Get Hold of Reliable Fire Rated Shutter Doors Maintenance and Installation from the Experts

When it comes to fire security, the fire rated shutter doors play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of a fire-wall. If the fire door doesn’t respond quickly to the fire, then the fire and smoke will spread rapidly from one room to another. As a result, it will lead to a property damage as well as business interruption. These fire doors can be seen in various hospitals, shopping malls, industrial applications, corporate sectors etc. But if these doors are not maintained properly, then they might stop working in the right way and it will compromise the fire safety.

So, if you want to get an affordable fire rated shutter doors maintenance service, then contact with our experts at UAE Technician. We will provide you the best solutions to fix any problems regarding your FRSD. Not only that, we also offer fire rated shutter doors installation services to our customers within an affordable cost.

Fire Rated Shutter Doors Maintenance and Installation from the Experts

Some of the Common Fire Rated Shutter Doors Issues

It is obvious that the fire rated shutter door should have the same fire resistance capability as the fire division wall in the building. There are safety brakes coupled with a suitable drive ratio so as to not activate when the door is closing in controlled descent. But sometimes, things may not work according to the plan and your fire door can get you in serious trouble. Just because of that, you should do a fire rated shutter doors inspection and then solve the issues at the earliest.

  1. Improper Movement: This is one of the most frequent issues that every fire door user comes across at times. In case of an emergency situation, you see that the door is not opening, not closing or moving until halfway down which is not at all acceptable. There must be a problem in the doors sensor for which it is not working correctly. The sensors might be blocked by dirt or something else and can’t operate properly to open or close the fire doors. If anyhow, the sensors is damaged or broken, then you’ll need to repair or replace it if required. Call the UAE Technician team and solve this movement issue of your FRSD in no time.
  2. Overheating: If your fire shutters aren’t working but the power source is definitely turned on, then there could be a number of potential issues. If you have been using the shutter frequently in a short span of time, you might find that the motor is overheating frequently. If so, then the best thing to do is to leave your roller shutter for awhile and give it time to cool down. After an hour or so, try again, the problem should subside. However, if the problem remains, then you need to get some expert assistance along with fire rated shutter doors maintenance.
  3. Slow Movement: If your fire rated shutter doors are opening but not doing so in a smooth manner or at the desired speed, don’t worry, this problem is known by many. There might be problems in the tracks and the rails due to the accumulation of dirt or debris. We wouldn’t suggest attempting to fix the problem yourself. However; leaving the job to professionals who will carry out the fix safely is always the best idea.
  4. Power Source: This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s surprising how many people fail to check the power source of their FRSD when they are experiencing a problem. So, before inspecting the door itself, always check the power source. Is it turned on? If not, then it can be a serious issue that you need to fix immediately.

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