Computer Repair Services in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE: Guaranteed Quality Solutions at Affordable Price

Our Computer Repair Services Include the given below services

  • LCD Display damage repair
  • Keyboard damage repair
  • Computer crashes, an appearance of “blue screen of death,”
  • No image on screen and lines across the screen
  • Virus removal service
  • Water damage repair
  • Startup problems in the system
  • Repair and replacement of faulty parts
  • Tune up and optimization services, password recovery
  • Internet connection difficulties and maintenance contracts
  • Data recovery services
  • Networking issues
  • Set up & Installation errors
  • Motherboard repair
  • Outlook support services

Computer Brand We Repair

  • Asus Repair
  • Lenovo Repair
  • Sony VAIO Repair
  • Samsung Repair
  • Toshiba Repair
  • HP Repair
  • Dell Repair
  • Acer Repair
  • Google Computer
  • Microsoft Repair
  • Razer Repair
  • Huawei Repair
  • MSI Repair
  • Alienware Repair

Computer Repair Services Price in Dubai

Prices: Start from Start from 149 (AED) Only | Working Hours: 9:00 am – 9:30 pm
Type of Computer IssuesPriceEstimated Time To Fix
Install Hard Drive299*1Hr
Install RAM199*1Hr
Cleaning from Dust, Prevention1491-2Hrs
New Computer Setup991Hr
Installing Software991Hr
Remote Support for Computer19930 Minutes
PC Virus Removal in Dubai149 to 2491 Day
PC Won’t Start149 Plus1 Day
Broken Computer Screen499 to 9491 Day
Computer Keyboard replacement149 – 4991 Day
PC Shuts Off / Overheats149 – 2991 Day
No E-Mail / Internet149 – 2491 Day
Slow PC issue149 – 2491 Day
Blue Screen PC Error149 – 249+ parts1 Day
PC runs loud and noisy149 – 2991- 2 Day
PC Hard Drive Repair3991- 2 Day
PC Tune-Up149 – 2491- 2 Day
Set Up New PC149 – 2491- 2 Day
Computer Spill Repair349 Plus1- 2 Day
Computer Power Jack Repair230 – 3991- 2 Day
PC Upgrade149 – 299+ parts1- 2 Day
PC Physical damage repair149 – 299+ parts + parts1- 2 Day
Windows Vista Repair & Laptop Reformatting149 – 299+ parts1 Day
Windows 7 Repair & Computer Formatting149 – 299+ parts1 Day
Windows 8 Repair & PC Format149 – 299+ parts1 Day
Windows 10 Repair & Reformat Price149 – 299+ parts1 Day
Windows Virtual Machine Setup149 – 299+ parts1 Day
Data Recovery Typically499 to Plus1 Day
Lab Recovery Service749 Plus1 Day

Our working conditions have changed with time. Computers have given us liberty from paperwork of bookkeeping, photo albums, writing and maintaining records, etc. The list can go on forever. It presented a more efficient method of organizing all your work in just a single gadget. Now we depend upon these devices entirely. But every innovation has some benefits and some drawbacks too. In case of computers, there can be situations where you can lose data. System failure can happen due to hardware and software issues. UAE Technician offers you repair services which can retrieve your data and can fix the device within minimum time.
Efficient Computer Repair Services with a promise of Quality and Expertise

Sometimes it is difficult to tell that which part or software is the reason for system collapse. The poor performance of a computer can be due to malware or virus attack which is a software issue, or it can be a crashed hard disk which is a hardware problem. Our professionals provide you onsite assistance in diagnosing the reason for a technical failure of the system. For us, user comfort is the key to customer satisfaction that is why we offer a service which allows you to have advice and treatment at your location.

There is always a Benefit in opting for a Leader in the Industry
Experience and a team with vast knowledge and technical skills have helped us in reaching far edges of Dubai. We have repaired devices for individuals as well as organizations. Our primary goal has always been customer delight. For achieving this, we have designed benefits which you can have if we get the chance to serve you.

24 hours services

90 days repair warranty

Use of only genuine parts

Free convenience

Transparent services

Contact us for the services which are efficient and productive. No matter what the damage is, we will recover and repair your device without hassle.

Ans:It is advisable to open a ticket or send an email or call to organize the shipment, on request we can arrange for direct collection at the home or other address provided by the customer.

Ans:All our repairs are covered by a guarantee. Only original spare parts are used with a guarantee recognized by the manufacturer (excluding the Software and the protection systems).

Ans:Usually the device returns to the customer within a week (excluding courier times), we try to manage all interventions within 24 hours except components and spare parts not available. The customer is constantly informed and warned in case of delays and / or problems of any kind.

Ans:No problem, customers often tell us that they have purchased software and / or spare parts at competitive prices on eBay, Amazon etc. .., for us it is absolutely not a problem, we must specify that in this case the cost of the intervention is not refundable if the supplied component does not work properly, moreover it is not possible to provide the official warranty as it happens for original spare parts.

Ans: Customers contact us asking for the cost of a specific intervention such as replacing a screen for Computer, or repairing an LCD for Notebook, removing viruses etc etc … Obviously it is not so simple. As we always want to offer the best price, we recommend opening a ticket or requesting a quote indicating the model and all the data relating to the device, in this way we can check which parts are needed and formulate an exact cost estimate.

Ans: Generally we are able to intervene on the day of the call and in case of particularly urgent intervention we can intervene in a few hours

Ans: We do not take your PC for weeks but we carry out the intervention in a short time and directly at your home, without any call and exit costs, the price depends only on the duration of the intervention, in the PRICE LIST section you can find the breakdown of costs based on time and an indication of the action that can be taken.

Ans: For any intervention in any area of UAE, Need to Call our Technician Team, you only pay reasonable cost plus  the actual time spent on assistance.

Ans: Generally the files that are mistakenly deleted are not permanently lost, what we recommend is to use the PC as little as possible (if you can turn it off and not use it at all), we will try to recover the data you care so much about.

Ans: This is a virus that is spreading suddenly, you don’t have to do anything, if not call us to solve the problem.

Ans:The speed of your PC may depend on slightly dated components or lack of maintenance, in both cases we can give new life to your machine.

Ans:If the problems are small, we can carry out remote assistance interventions, this means that we operate remotely “entering” your PC and performing the operations as if we were next to you, this of course subject to authorization from you to let us in. “on your computer. We only need an internet connection and a small free program to download and install, the first time we can do it together, the next times you will only have to give us consent to intervene.

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