Avail Brilliant Repair Services to Fix Critical Issues With Your Samsung Mobile

UAE Technician have the expert team of professionals to fix the issues of all Samsung mobile models as given below:

  • Galaxy S9
  • Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Galaxy Note 8
  • Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Galaxy S8
  • Galaxy S7
  • Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
  • Galaxy S6
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy Note 5
  • Galaxy Note 4

While in the past communicating with people was a great challenge, at present mobile phones have smartly enhanced the age-old mode of communication. You need not wait for a long time to get a reply from your dear ones; as you can easily interact with people within a fraction of a second. With various options in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the best modes of communication. But when it’s about mobiles, Samsung is undoubtedly among the most preferred brands in the world. Samsung provides you with a vast range of Smartphone which is not only advanced but fits well in your budget too.

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Samsung Phone Repair Price in Dubai

Prices: Starting from 325 (AED) Only | Working Hours: 9:00 am – 9:30 pm
Type of Service Price (AED) Estimated Time To Fix
Samsung S3 Screen Replacement 325 1-2 Days
Samsung S4 Screen Replacement 395 1-2 Days
Samsung S5 Screen Replacement 395 1-2 Days
Samsung S6 Screen Replacement 475 1-2 Days
Samsung S6 Edge Screen Replacement 525 1-2 Days
Samsung S7 Screen Replacement 495 1-2 Days
Samsung S7 Edge Screen Replacement 780 1-2 Days
Samsung S8 Screen Replacement 800 1-2 Days
Samsung S8 Plus Screen Replacement 840 1-2 Days
Samsung Note 8 Screen Replacement 945 1-2 Days
Samsung S5 Mini Duos Screen Replacement 450 1-2 Days
Samsung S Advance Screen Replacement 279 1-2 Days
Samsung Note 5 Screen Replacement 650 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Replacement 480 1-2 Days
amsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Replacement 430 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Screen Replacement 645 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy A8 Screen Replacement 580 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy A7 Screen Replacement 500 1-2 Days
Samsung A5 2017 Screen Replacement 410 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy A5 Screen Replacement 370 1-2 Days
Samsung A3 2017 Screen Replacement 440 1-2 Days
Samsung A3 2016 Screen Replacement 440 1-2 Days
Samsung A3 2015 Screen Replacement 347 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy J7 Screen Replacement 420 1-2 Days
Samsung J7 Prime Replacement 317 1-2 Days
Samsung J3 2016 Screen Replacement 325 1-2 Days
Samsung Galaxy J2 Screen Replacement 320 1-2 Days

Like any other electronic gadget, mobiles need proper maintenance too. Any mishandling can lead you to serious troubles. If you accidentally drop your mobile and the screen gets damaged, you must opt for Samsung Mobile Repair. UAE Technician resolves all your mobile issues and helps you in repairing your device efficiently.

Broken Screen issue? Touch-Screen not working? Repair your Samsung mobile with smart assistance

If your Samsung mobile doesn’t work properly, you need not worry any longer. We offer you with smart guidance at the hands of a brilliant team of experts. There are highly skilled technicians in our team who repair your device with utmost care. We have years of reputation in resolving mobile issues efficiently and repairing the same. No matter which Samsung mobile you use, if you encounter the following critical issues with your product, you can immediately contact with authorized Samsung service center.

  • If you accidentally drop your mobile on the floor, the screen of your device can get damaged. In that case, the touch might not work properly.
  • Using your mobile too much can lead to overheating issue. It is one of the most common issues which keep troubling users. Due to overheating of your device the motherboard or the hard disk might get damaged which you won’t be able to repair at home.
  • If your mobile phone cannot hold the charge and need to be changed frequently, it is a clear indication that the battery of your mobile is damaged. It can also happen if there is some issue with the charging port.
  • Due to malicious virus attack, the software of your device can be corrupted and you won’t be able to use it further.

Such issues can bring quite a lot trouble which you cannot fix by yourself. Hence, depending on an expert’s assistance is the best option for you. To lessen your worry, we offer you with the most accurate solutions according to your requirements.

Tired of searching for reliable service providers? We are a single step away from you!

If you are looking for effective Samsung Mobile Repair in Dubai, you have arrived at the right place. Irrespective of the mobile model, we provide you with the most useful solutions so that you can comfortably communicate with your dear ones. We look forward to matching your requirements. Hence we offer you with remote services. Our experts efficiently resolve any critical issue like camera problems, defective microphone, scratched screen, unresponsive power button, etc. Thus, don’t neglect the issues with your mobile any longer; avail expert help at any hour of the day by calling at our helpline number:045864033 . We also provide Xiaomi mobile repair service in Dubai

FAQ – Samsung Mobile Repair Service

While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend scheduling an appointment through our website or by calling our customer support team to ensure prompt service and minimal wait times.
We offer a wide range of repair services, including screen replacement, battery replacement, camera repairs, water damage repairs, software troubleshooting, and more.
Repair times can vary depending on the type of repair needed and the availability of parts. We aim to do the majority of repairs in 6 to 12 hours.
Yes, our technicians are trained and certified to repair Samsung mobile devices. They have the expertise and experience to handle all kinds of Samsung device issues.
Yes, we use genuine Samsung parts whenever possible to ensure the highest quality repairs. If original parts are unavailable, we use high-quality aftermarket components.
We offer a warranty on our repair services. The length of the warranty may vary depending on the type of repair and the specific terms and conditions.
Yes, we offer pickup and delivery services for your convenience. Please contact our service center to schedule a pickup.