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SSL creates a reliable environment to make the potential customers feel confident in making any kind of purchase. By establishing a secure connection, SSL creates a foundation of trust. For establishing a secure and encrypted link between two points on the internet, SSL is a standard implementation.

In order to establish an encrypted channel, you will require free SSL for Web Server. The channel is formed for securing the exchange of information. A web browser’s ability to trust the provider of the SSL certificate impacts the seamless trust between a browser and server. For a detailed information, contact us at UAE Technician. Our team of highly qualified experts have acquired knowledge of SSL technology and can guide you with the best information.

SSL for web server

Importance of SSL certificate on a web server:

If the web-browser attempts to connect to a server, it needs to be secured by an SSL certificate.

  • The web-server sends across a copy of its SSL Certificate as a response to the request made by the browser
  • Browser checks whether it trusts the SSL certificate sent by the server.
  • The browser replies to the server by sending a message if it trusts the sent SSL certificate.
  • A digitally signed acknowledgment to start SSL session is sent by the web-server.
  • The encrypted data is then shared between the web-server and web-browser.

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