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Labour prices for  Electronic Scooter Repair: Our Repair prices is genuine

Replacement of rear fender                                    AED 99 +Vat

Replacement of Scooter battery                                         AED 149+Vat

Replacement of Scooter controller                                      AED 149+Vat

Replacement of display unit (dashboard)                  AED 149+Vat

Replacement of brake lever or power throttle  AED 149+Vat

Restore connector/soldering & insulation (per wire)  AED 69+Vat

With the advent of modern technologies, we tend to rely on different devices and gadgets to get through our daily life works. One of the most successful devices that became a new trend in today’s generation is the Electric Self Balancing Scooter. These scooters have cut down the tiresome walks that we take every day to our destinations or workplaces. The machine makes it easier for the daily commuters to work without tiring their legs.

The device is getting popular in the western countries as various celebrities use them when they travel. There are hundreds and thousands of manufacturers who are developing and producing these devices for urban users. If any technical issues are occurring with these scooters, you can contact our experts at UAE Technician for reliable Self balancing scooter repair. We will fix the issues using adequate tools and methods to securely eliminate the issues with your hoverboard.

Balancing Scooter Repair services

Know more about the issue at hand

When these scooters start to malfunction, it becomes quite difficult to fix by yourself as you might not have the sufficient tools to repair it. You should opt for a professional Self balancing scooter repair service to get the job done. A self-balancing scooter or hoverboard is basically a personal transportation device with two powerful motorized wheels attached to a pair of articulated pads on which the rider stands. These motor wheels are electrically powered and battery operated which means it is easy to maintain the devices. The rider can increase or decrease their speed by simply leaning forward and backward. Despite the massive range of advantages, several errors and faults can develop over time.

Common issues reported by users: Turn to the experts at UAE Technicians For Instant Fixes

We have recorded the frequency of the most common issues you may face with your self-balancing scooter. Our team of tech professionals developed different methods to fix the problems instantly. We make sure to provide you with the fastest solutions that resolve the issues at the earliest. Whenever your hoverboard does not work properly, you can’t really blame the machine for the inconveniences. These devices tend to malfunction due to mishandling and lack of maintenance. You need to keep the scooter under timely maintenance checks and recalibration to make them work
properly. Some of the annoying issues you may face with these scooter are:

  • Loose internal cables or bad connection within the circuitry
  • The balancing sensor or the gyroscope needs to be reconfigured
  • Wheel motor failure due to worn out gears
  • Heavy battery drainage issues because of worn out battery cells
  • Replacing important components of the device
  • Wheel overheating due to too much resistance in the wheel motors
  • The LED light flashes indicating some internal error
  • The hoverboard is not taking charge or charging slowly

We recommend you not to tamper with the device and its complicated hardware technologies. One wrong step can result in more severe damage to your device. You should reach an experienced tech expert from UAE Technician to get the best Self balancing scooter repair services in a comfortable

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