NAS-SAS Data Recovery Services in Dubai 2021

NAS SAS Data Recovery: Every data loss has its own story to tell. Usually, when we feel that we have need of an affordable data share device for our business, we make a purchase. Due to lack of knowledge, we ignore vital aspects and proper procedure for setting it up. It takes only a few minutes, and you get back to your work without knowing that you have put your data entirely at risk!

After some time you experience a breakdown of your NAS device which leaves you at a risk by paralyzing your Business.

Here comes the role of a professional. UAE Technician provides you fast and safe recovery from all types of data storage boxes under any data loss situations. Our experienced team of experts is well equipped with skills and uses advanced tools and techniques to make sure that we serve you at our best.

Why choose UAE Technician for NAS SAS Data recovery?

Hard drives are made up of sensitive and fragile moving parts. Majorly one or more of these components are often responsible for the failure. It can be spindle motors, control boards and read/write heads, etc.

Our team of professional engineers ensures that these failed components are repaired and replaced. Following are some of the examples in which we can assist you.

  • Single or Multiple hard drives failures.
  • Inaccessibility and corruption of data due to virus intrusion.
  • Loss of original RAID array or accidental formatting.
  • Configurations which leads to loss of network shared volumes.
  • Addition of incompatible hard drives to the RAID array.
  • RAID controller failure.
  • RAID Rebuild Failure.

What are the reasons behind NAS/SAS failure?


  1. Human errors
  2. Overheating
  3. Power failure
  4. Defective NAS controllers
  5. Mechanical errors

NAS device can send a notification by email to its owner, but even after such facility, many users due to less awareness forgets to set up these alerts. It leads to a situation where a user is unknown of the failure and keeps on working and when the next drive fails, the whole NAS device collapse.

Be safe and go with the expert.

Experimenting can cost you money as well as your valuable data. Contact us and enjoy a service which is reliable and fast. Through consultation, our data recovery experts discuss the RAID configuration and series of problems that can be responsible for data loss. They also guide you through the steps you may have taken in the wrong direction for future use.

Before diagnosis, our professionals try to save and copy all the hard drives which are still accessible from the troubled RAID array to avoid further damage to the data in the original disks.

Join hands with us, and we will lead you to a safer world of data recovery because customer satisfaction is our primal goal.