Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions: Specialist in Providing Best Data Recovery

A successful business depends upon data which it has collected over a long time. It helps in many aspects such as trend analysis, business analysis, understanding useful customer’s information etc. Imagine if you lose it due to some mechanical damage or a sudden crash of hard drive. Generally, people are not habitual about backing up their data. It exposes them to a world of threats where you can experience a breakdown anytime.

UAE Technician offers a broad variety of data recovery solutions for hard drives. We have experience of working on internal as well as external hard disks of various models and sizes. Our team comprises of expert engineers who have worked on various complex cases. We can assure you that we provide best data recovery service with guaranteed solutions in Dubai UAE.

hard drive data recoveryOperating Systems on which we have Expertise for Data Recovery

We believe in maintaining a healthy standard in our offerings. It has led us to adopt the latest technology like certified Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom which has ensured that we deliver with quality. Our extensive track record is an example of the success which we have achieved over time, by providing data recovery services to multiple organizations and individuals. Following is the list of operating systems from which we saved lost data.

  1. DOS
  2. OS/2
  3. Windows XP x32
  4. Windows XP Professional x64
  5. Windows Vista
  6. Windows 7,8,8.1,10
  7. Kali Linux
  8. Mac OSX
  9. NetWare
  10. VMware
  11. Ubuntu
  12. Fedora
  13. Linux Mint
  14. OpenSUSE
  15. PCLinuxOS
  16. Debian
  17. Mandriva
  18. Sabayon/Gentoo

We offer secure data recovery services by professionals who can repair hard drive and save them from a total failure. From read/write head crashes to electronic damage and more. UAE Technician can be your one-stop solution for all your laptop data recovery issues.

Providing Better Solutions is our Specialization

Hard Drive can get corrupted due to multiple reasons, for example, a crash or physical damage. Our services provide you a protection of 100% data recovery. We prefer methods which are non-destructive such as drive sectors cloning, etc. It requires picking up data sector by sector so that we can work on the clone. It ensures the safety of the original drive structure. Following is the list of scenarios in which we have specialization.

  1. Accidentally deleted critical files.
  2. Hard disk failure due to a faulty power supply or a head crash.
  3. Reinstallation of OS
  4. The Disk is getting formatted or overwritten with the Ghost image.
  5. Damaged or deleted MBR
  6. The disk is not spinning or physical damage.
  7. Corruption of files

Join hands with us and experience benefits of associating with a leader

We follow an approach where we first analyze the cause of system failure. After this, we undertake a full evaluation and guide you through the exact situation.  Then after your approval, we take your computer/laptop to our center and begin recovering your data. Following are the benefits which you can have if you choose us to be your service provider.

  1. Easy data recovery
  2. Ultra modern lab
  3. Upto date technology
  4. Expert team members
  5. No data no charge

UAE Technician can provide you expertise and efficiency in delivery as well as solutions. By choosing us, you can be sure of a service which is worth your every penny.  What are you waiting for? Call us:045864033 to get instant solution to your hard drive data recovery issues.

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