Memory Card Data Recovery Services in Dubai 2021

Flash memory technology has become a significant innovation in data storage industry. Ease of use and compact design has given it popularity. Due to increasing hunger of users for more space, digital devices now provide provisions for such storage. USB sticks have offered a handy alternative to external hard drives. Just like any other storage device memory cards are also exposed to threats of data loss and corruption. Usually, we have memory cards for phones, music players, video game consoles and GPS systems, etc. Losing such data can cause you personal as well as professional harm. UAE Technician knows the value of your data and offers you solutions which can recover data up to 100% without taking much time. We offer best Memory Card Data Recovery services in Dubai.

Memory Card Data Recovery


What is our area of specialization in Memory Card Data Recovery?  

The designs of flash media devices are durable. It has the power of enduring damage of impact in a much better way than any other digital storage device. But extensive mishandling of card or stick can lead to physical damage. Memory cards are also sensitive to logical loss, for example, accidental formatting of card and corruption of data. Following is the list of situations where we can assist you :

  1. Broken USB Connection
  2. Damages to NAND Chips
  3. Virus Damage
  4. Accidental Deletion or Formatting
  5. Memory Wear from Excessive Use
  6. Flash Port damaged
  7. Missing or Damaged Files
  8. Smoke, Fire or Water Damage
  9. Physical Card Damage
  10. File Corruption
  11. Inaccessible drive
  12. Snapped or Overheated Electronics
  13. Bent or damaged flash connector
  14. Damage to PCB in flash device

Sometimes computer may not recognize the failure of the flash drive if physical damage is the reason behind it. Your laptop may start showing up issues of regularly freezing and lock up when the drive is attached to equipment. Our technicians have experience in handling such problems which can cause catastrophic data loss.

We have expertise in dealing with diverse devices

Our team of engineers is focused, experienced and skilled in delivering you on time quality solutions. Similar symptoms show up when a failure of device happens, which makes it difficult to find the cause of data loss. Here comes the need of a specialist who can guide you in choosing the right solution for better recovery. Following is the range of devices on which we have worked and gained expertise.

  1. PCMCIA (PC Card) memory Types I, II, III, etc.
  2. Compact Flash (CF) card Types I, II, III, etc.
  3. Memory Stick (MS), MS Duo/ Pro Duo/ MS M2 etc.
  4. MMC, RS MMC, MMC Micro, etc.
  5. Secure Digital (SD) card, miniSD, microSD, xD, etc.
  6. Mobile Phone SIM cards.
  7. USB Thumb drives and other Flash memory drives etc.

Our experts have worked on several brands like Apple, Kingston Sony, SanDisk, JetFlash, Transcend, Samsung and Toshiba etc. Vast and varied experience over numerous devices has made us a leading service provider of data recovery in Dubai as well as on the global front.

Not only Benefits! UAE Technician offers affordable and quality services

Data loss can happen due to countless reasons. Providing flat rate solutions which are reliable is a difficult task for many manufacturers. To deliver expert assistance, we offer 24*7 system of support (045864033 ) where you can get free evaluation service and reasonable price quote for any chosen data recovery solution. Following are the benefits which you will get when we become your service provider.

  1. Support for all Flash Formats and Devices
  2. 100% success rate guarantee
  3. 24*7 emergency media recovery services
  4. Best-in-class security and equipment
  5. Global data recovery approach
  6. Faith of No Recovery, No Charge policy

Customer satisfaction and comfort is our motivation. Contact UAE Technician today for experiencing world-class services with efficient solutions to recover you from any data loss.