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Projectors are always used for many kinds of purposes including the likes of business presentations. The projectors are not only bounded to business presentations but play an essential role in school exhibitions, movie theatres as well as in houses too. Among all projectors currently in this market, ones developed by ASUS are the most widely used among all. Due to its built-in 22Wh battery which provides up to 3 hours of continuous projection. But apart from so many features users face many issues while using or installing an ASUS projector. So, if you are one of them and confused about how to solve the projector issues, then we recommend you to connect to UAE Technician for Asus Projector Repair services. Our team consists of well-trained technicians who will help you out with the best possible solutions to fix your projector issues.

Major Issues That Occurs In Asus Projectors

After reviewing the service requests we listed some glitches that users face while using an Asus projector. Below mentioned are some of the basic issues among them.

  1. Presence of Purple Dots while displaying on the Screen: Magenta or purple spots on a flat surface affect the image quality while being beamed by an Asus projector. This spots also distract users while watching any content. It mainly occurs due to the presence of dust and other particles on the green panel of the projector.
  2. Asus Projector does not turn off: This is a basic problem with Asus projector as it does not turn off after pressing the power off button. An ill-fitted lamp assembly is a major reason behind this issue. It is always advised to consult an expert to solve the issue as they can reconfigure and adjust all the assembly parts.
  3. Low image quality: An unaligned computer resolution triggers this type of issues. Since projectors have an automatic setup feature, so it automatically changes its resolution to match the computer's attributes. A well-trained expert can quickly adjust the devices' resolution to improve the images.
  4. The full display of the images is not available: Sometimes the images do not fully beam on the projector. It can be fixed by changing the computer’s resolution to match the projector’s one. If altering the sentence is seems a bit too difficult, it’s better to leave it to an expert. It is advised to contact a technician who will adjust the screen resolutions to display the images on the screen fully.
  5. Malfunctioning Remote Controls: There are many factors behind a nonfunctional remote control. Weak batteries can be a major reason behind a nonfunctional remote connection. Also, make sure you are trying to use the remote within a workable range.

Services that you can get from our experts at UAE Technician

Whenever you face any problem with your projector, you can contact our experts at UAE Technicians. We have been working in this domain for many years and have all the necessary tools to solve all issues. Here is a list of services that our experts provide on a regular basis.

  • Our technicians have expertise in solving Asus Projector issues within a limited amount of time.
  • We always reliable genuine parts for any kind of replacements.
  • Our services are always transparent and we always receive positive feedback from our every customer.
  • We are available to help you around the clock ad and every day.
  • The services charges are always affordable.

Avail Reliable Services for Asus Projector Repair In Dubai

We have a pool of well-trained technicians who are proficient in dealing with any kind of Asus projector issues. So if you are searching for an Asus projector service center in Dubai, then you are in the right place. Directly place a call on UAE Technician helpline number for any kind of ASUS projector assistance. Our expert are available 24*7 to help you out. We also have a live chat portal where you can chat with our tech experts directly. You can also email us on our official email id. Therefore, Our experts will connect to you and solve all projector issues.