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Automatic gates or gates that are operated electrically, are an excellent option that adds to the security and class of your property. It can be utilized for both domestic as well as commercial uses and under all standard circumstances, automatic gates perform flawlessly to give a classy feel to your property. There can be various types of automatic gate doors, such as sliding gates, swing gates, roller gates, and more. However, as it’s an electrically driven machine, sometimes, it might fail as well. Instances of inoperative automatic gates are not uncommon, and these gates, once it shows signs of trouble, can be hard to repair by oneself. In fact, without the necessary technical knowledge and skill, automatic gate door repair is a difficult task, and thus best left to the experts.

If you are looking for an automatic gate door installation or repair, connect with our experts at UAE Technician for the best-in-class services. We offer excellent services for both installations and repairing of automatic gate doors. Thus, if you are facing any problem with your existing gate, or you are planning to install a new one, connect with us to get your issue resolved by the finest technicians.

Automatic Gate Door Repair in Dubai

Common Problems with Automatic Gate Doors

Fantastic as it is, your automatic gate door can also show signs of trouble. Mishandling, extreme weather conditions, and improper maintenance are some of the reasons why these gates show operational problems. However, technical glitches can be random as well, and even after proper maintenance, your automatic gate can show problems with operation. To resolve any issue with your automatic gate, connect with UAE Technician and restore the smooth operation of your automatic gate door. Here, for your awareness, we have listed some of the most common issues encountered with automatic gates.

1.The Gate won’t Open or Close

This is the most common problem faced, rendering your gate inoperative. The automatic gate which is supposed to open as you pass, will not do so. This is usually the result of the sensors getting blocked due to, maybe, some plants that have grown in the path of the sensors. Clearing the blockage from the path of the sensors, generally resolves this issue. However, if it doesn’t, you can contact us at UAE Technician for prompt and proper solutions to this extremely annoying problem.

2.The Gate Operates only when Someone Stands in Front of it

This is another common problem when your automatic gate operates only when someone is standing in front of it. The issue commonly occurs if an outside signal, which can be in the form of a radio wave, interferes with the signal that opens the gate. Someone standing in front of the gate resolves this problem of outside interference, and thus your gate operates normally. However, this can’t be a permanent solution. For an effective resolution of this problem, you can contact us at UAE Technician, and we will make sure that your problem gets fixed in no time.

3.The Gate Opens the Other Way

The swing gates commonly show this problem, when it opens but the other way. This mainly occurs due to the accumulation of debris that blocks the normal path of the door. This surely is a maintenance issue, and for an effective automatic gate door maintenance,  make sure that no dirt or debris is blocking the path of the doors.

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We have discussed some of the most common issues encountered with an automatic gate door. However, there can be several other issues as well. We, at UAE Technician, cater to every issue you may encounter with your automatic gates. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable technician to resolve the issues with your automatic gates, connect with us at the earliest and get your job done by some of the finest professionals in this field. Dial:045864033 for reaching our team or you can also choose to get in touch with us via emails and live chat sessions.

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