Get the Best Garage Door Installation in Dubai 2020

Garage doors provide security, safety, and convenience to our vehicles and our homes. There can be various types of garage doors, such as single panel doors, roller doors, or sectional garage doors to name a few. All of them, under standard conditions, work well and provide the necessary protection to our vehicles, be it from harsh weather or the possibility of a theft. However, like any other mechanical device, issues with garage doors can and do spring up occasionally. Keeping in mind the needs of the residential and commercial garage door users of Dubai as well as the whole of UAE, we, at UAE Technician, offer complete garage door repair services that include both installation of fresh doors and repairing or replacing garage doors and openers.

So, if you have a garage door that is not working the way it should, connect with us at the earliest and get it fixed by some of the best professionals working in this field.

Garage Door Installation in Dubai

Standard Issues with Garage Doors as Encountered by Users

A garage door can be broadly classified into two groups: manually operated ones, and electrically operated ones. Both of them work stably under standard conditions. However, as mentioned before, over time and use, it can and most probably will show signs of trouble. However, issues can shoot up randomly as well which include garage doors not opening or closing, remote control not working, and many more. But you don’t need to worry if your garage door is showing problems. You can contact us at UAE Technician for the best garage door repair services and let your issue be resolved by us.

Here, for your awareness, we have included some of the most common garage door problems.

1.Non-Responsive Remote Control

It often happens that you press the button of the remote control of your garage door but nothing happens! A non-responsive remote control can be a result of dead batteries. Thus, check the batteries first. If that doesn’t help, make sure that you are operating your remote within the range of the opener. If that too fails to resolve your issue, then you may need professional help. Connect with us at UAE Technician for a quick and effective resolution of each and every of your garage door issues.

2.Wall Switch Not Responding

Sometimes, the wall switch of your garage door may turn non-responsive, and thus, the opener too will not work, as the wall switch is directly wired to the opener. It may seem like a dead end. However, most likely, it’s a power issue, which you can check by examining the wire connections. If that sounds a little too difficult, you can connect with us at UAE Technician for the best residential garage door service, and resolve your issue in no time.

3.Garage Door Not Closing Completely

This issue of a garage door not closing completely can also be a very frustrating problem. In most cases, however, the problem is with the limit switch that can be adjusted to the extent it should lower in order to close completely.

Rely on UAE Technician for an Outstanding Garage Door Installation and Repair Service

Here, we have mentioned some of the more common issues that can spring up with your garage door. However, there can be countless other problems that you can face with your garage door. The problems can be minute, such as an obstruction like a plant grows in the path of the photo eye sensor, or the issue can be something more substantial. However, with years of experience in dealing with garage doors and the issues you can face, it would be no trouble for us at UAE Technician to resolve any and every problem with your garage doors. Thus, if you are looking for the best doors installation in Dubai for your garage, you can contact us through our helpline number:045864033 . Alternately you can also connect with us through our online chat portal or mail us at our official email ID.