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Mobile Phone Repair Service in Dubai 2023: We Provide Quality Solutions at Pocket-Friendly Cost

Communication has changed a lot since a couple of decades, and its inception was in 1995 when the first Smartphone was launched. Today, it has become one of the essential requirement for everyone. From keeping records to surfing latest trends on the internet, it has compressed a whole world into a five-inch device. But issues are inevitable and can come up with any gadget. Imagine a scenario where the phone accidentally falls out of your hands and you start searching for Mobile Repair Dubai Near me Services.

When you retrieve it and encounter a broken screen then the first thought which comes to mind is the cost and time that will incur in getting it fixed by a mobile repair Service center in Dubai. Here, to choose the best option for your mobile phone, you will require a specialist who has relevant experience in this field. We at UAE Technician, offer you class apart mobile repairing Shop in Dubai without burning your pocket. We can fix any mobile phone whether it is iPhone or other brands like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, HTCat budget-friendly prices without compromising on quality and efficiency. By serving various customers from entire Dubai, without failing for a single time, we have become the first choice of consumers in this industry.

UAE technician Mobile phone repair Dubai team recognize that issues can come up at any hour of the day. To provide you on-time assistance we have established a system of 24×7 mobile repair Dubai customer support. You can approach us by making a call or writing an email. Our professionals will ensure that all your concerns related to Smartphone are answered within minimum time.

We serve excellence in every transaction by providing mobile repair Dubai near me without any delay.

By working on multiple cases of Mobile repair in Dubai, Sharjah our team has gained expertise in handling all type of issues which a Mobile phone can encounter. This exposure has helped us in developing affordable and productive solutions. To fulfill our promise of excellent Dubai mobile repair services, we train our employees regularly so that they can maintain the same quality and can stay ahead with technological advances.

Following are the services which we offer:

  1. Digitizer repair service
  2. Battery replacement
  3. Front and rear camera repair
  4. The dock connector and charging port repair
  5. Headphone jack repair
  6. Phone power button repair
  7. Phone housing replacement
  8. Sim reader repair
  9. Speaker is not working
  10. Volume button repair
  11. Phone unlocking
  12. Screen repair
  13. Charger replacement
  14. Software repair and update
  15. Liquid damage repair
  16. phone get lock and need to unlock
  17. FingerPrint scanner not working

Along with a reasonable range of options, we also offer you on-site assistance. Now you don’t have to search for mobile Phone repair Dubai near me location as by booking an appointment with our mobile repair home service Dubai experts you can get mobile and Laptop Repair Near me solutions at the doorsteps without investing much effort and time. If the device requires a lab facility for treatment, then we also provide pick and drop facility to our users.

Why should UAE Technician be your Service Provider?

We understand that every consumer evaluates all present alternatives of service providers in the market on some benchmarks. If on-time delivery, productivity, genuine parts, quick response, and affordability are the criteria for a final decision, then we can be your one-stop solution for phone repair service. We have worked on several brands such as Samsung, Sony, Apple, Blackberry, Oppo, LG, Honor, Nokia, One Plus, MI, Lenovo, Asus, etc. No matter which phone you are using, our experts can fix it quickly without any hassle.

mobile repair Dubai near meDigitiser Repair

A digitiser on a touchscreen mobile phone is a layer of glass. The digitiser converts analog touch commands, light, sound, and pressure into digital signals. 

You might find that your mobile phone doesn’t respond to your touches or voice commands anymore. Chances are there that the digitiser might be damaged and need to be repaired. 

Opt for our mobile repairing near me to repair and replace the digitiser. Our experts run calibration tests and other diagnostics to detect the issue and find the most suitable solutions.

Battery Replacement

Every gadget comes up with a battery that is anticipated to last a few years. Apart from chemical ageing, daily wear and tear can make the mobile phone’s battery vulnerable and reduce its longevity. 

We offer battery replacement, charger repair, and more power-related services if you face the following signs:

  • Prompt battery drainage
  • The mobile phone takes longer to get charged
  • Overheating

We stock certified batteries for all the leading mobile phone brands. Get reliable and instant mobile repair Dubai services from none other than UAE Technician.

Front & Rear Camera Repair

Cameras are one of the prime advantages of carrying a smartphone. Great lenses, accurate sensors, and high-end AI features make your iOS and Android devices more useful. However, physical and water damage can ruin your mobile phone camera and its sensor.

Additionally, the following camera problems might arise on your smartphone:

  • Glitching camera app
  • The camera shows a black screen
  • Deteriorated picture quality
  • Flickering camera

Are you looking for a mobile repairing shop near me to solve these issues? We at UAE Technician offer mobile camera repair and replacement regardless of Megapixel or sensor type. Get in touch with our experts for a quick and professional mobile phone repair near me.

Dock Connector & Charging Port Repair

A defective dock connector or charging port might create nuisances in connecting or charging the mobile phone. Thus, your device might lose its connectivity features. Alternatively, it might interrupt the normal charging process and you might notice the mobile phone not getting charged even though it is plugged into the power adapter.

However, you can protect your mobile phone from all these hindrances with our mobile repairing near me. Our intelligent technicians offer to repair the charging port and dock connector for iOS and Android smartphones. Whatever the make and model is, feel free to share your mobile phone worries with our mobile repair Abu Dhabi experts.

Mobile Headphone Jack Repair

Most Android devices come up with a separate and dedicated 3.5mm headphone jack. If you are unable to listen to music while plugging the earphone into the headphone jack, replace the earphone and check if it works. Otherwise, contact our mobile service center near me team from the mobile repair shop near me.

Our professionals offer software checks, compatibility checks, application configuration, and hardware checks to determine the exact reason. Get the headphone jack fixed on the same day with our trusted mobile repair near you.

Mobile Power Button Repair

The power button on any mobile phone has multiple functions. If that doesn’t work, then it might harm your phone’s accessibility features. The power button might be stuck and require a replacement.

Hire our mobile repair Dubai technicians to clean, repair, and replace the power button. We offer 100% OEM spare parts for sustainable power button functionality. So, get in touch with us and recover your device from malfunctioning.

Phone Housing Replacement

Crucial damage might damage or exploit your mobile phone’s housing. For example, your iPhone’s back glass might be broken or the Android phone’s back casing might have been tampered. And, trust us, your phone won’t look good with broken housing or chassis.

The only way to deal with these situations is to replace the phone housing. We make sure that our technicians reach you with the most compatible and certified housing. It’s a deep-level repair and they can replace the housing really fast. Your mobile phone will look as good as a brand-new one with our mobile repair near me.

SIM Reader Repair

Are you facing issues with your mobile phone’s cellular connectivity? Improper settings might be a reason. Consider our mobile repair Dubai service centre to eradicate incompatibility and configuration issues. 

On the other hand, our technicians offer SIM reader repair if there have been any signs. They run a bunch of diagnostics to detect the root cause and apply the best solution. Our technicians also provide a probable cost estimate at your convenience.

Speaker Repair

Glitches with phone speakers are nothing new. You might experience the following signs because of a faulty speaker:

  • Crackling sound from the phone
  • Low or no audio output even when the volume is at the max
  • Can’t listen to the music on specific applications

We offer comprehensive software and hardware repair to retrieve speaker functions. Our technicians make sure that your mobile phone is not connected to any Bluetooth device during the inspection. 

All your speaker issues are addressed with our specialised mobile repair near me. Our experts test the speakers and the overall mobile phone thoroughly before handing it over to you.

Volume Button Repair

Volume buttons are the straightforward options to regulate the volume on your mobile phone. Moreover, they also assist in clicking pictures. So, defective volume buttons might be annoying. 

Overcome volume button issues with our affordable mobile phone repair near me. We offer sturdy and competent volume button replacements based on your mobile phone. Hire our experts and experience the change within an affordable price.

Phone Unlocking

Your mobile phone might lock itself if it receives repetitive wrong attempts to unlock it. Additionally, you might lose all your mobile phone data as your device identifies this action as a mobile theft. So, if you are stuck with a locked mobile phone, then contact our specialists.

Our technicians have expertise in unlocking both Android and iOS phones. Additionally, we ensure that you get your phone data retrieved without losing a single file. Hire our mobile repair Abu Dhabi professionals and unlock your mobile phones soon.

Screen Repair & Replacement

Is your mobile phone’s screen flickering? Or, the screen has cracks? You might end up hurting your hand and fingers if you keep using a mobile phone with a cracked screen.

We offer screen repair and replacement services for all the leading mobile phone brands. Get on-site and genuine screen replacement services from UAE Technician mobile repair near me.

Charger Repair

Your mobile phone won’t charge if the corresponding power adapter is defective. You might notice slow or no charging with a damaged power brick. Consider your mobile phone’s charger and avoid unexpected surprises with our impeccable mobile repair Dubai services.

Our technicians repair the cables and the internal parts of the power adapter to restore the charger’s functionality. Avail our services at a mobile repair shop near me for a hassle-free experience.

Software Update & Repair

Your mobile phone’s productivity depends on its operating system. If your phone acquires an outdated operating system version or any other software, then you might experience bugs and overheating from time to time.

In addition, corrupted software installation might prevent your device from functioning properly. We offer software updates, reinstallation, and repair corrupted files for Android and iOS phones.

Liquid Damage Repair

Nowadays, most mobile phones are built with water-resistant features to some extent. However, you can’t escape from minor and major disputes caused by liquid spilling or dropping the device in a pool. 

Liquid damage can exploit the following parts of a mobile phone:

  • Screen
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • Fingerprint scanners
  • Motherboard and other logic circuits

Fortunately, we at UAE Technician offer a complete solution against liquid damage. Don’t fall for tempting DIY hacks, such as using a hair dryer or soaking the mobile phone in a rice bag. 

Instead, report your issue at our mobile repair shop near you. Our technicians will reach you shortly with all the amenities required for a quick and professional repair to restore your smartphone.

FingerPrint Scanner Repair

Whether it’s an in-display Fingerprint scanner, iPhone’s TouchID, or anything else, we are here to help. Your mobile phone might not detect the fingerprint, and you might fail to access your device and its files. It can be a software incompatibility, configuration issue, or hardware failure.

Allow our mobile repair Dubai near me technicians to help you. They offer software and hardware repair services to restore the fingerprint scanner’s functions. Our technicians can also replace the fingerprint scanner or iPhone’s home button if required. We provide you with reasonable services with our mobile repair near me.

Best Mobile Repair Dubai Near me Services are Just a Call Away!

Struggling with mobile repair issues should end. We, at UAE Technician, offer doorstep repair and replacement services. Simply look for mobile repair near me, or call us and book expert assistance.

Our mobile repair Abu Dhabi and Dubai services are available round the clock. Share your mobile phone issues along with the model and brand so that our experts can reach you with the right equipment.

FAQ – Mobile Repair Dubai

UAE Technician provides a wide range of mobile repair services in Dubai, including screen replacement, battery replacement, water damage repair, and more.
No, UAE Technician offers repair services for a wide variety of mobile brands, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and many others.
Our professionals have a lot of expertise and training in mobile repair. They go through a rigorous training program to keep current on the newest technology and repair methods.
While appointments are preferred, we also accept walk-in customers. However, scheduling an appointment helps us ensure faster service and minimal waiting time in Sharjah.
The repair duration depends on the type of issue and the extent of damage. Minor repairs might be completed within a few hours, while more complex issues could take a bit longer.
We take precautions to preserve your data, but it's recommended to back up your device before bringing it in for repair.
We offer a limited warranty on our repairs. If you experience the same issue within the warranty period, simply bring your device back, and we'll address it free of charge.
Repair costs vary based on the specific issue and the model of your mobile device. We offer transparent pricing, and our technicians will provide you with a quote after diagnosing the problem.
Yes, we offer a range of mobile accessories, including cases, screen protectors, chargers, and more. Feel free to ask our staff about the available options.
Repairing a mobile device under warranty is typically done by authorized service centers. If your device is under warranty, we recommend checking with the respective brand's service center first.

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