Choose our advanced Barco Projector Repair services: Fix all major and minor issues of the projector instantly

Barco offers a wide range of projection technology in the worldwide market. These projectors are a perfect fit for boardrooms and meeting rooms as it offers excellent brightness and other additional features. Barco projectors are lamp-based and laser-illuminated, which makes it suitable for events, shows and auditoriums. Depending on the need and requirements of the people, these projectors are designed for projection in various small as well as large venues. But being an electronic device, with time, some technical faults might appear in your projector. This can disrupt the proper functioning of your projectors. If you encounter any problem with your Barco projector, you can avail our best-in-class Barco projector repair services.

Some technical bugs associated with the Barco projectors:

Projectors are nowadays used in many conferences and meetings for facilitating the smooth running of presentations. If you use it for a long period, there is no doubt that one or the other problem might occur in it related to image and display quality. Listed below are a few of the common issues which occur with the Barco projectors:

  1. The projector is running normally, but there is no picture: If the cables are not connected properly with the projectors, this issue might arise. Apart from this, there can be an issue with the lamp ballast unit or the lamp itself.
  2. Dull image is being produced by the projectors: This problem appears only in the LCD projectors. It occurs due to a problem in the bulb of the projector. If you find that the images are too dull, then undoubtedly the lamp life of the projector has expired.
  3. The inputs of the projector are not working: There might be an issue with the connectivity of the inputs with the projectors. But if this is not the problem, then it’s related to the main board.
  4. Purple or magenta spots are found on the screen beamed by the projectors
  5. Infrared remote controls are not properly functioning
  6. Shadows are appearing on the image
  7. The projector is overheating very often
  8. The image appears with distorted colors on it

Choose us as your reliable Barco projector repair center

Our experts at UAE Technician will offer you all the possible services required for the proper functioning of your projectors at a cost-effective price. So, you need not visit any local Barco projector repair center because we will offer you everything as per your requirement, starting from damage repair services to replacement services for your Barco projectors. We train our professionals on a regular basis to update their knowledge about the appropriate solutions for the various issues of the projectors. We excel in offering the following services to the clients:

  • Repair and replacement of damaged LCD panels
  • Replace the broken lamp of your projectors
  • Check the projector cables of your projectors
  • Replace the faulty main board or color wheel
  • Provide repairs for the fan to keep your projector cool
  • Replace the bulb as and when needed

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If you are frustrated with the issues of your projectors, place a call at our helpline number: 045864033 and share your issues with our experts. You might also email us your queries to connect with us during busy working hours. Feel free to opt for our live chat facility to chat with our professionals and get effective solutions online. Our specialists at UAE Technician will deliver you with the best Barco projector repair in Dubai at a reasonable price to fix all minor to major projector complexities. You might also give us your valuable feedback regarding our services as it will help us to improve our service quality.