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With the improvement in the gaming industry over the past decades, plenty of people from around the world are becoming a part of it. For all the game enthusiasts, now game consoles have been introduced which put detail in graphics, precision in controls and motion in the storytelling of their console games. Retro game consoles are among the most popular game consoles all over the world. With a Retro game console, you can have up to 19,000 games in a single system. As Retro game consoles are powered by Raspberry Pi, it provides you the convenience of having more than 20 game consoles.

Whether you want to play Super Mario, Frogger or Chu Chu Rocket, the library of Retro consoles never fails to surprise you with its collection of games. But as this is an electronic device, some technical issues might arise in it at any moment and hamper your gaming session. If you encounter any issues with your Retro game console, then get in touch with our experts at UAE Technician for convenient Retro game console repair services.

Take a look at some common bugs associated with Retro Game Consoles:

Despite being packed with powerful hardware components, the game consoles are often encountered with some minor or major technical faults. Some of the most common issues are:

  • The console won’t start up due to any general wear and tear problem
  • The disc drive of the console is not working and thus restricts the loading up of the games
  • HDMI port of the console is not working either because it has been damaged or disconnected from the motherboard of the gaming console
  • Having problems with the installation of the OS of your gaming console
  • The consoles are not powering on at all
  • Getting no display in the screen of your gaming console

The issues mentioned above are serious and need immediate repair services. Hence, it is essential for you to contact our team of experts for relevant repair services for the issues of your Retro game consoles. We are available to help you at all odd hours of the day.

The scope of the services offered by our experts at UAE Technician:

Our experts at UAE Technician will help you in providing the best-in-class Retro game console repair in Dubai. They will not only resolve the issues remotely but will also guide you with maintenance tips to keep your device in an active condition. Whether the issues are simple or complex, they promise to solve them with effective solutions at the earliest. Listed below are some of the services we offer:

  • Help in the installation of the gaming console’s operating system
  • Resolve the start-up or booting issues of your Retro game consoles
  • Replace the damaged HDMI port of the console
  • Provide necessary repairs for the faulty motherboard of the gaming console
  • Fix the disc drive not working issues of your Retro game consoles
  • Mitigate the power supply issues
  • Resolve the screen or display related issues of your game console

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If you face any of the above-mentioned or any other issues with your Retro game consoles, then it’s essential for you to contact our experts at UAE Technician. Our helpline number: 045864033 is always open for our customers, even during the busy hours of the day. Our executives are always ready to receive your calls and answer your queries. By taking our expert’s advice or remote assistance, you can get the best Retro game console repair solutions at an affordable rate. You will be provided with the steps which are necessary for resolving your game console issues. We are here to guide you and our team will help you to carry on with an obstacle-free gaming session. Have faith in our services; we won’t let you down.