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Industrial chillers are essential equipment to absorb the heat produced during numerous commercial processes. Without competent chillers, the excessive amount of heat can cause collateral damage to expensive components. Not to mention, the industry could turn into a disaster without fully functioning chillers. Hence, it’s important to keep your industrial chillers up and running no matter what happens. Choose UAE Technician’s Chiller Repair Service Dubai for an A-to-Z monitoring and fixing of those industry essentials. Our chiller repair and maintenance experts are all set to restore your cooling equipment to its 100% potential with their wisdom and years of experience.

Be an air-cooled chiller or a water-cooled one, our tech geeks are comfortable with all types of industrial cooling equipment. Apart from this, we equip our chiller repair masters with the right set of tools to tackle compressor and condenser units, temperature controls, inlets and outlets, wiring, and much more.

Is the industrial chiller making more noise than it should? Contact UAE Technician today and find a long-lasting solution from our experienced professionals. At UAE Technician, we promise your highest satisfaction with the chiller’s operation with our dedicated chiller repair service near me.

So, call us and book a chiller repair or maintenance at your convenience.

Affordable Chiller Repair In Dubai From UAE Technician

UAE Technician is unparalleled when it comes to Chiller services and maintenance. Avail our services now and experience the difference. You can trust us blindly as we offer reasonably charged and reliable Chiller Repair in Dubai. Our engineers have earned high praises for the pocket-friendly and efficient services that they provide.

Chiller Repair In Dubai

Obstacles That May Lead You To Ask For Chiller Repair In Dubai

Other than chiller servicing, we also have a manufacturing unit of chillers used for industrial purposes. So, if you are facing any issues with them, you can approach our technicians at any moment as they have in-depth knowledge in this regard. Our engineers are highly experienced in the following services:

  • Support for chiller compressors
  • Maintenance of chiller pumps
  • Cooling down machine oil for industrial chillers
  • Fixing new AHUs and FCUs
  • Other chiller servicing

Common Signs to Tell You Require a Chiller Repair Service Dubai

Chillers are like any electrical appliance; they lose efficiency over time and the deterioration can be faster if negligence is added. Hence, you must ensure that your chiller remains in its best condition. However, you can restore the equipment with superior chiller repair service Dubai.

Well, you can identify that your chiller is in distress if you ever notice the following symptoms:

Failure to Start

Your industrial chiller may not start even though you power it on because of the following 2 reasons, probably:

  • Blown or burnt-out circuit breaker or fuse
  • Loose wiring

Fortunately, our technicians need a few minutes to fix the underlying issue and get your chiller started. Additionally, our chiller repair experts will inspect whether the system has run into other potential issues before operating it.

Insufficient Cooling

Does your chiller produce less cooling temperature? Undoubtedly, it can rupture the equilibrium of your industrial premises. A temperature which is different from the industry standard process requirement typically indicates deteriorating coolant or an iced-up evaporator.

Reveal the right reason and unleash the best solution for your chiller with our wine chiller repair near me. As a quick fix, our technicians will pay attention to the refrigerant and relevant factors and plan the right strategy to restore the industry standard temperature.

Inadequate Pumping

The chiller not pumping sufficiently may not work properly as it interrupts the refrigeration cycle’s efficiency to flow the refrigerant enough. Make sure you have a chiller of the right size to solve the problem.

Otherwise, the following instances can contribute to the potential issue:

  • A faulty pump can’t help the refrigerant flow.
  • Worn-out or damaged pump seals may cause a leak in the system.
  • Incorrect pump speed can restrict refrigerant circulation.

Save your chiller from further damage with our impeccable repair and maintenance services. Our technicians will rectify the pump settings or replace the equipment for improved sustainability.

Warning of Low or High Temperature

Typically, chillers will let you know if there’s any fault in the system with respective error codes. Problem diagnosis and reaching a solution become easy with such faults and alerts. For example, the following alerts are quite common among chillers:

  • Your industrial chiller might indicate that the process temperature has dropped below the user-established temperature value. An insufficient heat load or a high-set low-temperature alarm can be responsible in this scenario.
  • On the other hand, your chiller may have reached a temperature over the limit set by the user. A low high-temperature alarm setting or high heat load may result in the consequence.

Besides these, you can notice a safety alarm for over-temperature. This typically happens when the process temperature surpasses a safety cutoff mentioned by the user or manufacturer. An issue residing in the refrigeration system or a too-low safety setting is probably the culprit.

On a related note, your chiller will exhibit a warning of inadequate liquid level if the reservoir doesn’t contain sufficient refrigerant. Excessive evaporation or leaks in the circulation system are to be blamed for this.

Whatever the reason or flaw your chiller experiences, we are ready to reverse it. Get in touch with our experts in chiller repair service Dubai. Soon, your chiller will be free from problems and work in its optimum condition.

Types of Chillers Taken Care of by Us

Industrial chillers can be versatile depending on their operation mechanism and the refrigerant they use. Additionally, the choice of the right chiller depends on the type of cooling application or procedure, like:

  • Medical equipment
  • Waterjet cooling
  • Chemical processing
  • Ice rink temperature consistency
  • Plastic processing
  • Industrial laser chilling
  • Food and beverage cooling etc.

However, UAE Technician takes pride in repairing and maintaining every type of chiller available in the market.

For your information, we hold expertise in the following kinds of chillers and their repairs:

Air-Cooled Chillers

These particular chillers use air to extract heat from a process or system. Air chillers are a great option for industries that don’t have enough water or room for feasible cooling.

Evaporative Chillers

Such chillers work by removing heat from a system or process by evaporating a liquid. Typically, they are used in arid areas where the environment is dry and chilly.

Water-Cooled Chillers

As the name suggests, these chillers utilise water to cool down a process or system. Undoubtedly, the chiller requires a water source along with a process to discard the heated water. However, water-cooled chillers are way more efficient than air-cooled ones.

Absorption Chillers

The chemical absorption mechanism plays a vital role in these chillers. In general, absorption chillers are not fueled by electricity. Instead, solar energy, natural gas, etc. power absorption chillers. On a related note, an absorption chiller comprises a condenser, an expansion unit, a condenser, and an absorbent medium.

Vapour Compressor Chillers

These specific chillers utilise a compressor to pump the coolant that removes excessive heat from a process or system. Well, the components of a vapour compressor chiller are similar to that of an absorption one, except for the absorbent medium.

Screw Chillers

They are known for removing heat from a process or system by compressing and expanding a coolant utilised by a screw-type compressor. Screw chillers are quite reliable and highly efficient.

Scroll Chillers

These chillers use a scroll compressor to compress refrigerant. They contain stationary scroll plates and orbiting scroll plates that rotate around those stationary components. Thus, the compressor compresses the coolant to increase its pressure and temperature. 

On a related note, scroll chillers are great for smooth operation, high efficiency, and variable speed control options. 

Explosion-Proof Chillers

UAE Technician is a reliable name in fixing explosion-proof chillers. These chillers are designed to prevent explosion as many chillers are prone to explosion. Thus, they are safer for employees, facilities, and other equipment.

Glycol Chillers

Glycol chillers are recognised for featuring a digital temperature controller. The controller is responsible for maintaining ideal temperatures for food and beverage items. That’s why breweries and wineries use glycol chillers more than any other chillers. So, consider wine chiller repair near me through UAE Technician if your industrial glycol chillers start malfunctioning.

Chiller-Associated Services Offered by UAE Technician

Issues with compressors are very common when it comes to chillers regardless of their coolant, internal equipment type, and more. You may notice inadequate cooling, high or low temperatures compared to usual, strange noises, etc. from industrial chillers and they are clear indications that something is fishy with them.

With UAE Technician’s supervised chiller repair service Dubai, you can now restore your refrigeration equipment in no time. We offer the following services to ensure that your industrial production or storage never receives any interruption and that the facility remains safe.

Chiller Repair

We at UAE Technician rely on cutting-edge technology and genuine spare parts to take chiller repair services to a whole new level. Moreover, it’s our priority to keep your chiller free from potential hassles and keep the premises safe for employees, storage, processes, and the overall system. 

By the way, we offer repairs of the following components of an industrial chiller:

  • Condenser units
  • Compressor units
  • Temperature controls
  • Inlets and outlets
  • Fan blades
  • Filters
  • Electrical wiring

In addition, our chiller repair techies are experts in fixing leaks and air blockage guaranteeing the optimal condition of the equipment. Besides this, you can avail of certified replacement parts for your industrial chillers. Thus, you can be sure of the enhanced longevity of your industrial equipment.

Chiller Maintenance

Detailed maintenance is the key to ensuring that your chiller operates at the maximum efficiency level without any risk or hazard to the surroundings or people around it. As chillers are mostly operated by compressing and expanding refrigerant, it’s important to keep an eye on those chemical levels.

At UAE Technician, our technicians are aware of how to take care of industrial chillers and take the right steps for preventive maintenance. Here are some maintenance tasks that our technicians proceed with:

  • Inspection of oil and refrigerant levels
  • Evaporator water temperature differences noting
  • Fan control system check
  • Checking water flow through the evaporator
  • Measurement of the fan motor ampere and voltage
  • Operation control settings, cap control settings, and compressor motor operation inspection
  • Measuring leaks and the levels of oil, water, and refrigerant
  • Securing all cap tubes from chafing
  • Inspection of motor compressor’s efficiency
  • Looking for strange vibrations and noises
  • Examination of the structural integrity
  • Checking the temperature control of the chiller water
  • Inspection of hardware such as assembly rotations, fans, motors, etc.
  • Checking moisture indicator
  • Examining crankcase heater operation
  • Checking and adjusting fan speed controllers

In short, our technicians go the extra mile so that you don’t have to worry about the chiller’s status and efficiency. Furthermore, your facility’s safety remains uncompromised with our devoted chiller repair service near me.

How does it Work?

UAE Technician understands what a chiller repair emergency looks like. That’s why we keep the entire booking and service straightforward for the sake of a hassle-free experience. Check out the 3-step process to get an exclusive and immediate chiller repair service Dubai from us.

Call Us and Share the Problem

Just call our service helpline number and talk to our service executive. Make sure you elaborate on the chiller issue or your requirement. This helps our technicians prepare for the circumstances and carry the right tools and parts for an emergency service.

On the other hand, you can also fill out the inquiry form if you have any service-related questions in mind. Don’t forget to fill in your contact information. Soon, our technicians will get back to you.

Pick up a Convenient Slot

Our technicians will provide a flexible chiller repair or maintenance service depending on when you feel the service is comfortable to accommodate your busy schedule. Indeed, our executives will offer you multiple slots to choose from. Hence, you can select the best one according to your urgency or routine maintenance timeline.

Get a Site Visit

Once we confirm the service, you can expect our techies to arrive at your facility at any time. They will assess your site’s cooling demand and the overall condition of chillers. On a related note, they will prepare a quote in which all the required services and their costs will be mentioned. 

After you agree with the quote, our technicians will start the service. Pay them after your peace of mind is restored.

Reasons to Choose UAE Technician for Chiller Services

UAE Technician offers comprehensive solutions for industrial chillers. Here are the perks of joining our chiller repair/maintenance services:

  • Certified, licensed, and experienced repair crew
  • All-rounder support for chiller installation, repair, and maintenance
  • A wide range of chillers supported
  • Minimum downtime
  • In-warranty and genuine spare parts
  • Cost-effective solutions

Book a Chiller Repair Service Dubai Right Away!

Are you still facing problems with your industrial chillers? Confirm diligent care with our premium chiller repair service in Dubai. So, call us and get your quote today! Also, don’t forget to check out our special offers on first-time services.

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