iPhone 6S Price in UAE: Your Comprehensive Guide

Apple has been the best brand for delivering the most unique and feature-rich smartphones. iPhone 6S is available now and the most important part that is making the buzz is that it still has a headphone jack. It looks exactly like the iPhone 6 but likely a bit heavier, although the weight difference cannot be noticed much. It sports a metal glass body with round edges and a curved front glass paneling. Additionally, Apple claims that it has used strong materials for making this device. With a metal body, Apple also played with the colors this time. iPhone 6S comes in silver, space grey, rose gold and gold colors. Alternatively, Apple also made sure it creates the strongest glass covers. After a rumored news that iPhone 6S can bend, this has made Apple take note on developing the body by employing the best materials.

Explore the Features that make iPhone 6S the Most Worthy Phone of 2018

iPhone 6S Display

With a 4.7-inch display, it sports 750X133p resolution managing 336 pixels per inch. Pixelation is not visible unless you look too closely. However, Apple could have used a full HD display. The display is perfectly readable under sunlight and has broad viewing angles to accommodate dual-domain pixels. With extensive black levels, the color reproduction is amazing. The screen also boasts a fingerprint that has a resistant oleophobic coating to prevent smudging.

iPhone 6S Touch and Live Photos

iPhone 6S comes with iOS 11.03, the latest version of the Apple’s operating system. Interestingly, there are some attributes of the operating system that only iPhone 6S can exhibit. These are 3D touch and Live Photos. 3D touch is the enhanced version of the Force Touch which was first revealed by Apple’s watch. This feature is also utilized by many other mobile applications and web developers.

iPhone 6S Excellent Camera Quality

Apple is never obsessed with megapixels but with iPhone 6S, they have changed their notion. iPhone 6S possesses an upgraded camera. It has a 12 MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera. Photos shot on 6S are vivid in nature, brighter and users can also notice details. Without changing much of the settings, the iPhone 6S clicks amazing photos and videos.

iPhone 6S Battery Performance

Apple claims that the standby time of iPhone 6S remains static like iPhone 6. However, if you play videos for a long time, battery depletes at a faster rate. The Apple batteries have never been very impressive. Hence, this feature remains at the lowest rank for the phone.

The iPhone 6S has an upgraded Wi-Fi and cellular antenna and it helps to load the pages faster than any other Android phone or the iPhone 6 on the same network connection. It works with the 4G network without any issues and delivers a decent speed. On the surface, the major attributes of the iPhone 6S are the 3D Touch and Live Photos but it does come with amazing improvements in built-in quality, a faster processor along with the fingerprint scanner. It also offers an upgraded camera and better connectivity. The iPhone 6S amazing yet expensive and so, it’s certainly not for everyone.

iPhone 6s Price Review in Dubai

The most intriguing part that people wait for is the price of the iPhone. Apple has been working towards making good phones, but the prices never come down. Soaring high, the iPhone 6S is priced at 1,599 AED for 16 GB. For models catering to 32 GB and 256 GB, the price range follows from 1689 AED to 2428.99 AED.

It is pretty costly and is not affordable by everyone. Therefore, all in all, we can say that the iPhone 6S is better than Apple’s previous flagships but could have been better in terms of battery. Photographers will be benefitted but on the other hand, a power bank is also a must. It is one of the best smartphones of the year in terms of offering great 3D touch experience and the key to its performance is consistency and stability of the operating system.

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