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#1 Guaranteed & Reliable Computer Repair Dubai Near Me Services

Hardware failure and corrupted operating systems can restrict the computer from functioning accurately. But, there is nothing to worry about. You can eliminate the major-minor technical glitches by connecting with the UAE computer repair dubai near me Technician. 

Being a leading Best computer repair services in Dubai company, we strive for excellence. Besides, we house a team of technicians who can resolve every computer mishap.

Is the Windows gaming computer generating booting problems? Are you noticing vertical lines on the screen when switching from one app to another? Don’t use any D-I-Y tutorials to fix these complicated problems. 

Instead, hire our experts with a computer repair shop near me. Computer maintenance near me Team will diagnose the cause of these PC errors and solve them without downtime.

Besides, our computer technician near me can repair unresponsive or damaged PC units. From motherboard to screen to keyboard, we deal with everything. More than 100+ customers count on us to repair their faulty computers.  You can schedule an appointment with us and get long-term solutions to PC problems.

We specialise in Best Computer repairing Dubai UAE technical issues from the following computer brands:

  • Asus
  • Alienware
  • Razer
  • Google
  • Sony
  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Toshiba
  • HP
  • Samsung
  • MSI
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Acer, and other popular brands

Exclusive Computer Repairing Shop Near Me Services, We Offer

UAE Technician is a one-stop destination to Computer Repairing Shop Near Me worn-out computer parts. We ensure the device is repaired within the promised time under expert supervision. 

So, whenever you experience any problem with the computer, contact us. computer repairing shop near me will help you to join hands with the top-ranked computer repairs Dubai near me technicians.

Moreover, we provide a broad spectrum of computer maintenance Dubai services. Our computer repairing shop near me experts have years of experience in this domain. From the hard drive to the CPU to the GPU, we can take care of every aspect of the computer. 

So, extend the PC’s longevity and boost its performance by joining us. 

Here is the list of best computer service in Dubai services you can trust us with:

Computer Repair Services Price in our Shop

Prices: Start from Start from 149 (AED) Only | Working Hours: 9:00 am – 9:30 pm
Type of Computer Issues Price Estimated Time To Fix
Install Hard Drive 299* 1Hr
Install RAM 199* 1Hr
Cleaning from Dust, Prevention 149 1-2Hrs
New Computer Setup 99 1Hr
Installing Software 99 1Hr
Remote Support for Computer 199 30 Minutes
PC Virus Removal in Dubai 149 to 249 1 Day
PC Won’t Start 149 Plus 1 Day
Broken Computer Screen Replacement 499 to 949 1 Day
Computer Keyboard replacement 149 – 499 1 Day
PC Shuts Off / Overheats 149 – 299 1 Day
No E-Mail / Internet 149 – 249 1 Day
Slow PC issue 149 – 249 1 Day
Blue Screen PC Error 149 – 249+ parts 1 Day
PC runs loud and noisy 149 – 299 1- 2 Day
PC Hard Drive Repair 399 1- 2 Day
PC Tune-Up 149 – 249 1- 2 Day
Set Up New PC 149 – 249 1- 2 Day
Computer Spill Repair 349 Plus 1- 2 Day
Computer Power Jack Repair 230 – 399 1- 2 Day
PC Upgrade 149 – 299+ parts 1- 2 Day
PC Physical damage repair 149 – 299+ parts + parts 1- 2 Day
Windows Vista Repair & Laptop Reformatting 149 – 299+ parts 1 Day
Windows 7 Repair & Computer Formatting 149 – 299+ parts 1 Day
Windows 8 Repair & PC Format 149 – 299+ parts 1 Day
Windows 10 Repair & Reformat Price 149 – 299+ parts 1 Day
Windows Virtual Machine Setup 149 – 299+ parts 1 Day
Data Recovery Typically 499 to Plus 1 Day
Lab Recovery Service 749 Plus 1 Day

Computer Screen Repair/Replacement 

Is the Windows computer displaying a black screen? The chances are high that the device has a damaged or misaligned screen. You can encounter this problem due to connection problems with the monitor. Besides, the monitor won’t display any pictures if it’s compatible with the PC.

If you fail to detect the cause of the screen glitches, hire our computer repair near services me experts. We will reach your doorstep to fix the critical screen issues within minutes. Our computer Laptop repair Dubai experts can repair different types of computer screens. 

We specifically deal with these computer monitors in our repair centre:

  • LED monitors
  • LCD monitors
  • CRT monitors
  • OLED monitors
  • Touchscreen monitors

When Should You Hire Our Computer Repair Dubai Experts for Screen Repair/Replacement?

Besides, certain signs indicate the PC has a broken screen. If there are horizontal lines across the screen, it could be damaged. Moreover, you will experience discoloration issues from a defective screen. 

Are you facing hindrances in changing the screen resolution? There is a high possibility that the PC has a faulty monitor. Sometimes, you might notice black spots or ink blotches on the screen due to overuse. This error usually occurs when the LCD’s backlight is on the verge of being damaged. 

Hire our computer repair home services near me experts immediately. We will opt for the screen’s thorough inspection. Afterwards, our computer repair Dubai experts will replace the screen if they detect any sign of damage. 

Computer Keyboard Repair/Replacement

The PC’s external keyboard might fail to work due to multiple reasons. If the keyboard cable is loosely connected to the PC, it won’t function. Disconnect and reconnect the keyboard cable to the PC port. If that doesn’t work, book our emergency computer repair Dubai services. 

An out-of-date driver can prevent the keyboard from responding to your inputs. Thus, try installing the latest driver update for the external keyboard. If the technical error persists, contact our computer repair shop international city team. We will check the PC’s brand and serial number to reinstall the right keyboard driver.

When Should You Hire Our Computer Repair in Dubai Experts for the Keyboard Repair/Replacement?

Dust and dirt particles might accumulate within the keyboard over time. These contaminants can restrict the keyboard from working. Thus, cleaning the computer keyboard can resolve the problem. However, you shouldn’t remove the dust/dirt particles from the keyboard by watching online video tutorials, as they can prove to be more damaging. Instead, hire our computer maintenance Dubai experts and they will do that for you.

Seek our immediate professional assistance if you notice these keyboard failure signs:

  • Jammed or stuck keys
  • Physical damage and liquid spills on the keyboard
  • Keys producing different outputs
  • Keyboard-related warning messages 

Types of Computer Keyboards, We Repair

Our computer repair home service near me experts can fix different types of keyboards. If you cannot type anything via the keyboard, contact us. We will connect you with a skilled technician best suited for the keyboard repair work. 

Here is the list of computer keyboards we are widely known for repairing:

  • USB keyboards
  • Wired keyboards
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • Magic keyboards
  • Ergonomic keyboards
  • Numeric keyboards
  • Qwerty keyboards
  • Wireless keyboards

Computer Motherboard Repair/Replacement 

An unwanted electrical spike and surge can lead to motherboard failure. Besides, this prime PC unit can stop responding due to dust accumulation. 

Do you use the computer to play power-intensive games or watch videos? The computer will generate excess heat and cause a malfunction in the motherboard. 

Moreover, the motherboard might fail to work due to manufacturing defects. Besides, this unit comes with 7-8 years of longevity. After that, it might generate complex technical issues while working. Thus, if you notice any motherboard failure signs, book an appointment with us. 

Our experts will first check the existing motherboard’s condition. Afterwards, we will look for signs of wear and tear in this unit. If our professionals detect motherboard failure signs, they will replace them quickly. So, don’t wait! If the computer is not turning on, repairing the motherboard with our help can be the best solution.

When Should You Hire Our Computer Repair Services Dubai Experts to Replace the Motherboard? 

It is easy to determine when something goes wrong with the PC’s motherboard. The system will repeatedly crash if the motherboard becomes faulty. Besides, you will experience random BSOD errors on the screen. Moreover, sluggish computer performance is another sign of motherboard failure.

Does the computer fail to recognise the connected hardware? There is a 100% chance that the motherboard is damaged. If you don’t repair the motherboard on time, other technical issues might develop. Join hands with our computer repair services dubai near me technicians for instant recovery.

Book our exclusive services if you notice these motherboard failure indicators: 

  • The PC is turning on and off randomly
  • An unpleasant odour from the PC
  • The sudden appearance of BIOS menu
  • Unresponsive Windows applications
  • Unusual noises

Computer Hard Drive Replacement

The latest computers contain high-end solid-state drives to expand their storage capacity. However, the old PCs have hard disk drives (HDD) for storing downloaded files. These two types of internal hard drives are vulnerable to damage. 

Even a high-end SSD or HDD can become unresponsive after a power surge. If you don’t repair the hard drive on time, it could lead to data loss. Thus, if you detect any hard drive failure signs, contact our computer Laptop repair dubai international city experts. We will arrive at your location to repair the hard drive without downtime. 

Is the Windows computer generating excess heat? Are you experiencing frequent system crash issues? Don’t delay in hiring our computer repair shop near me experts. These technical issues indicate the hard drive is failing. 

Hence, our experts will restore the required data from the damaged HDD. Afterwards, we will install a new compatible hard drive for the computer. 

When Should You Hire Our Computer Repair Dubai experts for Hard Drive Replacement?

You will hear a clicking or grinding noise when the hard drive stops working. Besides, the computer will take an ample amount of time to open the apps. 

Are you unable to access important business files? Did you notice corrupted data on the PC? Hire our computer maintenance Dubai team without further delay.

Here are the other hard drive issues which require our professionals’ attention:

  • Stuck spindle motor
  • Missing files, folders or documents
  • Power issues
  • OS can’t be loaded
  • Unrecognised hard drive sectors 

Computer RAM Upgrade

Insufficient storage space can slow down the computer’s performance. As a result, you will experience issues when working on important business apps. Thus, you must consider upgrading the RAM with our assistance. 

Our computer services near me experts have immense expertise in the technical domain. So, you can rely on us anytime to install a new RAM for the Windows or Linux computer. 

Most PCs come with a limited RAM storage capacity of 128 GB. If you use the computer for playing RPG games or business purposes, more space will be required. 

Upgrading the RAM will be the best solution to the storage problems. Hence, join hands with our computer repair shop international City team. We will help you to get compatible RAM for the device. 

When Should You Hire Our Computer Repair in Dubai Experts for the RAM Upgrade?

Three signs indicate the computer needs new RAM. If the files don’t open instantly or programs are loading slowly, opt for a RAM upgrade. 

Are you receiving random memory-related error messages? It’s time to update the computer’s RAM. Are you facing difficulty opening multiple apps simultaneously? Install new RAM with our on-site assistance. 

Support for Software Repair 

An incompatible or corrupted software can stop the PC from rebooting. You can’t solve this problem without our professional intervention. Thus, book our computer repair home service near me services. We will reach your preferred location to detect the root cause of the software error.

Our computer maintenance Dubai technicians will install the latest software for the device. Is the Windows PC stuck in the boot loop? There is a high chance the system has an out-of-date OS. Contact our computer repair Dubai experts and they will update the software for you. 

We have the calibre to eliminate the following computer software glitches:

  • Corrupt drivers
  • Inability to access mail
  • Blue screen error
  • Slow downloading or uploading
  • New apps installation errors

How Does Our Computer Repair Dubai Services Work?

We have designed an easy-to-access website to simplify the booking procedure. All you need to do is follow 3 steps to book our top-notch computer repair dubai services.

Tell Us What You Need

Connect with us and mention the problem you’re experiencing on the computer. Don’t forget to share the PC’s brand and serial number. Based on that, we will assign the computer repairing shop near me work to a veteran expert.

Schedule an Appointment 

We have a wide range of computer repair home services near me for our clients. Choose based on your requirement. Share your address and contact details. Our computer repairing shop near me experts will reach out to you as fast as possible. 

Repair the Computer

Our computer repairs near me technicians will opt for an in-depth diagnosis to identify the faulty parts. We will share the cost estimation to fix the worn-out computer units. Once you approve that, our professionals will initiate the repair or replacement work.

Why Should You Rely On Our Computer Repair in Dubai Services?

UAE Technician is a reputed computer repair service provider in Dubai. We are committed to offering best-in-class computer repair home services near me. There are several determinants which make us a leading company.

  • We offer quality materials or authentic spare parts for computers.
  • Our professionals are highly-trained, reliable and vetted.
  • We provide instant responses to all our customers’ queries.
  • Our technicians use advanced tools and equipment to fix the PC.
  • Every computer repair work are performed under expert supervision.

Best Computer repair shop near me Dubai Experts are a Call Away!

Looking for a computer repair shop near me you? Contact us and fix the device within your budget. We offer affordable service deals and seasonal deals for our clients. Choose the one that suits your budget and repair the PC from our computer repair shop international city technicians. So, don’t wait! Request a free quote or book our premium quality services now.

Ans:It is advisable to open a ticket or send an email or call to organize the shipment, on request we can arrange for direct collection at the home or other address provided by the customer.

Ans:All our repairs are covered by a guarantee. Only original spare parts are used with a guarantee recognized by the manufacturer (excluding the Software and the protection systems).

Ans:Usually the device returns to the customer within a week (excluding courier times), we try to manage all interventions within 24 hours except components and spare parts not available. The customer is constantly informed and warned in case of delays and/or problems of any kind.

Ans: No problem, customers often tell us that they have purchased software and/or spare parts at competitive prices on eBay, Amazon etc. .., for us it is absolutely not a problem, we must specify that in this case, the cost of the intervention is not refundable if the supplied component does not work properly, moreover it is not possible to provide the official warranty as it happens for original spare parts.

Ans: Customers contact us asking for the cost of a specific intervention such as replacing a screen for Computer, or repairing an LCD for Notebook, removing viruses etc etc … Obviously it is not so simple. As we always want to offer the best price, we recommend opening a ticket or requesting a quote indicating the model and all the data relating to the device, in this way we can check which parts are needed and formulate an exact cost estimate.

Ans: Generally we are able to intervene on the day of the call and in case of particularly urgent intervention we can intervene in a few hours

Ans: We do not take your PC for weeks but we carry out the intervention in a short time and directly at your home, without any call and exit costs, the price depends only on the duration of the intervention, in the PRICE LIST section you can find the breakdown of costs based on time and an indication of the action that can be taken.

Ans: For any intervention in any area of UAE, Need to Call our Technician Team, you only pay reasonable cost plus  the actual time spent on assistance.

Ans: Generally the files that are mistakenly deleted are not permanently lost, what we recommend is to use the PC as little as possible (if you can turn it off and not use it at all), we will try to recover the data you care so much about.

Ans: This is a virus that is spreading suddenly, you don’t have to do anything, if not call us to solve the problem.

Ans:The speed of your PC may depend on slightly dated components or lack of maintenance, in both cases we can give new life to your machine.

Ans: If the problems are small, we can carry out remote assistance interventions, this means that we operate remotely “entering” your PC and performing the operations as if we were next to you, this, of course, subject to authorization from you to let us in. “on your computer. We only need an internet connection and a small free program to download and install, the first time we can do it together, the next time you will only have to give us consent to intervene.

Yes, UAE Technician is equipped to repair a wide variety of computers and laptops, including PCs, Macs, laptops, desktops, and all major brands.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced in computer repair  with a proven track record of successful repairs and customer satisfaction.

UAE Technician offers both options. You can visit our repair center or schedule an on-site repair appointment at your convenience.

The cost of computer repair varies depending on the specific issue. UAE Technician offers transparent pricing, and you will receive a detailed cost estimate before any repairs are initiated.

Absolutely. UAE Technician takes data privacy seriously. We follow strict protocols to ensure the safety and confidentiality of your data throughout the repair process.

Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing a wide range of hardware issues, including but not limited to, power supply issues, and more.

Yes, UAE Technician offers virus and malware removal services to ensure your computer is free from harmful software that can compromise your data and performance.

Yes, UAE Technician provides a warranty on the repairs done. The warranty period may vary depending on the type of repair.

You can easily schedule a computer repair service with UAE Technician by visiting our website, calling our hotline, or visiting our repair center in Dubai.

Yes, UAE Technician specializes in Computer data recovery services. If your computer has suffered from hardware or software issues, we can often retrieve your important data.

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