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Automatic sliding glass door brings luxury and comfort to your home and where you are currently residing. However, the maintenance of it is a very difficult task and is very time-consuming at the same moment. But if you want to see your automatic sliding door in great condition and working properly, then you need to maintain them regularly. So, in this article, we shall discuss the automatic sliding glass door installation and maintenance of such. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to connect with the professionals at UAE Technician who are considered to offer the best automatic sliding glass door repair in Dubai.

An Overview of Automatic Sliding Glass Door Installation and Repair

A sliding glass door requires only one electric motor to operate, whereas a pair of swing glass doors needs a couple of them. This reduces the cost of operating two motors. Sliding glass doors can be subdivided into two different categories. These are Cantilever and Tracked systems.

Cantilever sliding glass door systems do not require any kind of ground track. This can be a great advantage for those driveways whose entrances consist of a slope. Nevertheless, it can also come to your rescue for busy or heavy traffic entrances. In short, it provides additional utility where a minimum disturbance to the driveway surface is present.

Furthermore, cantilever systems consist of a bottom part which has two wheels that are set apart for a particular distance and is enclosed as a roller. Underneath the wheels is present a large concrete base to support the doors.

The tracked slider is almost 2/3 shorter than the cantilever sliding gate and this additional length of the cantilever balances the door. The door becomes free to move back and forth on the rails which are present at the bottom of the wheels over the concrete base. 


Clean your automatic sliding glass door time to time. This keeps the performance of the doors intact thereby saving you from frequent repairs. You can use a clean cloth and use it to remove the grease and dirt. However, in most cases, the water hose is seen to have done the cleaning more appropriately. You can apply a layer of wax after washing the doors as it can prevent the doors from the sun and extreme weather. You can also take assistance from the servicemen at UAE Technician for automatic sliding glass door repair in Dubai.

Greasing the Doors

Sliding doors have moving parts whose wheels are made up of metals. Therefore, like any other machinery, sliding doors also need occasional lubrication to function as usual. Greasing the doors is very necessary as it prevents them from rusting and gives a good performance as output.

Check Inside

Dirt and grease building up inside the mechanical box of the gate are highly possible. It can make the gate inefficient. Moreover, if you leave the mechanical box uncleaned for a longer period of time, then you may end up replacing the door. However, you are always welcomed to connect with the professionals at UAE Technician who are considered to provide flawless automatic sliding glass door services in Dubai.

Automatic sliding glass door installation in Dubai is best carried out by the UAE Technician engineers. But along with a faultless installation, regular maintenance of it is also required. If maintenance is not up to the mark, then you cannot expect longevity from your sliding doors.

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