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Apple has recently released its new flagship phone, the iPhone XR. It is going to be the most amazing phone of the year 2018. Apple has taken the premium segment of smartphones to a new level where owning the phone is extremely costly. The iPhone XR sports a large screen with a 6.5-inch display and is priced at $1,099.

No matter how expensive is the iPhone XR, you might have technical difficulty in dealing with sophisticated devices. It is evident that no one wants to have issues with the iPhone XR. So then if you are facing issues then contact experts at UAE Technician for the best iPhone XR repair.

Overview of Common Issues with iPhone XR

Smartphones from Apple are always on the news for one or the other controversy. This time with the iPhone XR it has been a roller coaster ride. The common issues are as follows:

  • iPhone overheating and battery issues
  • Laptop display issues
  • Black dots appearing on the iMessage application
  • App Store is not responding
  • Microphone not working
  • Sound system having troubles

These are some issues which are regular with iPhones. However, with the XR model, detecting the problems is not easy. This is where UAE Technician comes into play. The experts are aware of the new model and its specifications which is helping them to devise essential repair solutions and appropriate strategies.

Services Offered by Experts for iPhone XR Repair

As a technical service provider, we aspire to deliver effective solutions that will help you with issues that you face with these devices. Get hold of the best iPhone XR Repair Services in Dubai with us and get guaranteed results within the given time. Our experts are qualified and we train them regularly so that they stay updated with all the new device launch and advancements.

  • Services for SIM card detection errors
  • Repair Services for cracked screen
  • Services for boot loop and random crashing
  • Support for overheating issues
  • Services for the camera not working
  • Inspect and repair unresponsive touchscreen
  • Repair iPhone XR Plus screen
  • Solutions Issues of sending or receive a message
  • Remedies for issues with audio and video technicality
  • Services for GPS not working
  • Repair Services for iPhone not getting charged

Why Should You Choose UAE Technician

With a pool of technical experts, we offer the best-in-class services for iPhone XR repair in Dubai. Get in touch with us to enjoy the following perks.

  • Free pick up and delivery of devices
  • The seller of compatible spare
  • Quick response from expert technicians
  • Customer Service 24X7

Contact Our Tech Professionals for the Most Efficient iPhone XR Repair

Give us a call at our helpline number:045864033 and connect with experts. Share your concerns and you will get appropriate repair services. In addition, if the telephone lines are not available, you can use the Live Chat portal. Chat with the experts and get the right ideas online. Irrespective of calls and chat, if you are still struggling to contact us, then simply send us an email. We will address your issue the moment we receive the request and will reply in 24 hours.

Communicate freely and resolve all your iPhone XR issues at the earliest. Consult with the experts to maintain your device with quality servicing at UAE Technician.

iPhone XR| Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions from iDevice Users

There is a lot of hype about the iPhone XR series among the users and the iDevice industry. Also, a majority of them wants to know all about this new generation smart device with brilliant upgrades and technical features.

According to experts, iPhone XR will exceed all expectations in terms of its battery life. It will be the fastest performing iPhone device, which comes along with water and splash resistant features.

If you are looking for a top-class gadget that can capture 4K videos and studio quality pictures, iPhone XR is the ultimate device. Also, it offers improved accessibility by securing the iPhone login with your Face ID. Now, there are many such queries regarding this Gen-next iPhone, which are commonly asked by most consumers. To know more, you can follow up with the FAQs covering important questions and answers about iPhone XR.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many iPhone users confuse the iPhone XR with iPhone XS and some even don’t know the difference. So, if you also have this similar question, know that XR is considered to be a better version than iPhone XS. Now, these abbreviations were taken from sports cars, which make use of R and S to denote extra special features. Apple’s marketing head is known to be a renowned follower of Audi cars, which is available with R8 and S8 models. Hence, while picking up the name of iPhone’s next-generation gadget, the name was selected as XR. This is just a part of the promotion and doesn’t have much technical meaning except the device’s specifications.

As the model of iPhone XR is latest in the market, some consumers are not sure how to turn it off. Some may also want to learn the correct steps to shut down their iPhone XR.

To power off your iPhone XR, you need to press and hold the ‘Volume’ tab (either Up or Down) and the ‘Side’ tab simultaneously. Now, pressing the ‘Volume’ Up button wrongly can end up having unnecessary screenshots.

This is why gadget geeks advise users to press and hold the ‘Volume Down’ along with ‘Side’ button. Next, you need to toggle the slider to the right for shutting down the device.

Often, iPhone XR can experience various technical glitches including freezing, crash, audio or call related problems. Hence, in most cases, a soft reset or restart can fix the error on iPhone XR. But, in order to make sure that the device restarts properly, there are some specific instructions.

First, try to soft reset your iPhone XR by simply turning off the gadget and switch it on. However, if this technique doesn’t resolve the iPhone problems, press and hold both ‘Side’ and ‘Volume’ (Up/Down) buttons.


Then wait for the ‘Slide to power off’ on display and release the pressed buttons. You now have to move the slider of power switch towards the right to turn off the iPhone XR.

After the iDevice switches off totally, once again press and hold ‘Side’ tab and release it after seeing the Apple logo on iPhone XR.

There is a specific difference between iPhone XR and its previous iPhone models. In iPhone XR, it lacks the home button, which is necessary for taking a screenshot on iPhones. Hence, many consumers are missing this feature after upgrading from their older iDevices to iPhone XR.

For taking a screenshot using your iPhone XR, you need to hit the ‘Volume Up’ along with the ‘Side’ button at the same time. If you are upgrading from iPhone 8 or older iDevice, you will find ‘Side’ in place of ‘Sleep/Wake’ tab.

After pressing both these button simultaneously, the screen on your iPhone XR will flash white. If the volume is enabled for your camera, hearing the shutter sound confirms that screenshot has been taken.

On older iPhone models, users could see battery percentage by clicking on Battery Settings and enabling ‘Battery Percentage’. But, when you are working with iPhone XR, the approach is a bit different.

Here, you first have to access the Control Center by swiping it down from screen’s top-right portion. If you examine the iPhone’s Control Center, the battery usually appears in the form of visual representation.


To represent the remaining battery in your iPhone XR as a percentage, there is a simple trick. First, swipe to the right after opening your iPhone’s home screen. Then, press the ‘Edit’ tab in order to include a new lock screen widget.

As the screen of ‘Add Widgets’ appear, you will have to select ‘More Widgets’. Now, locate the option for ‘Batteries’ and tap on the plus symbol next to it. Hopefully, now, the battery percentage is visible whenever you swipe right from your iPhone’s lock screen or home screen.

The product of iPhone XR comes along with a 6.1-inch (15.49 cm) display size and weighs around 6.84 ounces (194 gms). This device is available in white, red, black, yellow, blue, and coral colors. It offers a screen resolution of 828×1792 pixels and utilizes the Operating System iOS v12.0. iPhone XR also uses various kinds of sensors. This includes sensors for Proximity, Light, Gyroscope, Barometer, Compass, and Accelerometer.

iPhone XR has a Hexa Core processor, which can easily work with 3GB RAM. This means it has a powerful processor and also has nearly 3000mAh as its battery capacity.

Moreover, it has a 12 MP camera with a resolution of 4000×3000 pixels and 64 GB/128 GB/256 GB of onboard storage. In terms of the product’s dimension, iPhone XR has 5.94-inches, 2.98-inches, and 0.33-inches at its height, width, and depth. If you want to know the dimensions in mm, it’s 150.9 mm, 75.7 mm and 8.3 mm (HxWxD).

According to creators of iPhone XR, this iDevice is not a waterproof gadget. But, as per its construction, it is a water-resistant device. Hence, as per many users, you can carry along your iPhone XR in the swimming pool. However, it is a strict instruction not to submerge your iPhone XR beyond 1-meter depth. Also, keep in mind that do not submerge your iPhone longer than thirty minutes.

Before purchasing iPhone XR, it is better to get all your queries resolved regarding this advanced iPhone gadget. Some consumers may also have doubts regarding the compatibility of iPhone XR to support 5G connectivity. There are also many other aspects like price, color selection or features, which is essential to know beforehand. Hence, if you are looking for a gadget geek to tell you about the beneficial features of iPhone XR, you can contact us.