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Whether you stay at home or in office, the Air conditioner has become a necessity for getting a sigh of relief from the rapid increase of temperature due to global warming. Nowadays, this air conditioner facility is available even in schools, colleges, hospitals, buses and many more. Recent studies have proved that an overheated workplace could affect the productivity, so that’s a major reason for having an Air conditioning environment.

Also, it provides energy to your employees for doing hard as well as smart work. Are you interested in installing a new AC in your company? Then, choose our Air conditioning installation services for installing AC in your workplace and make it ready for the perfect cooling.

Many business owners think that installing an air conditioning machine in the office premises will lead to higher electricity consumption, and that’s why they avoid installing air conditioners. But this is not true in the long run. Though the AC consumes more power in comparison to a normal fan, yet if you are planning for a long-term use, you will find that the overall savings are always more with AC.

Thus, if you want to keep your home or company comfortable and energy-efficient, then a well-maintained AC system is a must for you.

Common AC installation mistakes not to be avoided:

Air Conditioning Installation is a major concern nowadays because it cannot be performed without a trained technician. There can be a number of things which can possibly go wrong with the installation of an AC. Listed below are some of them:

  • Incorrect size of the AC- This is perhaps the most common AC installation mistake. The AC should be of an optimum size, neither too big nor too small. In case, if your AC is too big, it might wear off from the unit on a frequent basis or might also prevent dehumidification.
  • Incorrect wiring- Another possible mistake with the installation of an AC is with the wiring. If you are not a professional and still you are trying to install the AC, then you might do sloppy wiring work which not only creates faults in the working of the unit but also proves to be risky. Also, you should be careful enough that there are no exposed wires.

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  • Overlong refrigerant pipes- It is always recommended not to keep the refrigerant pipes too long. The refrigerant pipes, i.e. the pipes which connect the indoor and the outdoor units of  an air conditioner, should not be kept too long as this might make it difficult for the AC to complete the cooling cycle properly. This will lead to unnecessary energy drainage due to the continuous working of the compressor.
  • Insufficient space between the walls of the AC unit- Whether it's a wall AC or a split AC, it is important to keep sufficient space between the walls of the AC unit. It is responsible for the accurate functioning of the AC compressor as well as ensures proper air flow. If this space is not kept, then there is a higher probability that your AC will overheat randomly and ultimately fail to work.

Benefits of opting for our Air Conditioning Installation Services:

Our team of specialists at UAE Technician is passionately engrossed in offering quality AC installation services to our clients. They make constant efforts to deal with the problem within the specified time limit. We provide AC repair services on all models of AC systems. Our services include:

  • Detection of carbon monoxide
  • Installation of electric Air handlers and unit heaters
  • Installation of the filtration system and Humidification
  • Guaranteed satisfaction on the installation of the equipment

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If you are looking for the best air conditioning installation companies in Dubai, contact our professionals at UAE Technician via different communication channels. Dial our helpline number 045864033 and get outstanding services from our tech experts. If the concern is air conditioning installation prices, do not worry. As we offer the best quality services at the most pocket-friendly rate.

We ensure to take care of your product and provide services accordingly. You might also choose to connect with us through email or live chat facility. We also provide AC annual maintenance contract in Dubai.