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We are all familiar with the roller shutter doors that are mostly used for garages, retail stores, godowns etc. This kind of doors are very strong and quite dependable when it comes to security issues. Usually, the shutters act just like a curtain that provides sufficient protection and safety against fire and intrusion. The thin steel shutter doors can adequately provide safety to glass and interiors when closed. Despite being useful, there are some technical flaws for which the rolling shutter doors might fail to work properly. To fix these problems, you need to consult with roller shutter doors professionals who can easily take care of the issues.

If you’re looking for technical assistance regarding the problems of roller shutter doors, then feel free to contact us for the most reliable roller shutter doors repair in UAE. Our UAE Technician experts can provide you the necessary guidance and solutions that you need for fixing your roller shutter doors.

Roller Shutter Doors Installation in UAE

Common Roller Shutter Door Problems that are Frequently Encountered

These roller doors can be sometimes quite annoying and you might feel helpless of not getting the right solution. But don’t worry as there are possible solutions that can make your roller doors work correctly again. We also provide the best roller shutter doors installation in Dubai. Now, let us see some of the frequent issues that are related to the roller shutter doors:

  1. Jammed Roller Shutter Doors: When your doors get stuck, then it can be disturbing while you’re in a hurry to your work. Most of the times, this problem occurs due to the battery failure of the remote control device. If the remote is not sending the proper signal, then your door might get stuck at times. Sometimes, there may be obstructing things in the track which is blocking the door to work correctly. So, if your roller door is also suffering from a similar problem, then give us a call and we will be there with the right solutions to fix this issue.
  2. Roller Doors are Shaking: When the roller door is ‘bagged up’ at the top or is running unevenly, then such an issue generates. Actually, if the top of the door is not level, then the shutter door shakes and starts going down. Another thing is that sometimes, the roller door ‘jumps’ on the way down. This happens due to the misalignment of torsion springs, faulty motor and it can lead to significant damage to the door. For that, you should immediately consult with our UAE Technician team and get your roller door fixed.
  3. Screeching Noise: Often, you can hear a strange screeching sound while opening or closing the roller shutter door. This noise is somehow related to the previous issues. Not only that, if the tracks get dirty or if something got stuck, then this problem may arise. Our experts can easily solve this problem and your roller shutter door will be noise-free as it was earlier.
  4. Door Closing too Quickly: Sometimes, the users observe that their rolling doors are closing too quickly which was not happening in the beginning. Generally, when the torsion springs get loose, the door closes faster than its normal speed. Due to these reasons, there will be more strain on the motor which can be a major issue in the future. Thus, you should take some necessary steps and resolve this problem effectively.
  5. Remote Not Working: Another common rolling door problem is that the remote control is not working as it should. The remote that we use to operate the roller doors can become faulty and for that, it will be difficult to open or close the doors. Avail trustworthy roller shutters repair services and solve this issue in no time.

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