output. Users have reported that the iPhone screen gets dark just after opening the Camera application.

The latter might be software turbulence and might go away with a quick restart or iOS update. However, the former issues require expert intervention. In this situation, you should only trust professional technicians who have acquired years of knowledge and experience.

Opt for our iPhone repair shop Dubai to resolve your camera issues. After all, iPhone cameras are incredible for low-light photography and a daily productivity list. 

Our technicians offer camera lens replacement, sensor repair, and other major repairs under one roof. Book yourself a service quote today from UAE Technician without rushing to a store.

Why Should You Pick Up Our iPhone Repair Service in Dubai?

UAE Technician is a Dubai-based company that offers countless technical and domestic services. iPhone repair is one of our expertise, and it’s difficult to ignore our success stories. 

Our technicians have helped thousands of iPhone users till now, and you can be a part of our proud customers, too. 

We offer quality service along with the following perks of iPhone repair service in Dubai facility:

Licensed & Vetted Technicians

We have made up a team of iPhone repair technicians who specialise in iOS devices only. All our technicians and engineers are certified, trained, and experienced. They strive for excellence in overcoming new challenges every day. 

We are not ready to trade off your iPhone’s security and quality service at any cost. Get uncompromised and best-quality iPhone repair from none other than UAE Technician.

Guaranteed Results

Are you looking for the most trustworthy iPhone repair shop Dubai? UAE Technician brings you promising iPhone repair services to your doorstep. We take care of your iPhone sincerely and offer reliable solutions.

You can easily book our services, and our team will reach you at your convenience. Get the fastest iPhone repair in Dubai, Sharjah, and the outskirts with our assured iPhone repair endeavours.

Original Repair & Replacement

UAE Technician always keeps quality at the top of any service. Since we understand your worries about your iPhone’s optimal performance, we resource only certified spare parts.

Additionally, we stock repair and replacement parts ready for every available iPhone model in the market. Our technicians will reach you with all equipped. Moreover, they rely on only the latest tools and technologies for the best fixes.

Affordable Deals

iPhones don’t come cheap, and neither do their repairs. However, you can get unbeatable prices for iPhone repair Dubai services only through UAE Technician. We have reviewed our price system and fixed charges for specific services.

Thus, you can avoid hidden costs and get a more transparent service with us.

Satisfactory iPhone Repair Services are Just a Call Away!

UAE Technician offers marvellous iPhone repair Dubai services, and that too at your location. So, you can call us and log your iPhone repair request. Cooperate with our technicians with issues, signs, models, and contact details so that we can serve you in the best possible way without any delay.

For more information or exciting deals, contact our customer support team. What are you waiting for? Join us immediately for luxurious iPhone repairs.

Does your iPhone needs repair? Get assistance from an Expert

We have developed our area of specialization with continuous training and skill building. By testing our team of technicians with complicated issues, we have gained experience in dealing with almost every aspect of Apple iPhone. Our knowledge and efficiency in work have crowned us as the leader of Apple iPhone repair services in Dubai. Following are the services which we offer.

  1. iPhone Power Button Repair
  2. iPhone Screen Repair
  3. iPhone Microphone Replacement
  4. iPhone Vibrator Repair
  5. Liquid Damage Repair
  6. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth problem
  7. Battery Replacement
  8. Rear& Front Camera Repair Service
  9. IOS (Operating System) Upgrade
  10. Home Button Repair Service
  11. Volume button replacement
  12. iPhone 7 Audio Disease
  13. All any other issue of iphone
  14. iPhone Motherboard Microsoldering
  15. iphone 52 screen replacement
  16. iphone 6 logic board removal

You can arrange a pickup with our engineers for the device. Our certified experts will keep you in the loop for all decisions before implementing it on your gadget. To keep your future activities smooth we offer 24*7 helpline (045864033 ) that can provide guidance when you face any technical problem.

A Right Service Provider is a key to the Safe and Pleasant Experience

UAE Technician has developed Apple repair center in Dubai which have latest tools and equipment. Our team has gained expertise in handling a variety of issues with any iPhone model. While choosing a service provider one may feel insecure. By providing genuine parts to customers, we keep our promise of quality service. Following are the benefits of choosing us as your service provider.

Reliability and Security

We understand your insecurities. Therefore, we make sure our customer get reliable services with a secure environment for their device.

Only Genuine Parts

We provide only original Apple parts for any replacement needs. It has helped us in maintaining a track record of 100% success.

Quick  iPhone Repair Process

We recognize that timely delivery is critical to you. For your comfort, we try to minimize the time, so that you can have the gadget back as soon as possible.

Low Price Guarantee

Our focus is on offering you with budget-friendly services so that you get best service for your device without compromising quality.

90 Days Warranty on Phone Repair

We give you a cap of three months Warranty for any part which has been replaced by us.

Experience of many years with seasoned employees has made us a prominent iPhone repair service provider in Dubai. If you are in search of a nearby centre for iPhone repair Dubai, then you need not to come out. Instead, we will approach your door-step. Call us and get the service which will resolve your issues in minimal time.

Frequently Asked Questions for iPhone Repair

You can find your iPad screen is freezing and remains unresponsive from time to time. Even, the running programs start to crash automatically. You can face this issue especially after updating your iOS device with the latest version and it is very difficult to identify the culprit for this specific problem. However, Apple Service Dubai helps you a lot to overcome the issue effectively.

It is an illusion with the iOS device when it refuses to turn on at all. Moreover, the device seems to be useless until it is responsive. This annoying issue may occur due to the OS crashing problem or for any hardware related issue. If you are suffering from this annoying issue, then consult with an IT expert for an immediate fix.

If you see that your iPhone or Mac device is not charging, that will be one of the irritating problems for the Apple users. You may disconnect the adapter and charge it again but still, encounter the same.  Even it has been seen that the iPhone starts to freeze when you plug into the power adapter. A couple of reasons are responsible for this critical issue and you won’t be able to resolve the iPhone charging issue efficiently.

When you try to connect the iPhone to the router, then you can face the Network Connection error. Most of the time, the device won’t recognize the wireless device. Then, the error codes associated with appears on the display in different ways.

Sometimes, you might get stuck with the Internet connection lost issue at the time of browsing the data. Then, you can see that the Wi-Fi icon starts to fluctuate and sometimes shows “No Signal”. However, the expert team in Apple Repair Service Dubai has enough knowledge to handle this section as well as give you a smooth internet connection.

When you try to install the iPad or iPhone with the latest version, then facing the technical issue not an uncommon issue for the iOS users. Then, you won’t be able to avail the latest features that bring Apple into the market. Furthermore, the device doesn’t support the newly launched apps due to device incompatibility issue. You may not suffer from any issue at the very initial stage, but you can come across multiple issues after a certain time. Hence, you need technical assistance if you are not a tech-savvy person and fail to resolve this critical error.

Sometimes, if you accidentally delete the data from your iPhone and then the data retrieval process is very difficult to handle. Moreover, the device is unable to download any other new apps as the memory blockage issue occurs. This critical issues may corrupt the system files also and shows app installation error as well as update error very often. However, our technical support team for Apple service Dubai can handle this annoying problem very effectively and overcome all the hassles permanently.

We repair a wide range of iPhone models, including the latest ones. This includes iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and many more.

Repair times can vary depending on the issue and the model of your iPhone. Typically, we aim to complete most repairs within 1-2 hours. 

Yes, wherever feasible, we utilize original Apple components to assure the best possible quality and compatibility with your iPhone.  

We can repair a wide range of iPhone issues, including screen replacements, battery replacements, water damage repairs, camera replacements, software issues, and more. 

Yes, we offer a warranty on all our repairs. The warranty period may vary depending on the type of repair and the parts used. Our staff will provide you with warranty details when you come in for a repair.

Repair costs can vary based on the type of repair needed and the model of your iPhone. We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a quote before starting any repair. 

We recommend backing up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes before bringing it in for repair to ensure your data is safe. If you’re unsure how to do this, our staff can assist you.

We accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit/debit cards, and mobile payment methods.