Apple Repair Service Centre in Dubai 2022

Apple Service Center Dubai: Apple is the choice of all generations. People are not only consumers but brand loyal to this organization. Laced with state-of-art features and latest technology it has become a status symbol. But when you realize that your device has technical issues, your heart skips a beat. Going for a trusted  Apple Mobile repair service provider becomes essential to ensure security.

UAE Technicians can be an option that you can trust completely.  We have developed a policy which provides a specialist at your door-step for all Apple products in Dubai. We have served on a variety of Apple products viz. MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac Mini etc. With the blend of quality service and product solutions, you can get the device back to normal within minimum time.

Apple Service Center Dubai

We can be your one-stop Solution for all Apple device issues

Even if you get fortunate in finding an Apple product repair technician, doubts can come to your mind regarding the skills and expertise of the person repairing your precious Apple device. Our team comprises of professionals who are Apple certified. We aim to offer you excellent repair services in the affordable price range. Following are the services which we provide.

  • Apple screen replacement
  • Apple keyboard repair
  • Configuration settings issues
  • Troubleshooting errors
  • Apple memory upgrades
  • Apple data recovery support
  • Update iTunes
  • Operating system errors repair
  • Apple event errors repair
  • Open scripting architecture errors repairs
  • iOS update and restore errors
  • iPhone power-on reset button
  • Front and rear camera repair
  • Flat power-on repair with iPhone headphone jack
  • LCD Display Repair (LCD / LCD Retina) iPhone
  • Chromed iPhone
  • Oxidation Cleanup repairing iPhone logic card
  • iPhone/Smartphone battery repair
  • iPhone/Smartphone microphone repair
  • “uSIM” iPhone slot repair

We at UAE Technician are committed towards customers who have chosen us as their service provider. Our experts are up-to-date with the latest knowledge of Apple products and devices. It has helped us in presenting you suitable assistance for any issue with the Apple repair.

We thrive on quality and Budget-friendly Apple Repair

On time delivery, affordable price quotes, exceptional service, and world-class facilities are our promises. Keeping customer satisfaction as a goal, we have designed benefits that can lead you to a delightful experience while joining hands with us. Following is the list of advantages you will have.

  • 100% customer’s delight & satisfaction
  • Instant support as per your requirement
  • Onsite repair services
  • Guidance of highly expert technicians
  • Reasonable Service charges
  • Assured problem solutions
  • Well equipped Service Center
  • On time delivery

UAE Technician is one of the leading Apple repair service providers in Dubai. Consumers who are in demand for quality solutions have felt our presence globally too.  Our professionals have seasoned with tasks ranging from simple to complex issues within record time. We have resolved issues in a wide range of Apple Products like iPhone, iMac, iPad, iPod, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac, iPad Mini, and TV.

We understand Your needs as well as Your devices

Your time and your gadget, both are equally valuable. Our focus is to present you with an option which can cater to all your needs at once. Be it onsite, pick up or drop facility for guidance and repair. We believe that an organization can only gain loyal customer by delivering excellence. With a 24×7 support system of email, chat, Apple Support, customer helpline number: 045864033, we ensure that in the time of emergency you get a right advice to prevent further damage.

Trust us and leave all your repair worries on the skilful shoulders of our Experts. We also deal in Iphone data recovery services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Apple Repair

You can find your iPad screen is freezing and remains unresponsive from time to time. Even, the running programs start to crash automatically. You can face this issue especially after updating your iOS device with the latest version and it is very difficult to identify the culprit for this specific problem. However, Apple Service Dubai helps you a lot to overcome the issue effectively.

It is an illusion with the iOS device when it refuses to turn on at all. Moreover, the device seems to be useless until it is responsive. This annoying issue may occur due to the OS crashing problem or for any hardware related issue. If you are suffering from this annoying issue, then consult with an IT expert for an immediate fix.

It is very common but the most annoying issue when you press the Power button and the Mac is still unresponsive. It occurs if the Mac fails to perform a booting program properly and then, the blank screen will appear on the screen instead of the desktop screen.


In many cases, the blue screen with some error codes come on the Mac display after showing the Apple logo. It generally appears when you try to boot the device but the bootup error persists for a long time. This is a very embarrassing moment for the Mac users and they don’t perform any task with that device until it is fixed up. You should consult with an experienced technical Support team to resolve the Startup ills immediately.

If you see that your iPhone or Mac device is not charging, that will be one of the irritating problems for the Apple users. You may disconnect the adapter and charge it again but still, encounter the same.  Even it has been seen that the iPhone starts to freeze when you plug into the power adapter. A couple of reasons are responsible for this critical issue and you won’t be able to resolve the iPhone charging issue efficiently.

When you try to connect the iPhone to the router, then you can face the Network Connection error. Most of the time, the device won’t recognize the wireless device. Then, the error codes associated with appears on the display in different ways.

Sometimes, you might get stuck with the Internet connection lost issue at the time of browsing the data. Then, you can see that the Wi-Fi icon starts to fluctuate and sometimes shows “No Signal”. However, the expert team in Apple Repair Service Dubai has enough knowledge to handle this section as well as give you a smooth internet connection.

If you find that the Mac device is not its usual zippy self and you can experience that the device is lagging. Even, the active pages are crashing without any notifications if you open multiple tabs and too many things are running on your device.

Besides this, you may encounter a page navigation problem if you want to access more than one pages together from your iPhone or iPad device. Apple Service support team is very effective to mitigate this technical issue easily.

When you try to install the iPad or iPhone with the latest version, then facing the technical issue not an uncommon issue for the iOS users. Then, you won’t be able to avail the latest features that bring Apple into the market. Furthermore, the device doesn’t support the newly launched apps due to device incompatibility issue. You may not suffer from any issue at the very initial stage, but you can come across multiple issues after a certain time. Hence, you need technical assistance if you are not a tech-savvy person and fail to resolve this critical error.

When you are tapping on any app to launch it on the device screen, then application unresponsiveness is one of the biggest problems for the users. It may happen after upgrading the device and even after re-installing that specific program. Not only that but also the device starts freezing and lagging immediately after restarting the device. You can easily resolve this issue if you contact a technical support executive. Otherwise, the chance of device damage is maximum if the problem occurs for a long period of time.

While you are accessing your iOS device for a long period of time or playing a game for long hours, then you can come across the battery swelling problem. Moreover, the device becomes unresponsive due to the overheating issue and the chance of device blust is maximum.

You can find the same when you plug in your device adapter. So, you might take an immediate action to overcome the heating issue and then consult with an expert is the ideal way.

Sometimes, if you accidentally delete the data from your iPhone and then the data retrieval process is very difficult to handle. Moreover, the device is unable to download any other new apps as the memory blockage issue occurs. This critical issues may corrupt the system files also and shows app installation error as well as update error very often. However, our technical support team for Apple service Dubai can handle this annoying problem very effectively and overcome all the hassles permanently.

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