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The video surveillance service allows the Operations Centre to constantly monitor any environment in which a special system is installed connected to the Central itself, guaranteeing the immediate sending of Security Guards to the site in case anomalies are detected. The video surveillance system is connected to the operations center via sophisticated software , which allows images to be viewed remotely. In this way the operator of the station is able to monitor and control any environment at any time, periodically ( video patrols ), or following an alarm signal coming from the connected burglar alarm system.

The images that are digitally recorded and transmit the data to the operations center (on an analogue ISDN or GSM or ADSL telephone line) are used by the Institute in full compliance with privacy legislation regarding Personal Data Protection.

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We are providing the best surveillance Services  for the business industry and individuals for home and offices. We are also providing intelligent video analysis service, one of the most innovative applications in the industry, which makes CCTV cameras an active tool. The cameras in analysis make it possible to identify and prevent events, distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant data.

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