Smart Strategies to Fix Sharp TV Defects with Unmatched Services

Is your Sharp TV malfunctioning? Worried due to the bad picture quality of your TV? Can’t detect the reason for the dim volume of your TV? It’s time to bid farewell to the persisting errors in your Sharp TV with the help of the skilled and qualified experts in Dubai. Malfunctioning in a TV doesn’t necessarily mean that you got to buy a new one. Replacing the damaged components is the best option to restore the stability of your device.

With frequent usage, electronic equipment reduces its performance. Sharp TV users often complain about the technical issues they encounter with their TV. In this write-up, we have discussed the problems elaborately. Look at the errors and consult our Sharp TV Repair in Dubai to get ultimate guidance.

Know the standard errors of Sharp TV:

Sharp Screen goes blank

In this case, the power supply inside the LED TV has issues. The power supply unit is responsible for receiving current and sending it to all the components of the LED TV. The power supply unit arises problem due to a sudden surge in the input supply. Usually, the capacitors on the power supply boards fail. These problems are common in Sharp LED Televisions and the repair work is relatively simple and quick.

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LED TV has Horizontal lines on start-up 

In this case, the root of the problem is low signal strength in the set-top box cable that is connected to the LED TV.  Older TV sets require lower input strength to work.

Sharp LED TV with no sound output

This issue can occur when the internal TV speaker stops working. It is probably because the audio IC that drives the internal speakers has failed. It is common in Sharp sets as they use inexpensive low powered amplifier ICs that heat up and fail. A simple replacement of the audio IC will do the trick here.

TV cracks when powered up or emits a strong electrical smell

This is not a very rare issue. The most apparent reason is cathode ray tube failure. The minor crackling noise is due to high voltage arcing. Insulation burn causes the possible reason behind the burning smell.

Don’t panic if you are facing similar errors. The help of our experts at UAE Technician is all you need to combat Sharperrors.

Advantages of choosing our services:

Don’t trust a local specialist in dealing with your Sharp TV issues. They might dupe you by replacing the original components with the duplicate ones. Save both your money and time and opt for our Sharp TV Repair Services.

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