Faultless Dock Lev​​eller Installation in Dubai

In the dock loading process, the dock leveller is used to maintain the smooth connection between the dock and the trailer or vehicle. It also allows the forklifts to enter and exit without any obstructions like trailer creep etc. When it comes to bridging the difference in height and distance between the warehouse floor and vehicle, the dock leveller is needed. Basically, it is a height-adjustable tool that is very much handy to prevent forklift accidents.

There are various kinds of dock levellers such as hydraulic, manual, container, vertical storing dock levellers and many more. As there are many moving parts inside the dock leveller, so it can also bump into problems at time. These problems can be quite complicated and for that, one may not be able to fix it without any technical help. So, if you’re looking for reliable dock lev​​eller repair services, then you should get in touch with our experts at UAE Technician. Here, we can provide you all kinds of solutions regarding the dock leveller and we also provide reliable installation services to our customers.

Dock Lev​​eller Installation in Dubai

Issues You Might Face while Using the Dock Leveller System

If you have the dock leveller facility, then it is mandatory to do a regular maintenance to keep it performing optimally and in order for a long period. If you don’t maintain a regular servicing, then there can be serious problems which might become a burden in the future. So, you can simply connect with us and we will provide you with the best dock lev​​eller installation & repair services in Dubai.

Now, have a look at some of the common dock leveller issues that need to be take caren of professionally:

  1. Out-of-Balance Dock Levellers: The dock levellers are dynamic in nature and consist of many moving parts inside. So, it needs to be treated differently than other static equipment. If you don’t do a regular servicing of the dock leveller, then such issues will occur eventually. There can be internal malfunctions which might cause the leveller to get out of balance. Just call our experts and fix the problem by availing reliable dock lev​​eller repair services.
  2. Trailer Creeping: This is one of the most serious issues that can break down the dock leveller facility. The trailer creeping problem is also termed as a ‘trailer or dock walk’. When the continuous entry and exit of lift truck exerts lateral and vertical forces on the trailer, the trailer creeps. Due to this, the trailer moves away from the dock and creates a gap from the dock leveller. So, contact our UAE Technician team and solve the trailer creep issue on your dock leveller.
  3. Dock Leveller won’t Stay Down: In the mechanical dock levellers, there is a coiled spring which powers the dock and always pushes the dock to go up; this is how the leveller lifts. This problem mostly occurs in the hold-down part of the mechanical leveller. It keeps the leveller fixed at the right height when it is not in use. If somehow the springs, or ratchet gets damaged, then the leveller will pop up and will not stay down any further. To fix this problem, you can call our team of professionals and get the right service you need.

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