The ultimate guide to troubleshoot common drone problems with affordable drone repair services

Drone is a popular unmanned aircraft which can fly without a pilot and perform several critical tasks. It is an autonomous device which is used for surveillance purposes, film making purposes, mineral exploration, remote sensing, construction, etc. These are often referred to as the flying robots which are controlled by humans from the ground with the help of some software and GPS facilities. Previously, drones were used for military usage only such as anti-aircraft target practice, gathering intelligence information and as weapons platform. But later on, this device started serving various other purposes such as traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, as well as photography and videography.

Due to performing such critical tasks, drones are vulnerable to several technical failures which might hamper their normal operations. Low battery, bad GPS signal, problem in the Ac motor etc. are the common drone problems you might encounter. Instant solutions are needed to fix all of these serious issues and resume the normal function of drones. We, at UAE Technician, have a team of skilled professionals who can solve all possible issues of drones with complete perfection. Connect with them via call, mail or chat to avail drone repair services at a pocket-friendly price.

affordable drone repair services

Common problems of drones which might hamper their function

As drones are autonomous devices and are controlled by software, they can go out of order anytime due to any technical issue. It can develop various complex problems, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Battery runs out of charge
  • Compass & IMU Not Calibrated
  • Poor GPS signal
  • Motors Spinning in the Wrong Direction
  • Brushless AC Motors
  • Brushed DC Motors
  • Drone Flips on Takeoff
  • Motors Spinning in an Incorrect Direction
  • Propellers Installed Incorrectly
  • Flight Controller Orientation
  • Radio System Failure
  • Problems with Radio Amplifiers
  • Propeller Flies Off in Flight

All of these above mentioned problems are very complicated in nature and require expert attention to get resolved. At UAE Technician, team is always available at your service to fix drone issues with affordable drone repair in Dubai.

Our Engineers offer quality services within your budget

Our tech specialists at UAE Technician are well-versed with all the relevant information regarding drones. We are capable of troubleshooting any drone error with a 100% success record. Whether your drone model is suffering from a poor battery performance or malfunctioning motors and propellers, we can fix them all. Check out our class apart services to repair a wide range of drone-related issues.

  • Motor replacement
  • Shell replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Flight controller
  • Firmware update
  • Unpair controller
  • Sensor calibration
  • Battery repair and replacement
  • Propeller repair and replacement

Apart from these, we offer you transparent transactions, free estimates, usage of genuine parts as well as 24×7 customer service. Additionally, we give assurance of on-time delivery of repaired products. We also provide on-site assistance through which you can book an appointment with our tech expert. They will offer you reliable drone repair services at your doorstep. We train our experts at regular intervals to keep them updated with the current technological advancements. Furthermore, we collect feedback from each of our customers which helps us to improve our service quality. We offer repair service for all models of drones such as 3DR drones, parrot drones, protocol drones etc.

Reach our experts to avail affordable drone repair solutions in Dubai

In case you encounter any issue with your drone, feel free to call at our helpline number : 045864033 irrespective of time. Reach our experts at UAE Technician and avail quick solutions from them. You can also drop an email to us and receive a reply from our end within the next 24 hours. In addition, you can have a real-time experience by talking to our experts directly over our live chat option. They will offer you instant solutions to eliminate all your drone related queries. Tired of searching for reasonable drone repair services near your location over the internet? Connect with our experts to get rid of all your drone related problems. We also provide camera repair service in Dubai.

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