IT Support Solutions in Dubai : An Alternative for Efficient IT Management

When you start up a business, technology plays a vital role in its growth and success. Often you put a significant amount of your investment in setting up IT department and believe that you will prosper, but maintaining it and providing your organization with the best support so that it can perform efficiently is equally essential.

Here you need a professional IT support. Technology failure can happen due to many reasons, but your business must not be the one to face the catastrophic effects of it.

UAE Technician offers you a surfeit of solutions with a single point of contact to make sure you get a secure digital environment which includes communication and collaboration tools, hardware, software, etc. Our variety of solutions will help you improve the efficiency of your IT environment while keeping a keen eye on regulations. By handing your all, IT support worries to us you can relive your staff of the extra burden so they can concentrate on other critical activities.

Why UAE Technician only?

Our success in handling any query within minimum time possible is due to a well seasoned, experienced and qualified team of engineers. We make sure that you get perfect assistance so that your business can run again smoothly without any delay. Following are the glimpse of areas in which we can help you.

  • Email Management
  • Network Installation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Upgrades & Migrations
  • Server & Network Management
  • Remote Working and Security.

Solutions we offer: Answers to your problems 

To come up with affordable and quality solutions is our paramount priority. We offer a range which can suit all kinds of a budget without sacrificing on quality. Following are some examples of solutions which we provide.

  1. IT Support for PC’s Laptops

The five rivers support service for PCs and laptops helps in delivering quality at an affordable cost. We offer you a 24*7 support system which gives you the power of unlimited access to us. A one-stop solution for all your IT issues which can vary from virus/spyware issues to Installation of new hardware and software etc.

  1. IT Support for Servers

Our team is versed in the knowledge of Installation and support for Active Directory issues, Domain troubleshooting support, Secure remote access, etc. which helps your business run smoothly.

  1. Telephony IT Support

We believe in customer delight due to which we have come up a system where you will be charged no fee until we discuss the issue with you and come to an agreement. There is a call time of 30 min for a PC or laptop incident, and 45 min for a server incident which we provide.

  1. Onsite IT Support

Few problems demand support on the physical ground for which we have designed onsite assistance. On an agreed time space our team of experts makes sure they can eliminate the source of a problem entirely. To your benefit, we also offer a ‘floor walker’ for the day package. An expert from our team will visit your site for an agreed duration of time to do a floor walk and fix any IT issues you may encounter.

  1. Complete IT Outsourcing/In-house Hiring

We want to provide you such solutions which can allow you to concentrate on your core competencies and business development tasks which precisely our CIO offers. A virtual CIO will help you in aligning your goals with your IT environment. Our services are a perfect blend of medium-sized businesses that are downsizing but still would require support from a group of certified IT experts.

Who have we worked for till now?

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal which has given us a reputation for a leading brand in IT solutions industry. We have worked by complying different requirements at different times without any hassle which you can see below.

  1. Companies who want to outsource their IT department support entirely.
  2. Business who prefer fixed costs only.
  3. Customers who want the benefit of IT experts team without mounting costs.
  4. Organizations which is planning to consolidate their IT environment by downsizing and budget cuts.
  5. Virtual Chief Information Officer
  6. Simultaneous user requests
  7. Complex IT infrastructures
  8. IT security consultancy
  9. Cyber security advice
  10. IT security consultant

Contact an Expert, Contact UAE Technician

By taking advantages of our proactive and reliable services, you can stay ahead of support problems that could hamper your business or can cause an outage. Tie a knot of trust with us and enjoy extra benefits which we offer to our valuable customers.

  1. Decreased response time (onsite and offsite)
  2. Discounted Rates
  3. No additional rate premiums
  4. Monthly IT planning meetings
  5. Multi-level SLAs
  6. Detailed project logs
  7. MON – Remote Monitoring Service
  8. TIX – Online Trouble Ticketing System

Allow our experts to handle all your issue while you achieve a new zenith for your business!

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