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The latest smartphones come with very advanced technology and functions. But, along with their high-end functionality, their problems have become complex as well. So, troubleshooting might not offer you a viable solution for your iPhone 12 malfunctions. In such situations, you’d want a professional and experienced repair service. And, that’s where our iPhone 12 repair service comes in. 

Our team can fix pretty much all issues that you face on your iPhone 12. So, we can assure you of an effective and long-lasting solution for your iPhone. You can benefit a lot by hiring our professional repair services. Join us now to get an impeccable iPhone 12 repair Dubai service. 

iPhone 12 Screen Repair

You must not ignore any problems associated with the screen of your iPhone 12. After all, it’s among the most important components of your device. We can fix all screen problems of your iPhone within a fairly short time and at a reasonable cost. 

Here are some common screen problems you can fix with our iPhone screen repair services: 

Unresponsive Screen

Are you using a case or protector with your device? Then, remove it to help your device cool down and fix the screen issue. If that doesn’t work, you can also try cleaning up your screen with a soft cloth. In some cases, restarting the device might do the trick as well. If that doesn’t work, book our iPhone 12 repair Dubai services. We can ensure an effective solution to this issue within the shortest possible time. 

Showing Green Tint

This issue usually doesn’t indicate a serious issue with your iPhone 12 screen. And, you can often fix it by adjusting the brightness settings. Apart from that, updating your iOS system can also fix this issue in some cases. You might also need to disable Dark Mode to remove the green tint. If none of that works, we can apply an appropriate solution to the issue at our clean lab facility. 

Black Screen

This is yet another issue that’s quite common in all smartphones. Our iPhone 12 repair Dubai includes an effective solution to this issue. You might usually need to hire professional help to fix this problem. But, before that, you must make sure that your device has enough charge. If you can’t fix the issue, we can provide you with a quick solution for the dead screen. 

Flickering Screen

Your iPhone’s screen might flicker due to a hardware-related issue. In such a case, you must get a repair as soon as possible. Apart from that, it might also have something to do with software-related problems. In any case, you can get an optimal solution to it with our iPhone 12 repair Dubai. You can sometimes fix this issue by clearing RAM and storage space. 

Keeps Turning On and Off

You can fix this issue by updating your device in many cases. Apart from that, you can also try hard resetting your iPhone. In some cases, you must also try draining your device’s battery and then recharging it. However, these troubleshooting methods aren’t always effective. In such cases, you have to get a professional repair. And, we’re one of the leading options when it comes to that. So, reach out to us if you need an urgent iPhone 12 repair Dubai. 

Images Appear Blurry

This problem might not always occur due to a screen-related issue. So, you must look for other explanations for this issue. Resetting the Settings can often help you fix it. You can also try some other troubleshooting methods apart from that. If all of them are ineffective, you must give us a call. We’ll diagnose the problem quickly and provide you with a long-lasting solution. 

Dead Pixels

Does your iPhone’s screen have dead pixels? Then, you might not need a replacement if there aren’t too many of them. With our iPhone 12 repair Dubai services, you can get a quick and very effective solution to this issue. We’ll ensure a competent solution to it within a fairly short time at an affordable price. 

iPhone 12 Camera Lens Replacement

The camera lens of your iPhone 12 might also give you various kinds of trouble. But, with us at your assistance, you need not worry about them at all. We offer you a quality replacement camera lens for the following iPhone 12 camera issues: 

Physical Damage

Your iPhone’s camera lens might face damages under various circumstances. And, you must replace it as soon as possible in such situations. We can handle that task for you as a part of our iPhone 12 repair Dubai services. And, that too within a very reasonable price. 

Bad Quality Images

Not getting good quality images with your iPhone 12? Then, there are some ways you can fix this issue by yourself. If they don’t offer an effective solution, you should reach out to us before it becomes too adverse. We’ll inspect the affected lens and diagnose the problem within a short time. After that, we’ll replace it if that’s required. 

Camera Showing Black Screen

You might often face this issue if the camera app doesn’t launch properly. S, you must close the app and launch it again. However, if that doesn’t work, you can contact us to get an iPhone 12 repair Dubai. And, we’ll ensure an optimal camera lens replacement for your device without unnecessary delay. 

Water Damage

Did your phone face water damage? Then, you must check whether that has affected the camera. If it has done so, you might want to get a camera replacement immediately. And, we can offer you a leading camera lens replacement service. 

Why Choose Us?

We can offer you top-tier solutions for your iPhone 12 problems. Here’s what we offer you along with iPhone 12 repair Dubai:

  • Our technical team is experienced and highly qualified to fix all types of iPhone 12 problems. 
  • We can assure you of fast and efficient repair and replacement services.
  • You can expect 100% satisfaction with our flexible and transparent repair services. 
  • With us, you get iPhone 12 repairs and replacement parts at reasonable and affordable prices. 

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