Smart strategies to design a dynamic news portal with affordable news portal development services

News Portal is a medium for online communication through the internet which connects people around the world. It is basically the electronic version of a newspaper which you can find by browsing through the internet. News portal development includes the publishing of articles, blogs, press contents, editorial columns and many more. It also includes uploading of photos, videos, etc. with the help of media management tools. You can read the contents live or download it for future reading purpose.

News portals offer you contents from various segments such as lifestyle, entertainments, jobs, politics, education etc. You can stay updated with the current social and environmental status of the world by reading the web contents of the news portal. To avail premium news portal development services at a pocket-friendly price, you can connect with our team of experts. We at UAE Technician have a bunch of skilled experts who can guide you to design an exclusive new portal with rich contents.  Call us, email us or chat with us to avail our class apart services at a cost-effective rate.

news portal development services

Our professionals at UAE Technician offer unmatched services:

We at UAE Technician help to design ePaper, eMagazine, ePortal, eArchive and many more. Apart from designing news portal, we also design enterprise portal development and personal portal development. Take a look at various services you can avail by connecting with us.

  • Responsive UI
  • CMS
  • Unlimited members and editors
  • Customizable Templates
  • Photo Galleries
  • Tags, Tag Search
  • Widgets
  • SEO Friendly Portal
  • Rich web Analytics
  • Ads Management
  • Video Gallery with YouTube Embedding
  • Share, Print & Rate option for articles

We have a team consisting of a bunch of experts who have years of experience in designing news portals. They can assist you in the best manner to develop an exclusive news portal for you at a reasonable price. They undergo rigorous training at regular interval which helps to enrich their technical knowledge. Furthermore, we collect regular feedback from our customers which helps to improve our service quality. Our charges are nominal and we always charge for the amount of work done by us. Avail the cheapest news portal website development in Dubai by connecting with us.

What are the benefits of developing a news portal?

A new portal serves various purposes some of which are mentioned below:

  1. It offers information to the public regarding political, social, sports, entertainment etc.
  2. You can avail instant and latest news from any part of the globe
  3. Additionally, it ensures easy accessibility
  4. It also provides current news as per the interest of the visitor
  5. You can enjoy live telecast of Cricket matches and other sports
  6. In addition, you can give your comments or feedback on any issue.
  7. It also provides frequent updates of any breaking news
  8. Furthermore, it offers exclusive videos of breaking news

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