Best  Automatic Doors Installation in Dubai

Automatic door has become quite convenient in the commercial buildings and they can make entry or exit of a number of people in no time. Door automation system is specifically known for its quality, artistic design and use of high-end technology. Nowadays, these doors can be seen in every place like housing complex, commercial or industrial buildings, shopping malls etc. But it is possible that these automatic doors can also create problems for the customers. Such automatic door issues can be related to installation problems or may be due to the lack of regular servicing. If the doors are not installed properly, then later, they will definitely cause problems and stop working correctly.

So, if you’re hoping to install automatic doors in your house or building, then you can contact us for the best automatic doors Installation services. Our UAE Technician team is always ready to provide you the exact solutions that you need regarding Door automation system. We can offer you the installation and repairment of a wide range of automatic doors. Such as fire rated rolling shutters, perforated & non perforated shutters, security & bullet proof shutters, polycarbonate rolling shutters and many more.

Automatic Doors Installation Issues Encountered by Customers

Common Automatic Doors Installation Issues Encountered by Customers

You might feel helpless when you come across automatic door installation issues in case you’re not aware of the proper procedure to resolve them. Fortunately, there are ways to solve these installation problems and make your door functional again. You just need to give us a call and our experts will be there for you with flawless automatic doors Installation service.

Here are some of the usual door installation problems that you might face frequently:

  • Bottom Wall Plates Misaligned: This is one of the most common problems that occurs when the bottom plates are not in the correct alignment. Thus, it gets difficult to fit the the door or you need to fit it tightly to the door stop. Generally, when the hinge and latch side of the door are not in the same plane, such an issue occurs. So, if you want expert assistance to fix this problem, then call our UAE Technician team and get the correct solution on time.
  • Uneven at the Top: If you find out that there is an uneven gap on the top of your automatic door, then it can be due to two main reasons. First, the door hinge side is probably out of plumb and second, the floor might not be perfectly level. If the door is installed directly on the floor and the floor is not in level, then gradually it makes one side of the door higher than the other one. Our professionals can easily get rid of this problem and make your Door automation system as good as new.
  • Trim Doesn’t Fit: While installing the automatic door, one needs to take care of the trim placement properly. If there is a gap on the face of the trim, then no matter how many times you cut it, the problem will remain. If you’re going through such an issue, then freely contact us and we will fix it for you within an affordable price.
  • Big Rough Opening: This automatic door problem is often seen in older houses or buildings. What happens is that the rough opening of the door gets too large and for that, it gets difficult to use that door. To solve this issue, you need to reduce that opening and you can do that by availing our automatic doors Installation services.

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