Avail our amazing Unic projector repair services: Fix the issues of your Unic projector instantly

Projectors have become an important device for those who are indulged in making presentations for sales and businesses. These are also used by various clubs and organizations for proper display to the audience. Unic projectors are popular in the worldwide market for brilliant digital video performance. These projectors are very good for playing video games, watching movies and displaying presentations. These projectors are well-known for their outstanding readability and consistent color precision. With its high resolution and wonderful connectivity, it allows the users to transform the home into a theatre. Despite its amazing performance, users might face some problems with this device. If you encounter any troubleesome issues in your Unic projector, you can get in touch with us for immediate Unic projector repair.

Common issues with the Unic projector:

While you are delivering a crucial presentation or watching your favorite movie, if your projector goes wrong, it can be quite frustrating. Check out some of the common issues which the users encounter from time to time while using the Unic projectors:

  1. Poor image quality: Sometimes, the images that you view through projectors are of inferior quality. This can be caused due to unaligned computer resolution. Even there are occasions when the projectors do not confirm the resolutions of the computer and this ultimately results in the poor quality of the images displayed.
  2. Images are not fully displayed in the projector: Often it is found that when the images are displayed onto a projector, either the text has some missing parts or the bottom of the image is cut off.
  3. Infrared remote controls are not functioning: This can be due to several factors which include weak batteries or you might be using it from beyond the recommended distance range. Another reason for this can be that you have turned on the fluorescent lights. It disables the infrared remote control functions.
  4. Unable to turn off the projector: If the projector is not turning off by pressing the power button, then this can be due to an ill-fitted lamp assembly.
  5. The projector is overheating: It is a distinctive issue which is caused due to a problem of the fan. If the fan does not work properly, it will not be able to cool down your projector and this will result in overheating of the projector.

Benefits of opting for Unic projector repair services offered by our experts:

Our team of specialists at UAE Technician is passionately engrossed in offering quality Unic projector repair services to our clients. If you are looking for a trustworthy Unic projector repair center, you can reach us to avail our unmatched services. Our experts make constant efforts to deal with the problem within the specified time limit. We provide services on all models of Unic projectors. Our services include the following:

  • Align the projector’s resolution to the resolution of the computer to avoid the deteriorating image quality
  • Make adjustment in the resolution of the laptops for the full display of the images
  • Enable the functions of infrared remote control by turning off the fluorescent lights
  • Install and re-fit the lamp assembly in the projector
  • Clean the dust particles accumulated on the green panel of the projectors
  • Replace the faulty LCD prism in the projector
  • Replace the damaged mainboard or any other faulty components of the projectors

Contact us to get outstanding Unic projector repair services

If you are looking for the best Unic projector repair in Dubai, then you can contact our professionals at UAE Technician via different communication channels. Dial our helpline number : 045864033 and get outstanding services from our tech experts. We ensure to take care of your projectors and provide services accordingly. You might also choose to connect with us through email services and send us emails mentioning your problems. Feel free to chat with our technicians via live chat window and get immediate assistance online.