Laptop Repair Services Center in Dubai : For us, No damage is beyond Repair 

Laptop Repair in Dubai: After desktops, an era of laptops came which introduced us to flexibility and mobility. Now you can carry your whole work in just a sleek bag. Not only it gave us freedom from wires and desk, but it also provided us the power of latest technology. It is now a significant part of our personal as well as professional life. We keep the picture, work files and all sort of data which is valuable to us and without knowing the risk we depend on these gadgets for its safety.


Laptop Repair ServicesThere can be situations where due to system failure you can lose data. Imagine a scenario where accidentally you bumped into something, and your laptop fell. Now you have a broken screen, and your mind is racing through several thoughts about warranty elapse, Cost of a new screen, the trouble of searching a service centre, etc. UAE Technician is a service provider which you can always find near your location.

With the help of our 24×7 customer support helpline, you can ask for onsite assistance at your door-step. No matter what is the time, if you have encountered an issue, we are always there to guide you efficiently.

Quality Services Lead to Customer Satisfaction

When a customer is satisfied, it is the sign of productive and quality solutions. We have a vast experience of dealing with critical damages to the laptops without failing a single time. The track record of 100% success has given us the stature of a leader in Dubai for repairing laptops without delay.  Following are the services which we offer.

  • Laptop data recovery
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Motherboard repair/replacement
  • Hardware replacement
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • CD and DVD Drive replacement
  • DC power jack replacement
  • Memory & Graphics replacement and upgrades
  • Damaged LCD/LED screen repair
  • Spill damage repair and Startup problems like the computer won’t boot
  • Laptop crash recovery
  • Battery Repair and Replacement Service
  • No image on the screen
  • Blue screen
  • Tune up & optimization services
  • Password recovery
  • Internet connection difficulties
  • Maintenance contracts service

Our team of specialists is professional and have a vast technical experience. Whenever you face any system failure, our technicians first evaluate the situation and then guide you to the safety procedure so that any further damage can be ruled out. After assessing the damage, they provide a full diagnosis and suggest the solutions. Only after getting approval from your side, we proceed further with the chosen treatment. We have worked on different brands which can assure you that we have expertise in dealing with issues of any laptop. Following is the list of laptop brands on which we have worked.

  • Apple iMac,iPad
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Toshiba
  • Asus
  • Apple MacBook
  • Sony
  • Dell XPS 15
  • Asus ROG GX800
  • HP Spectre x360,
  • HP Pavilion x360 14 ba-073TX
  • HP Elitebook 1030G2
  • Lenovo Ideapad 720s
  • Acer Nitro 5
  • Asus Vivobook S15
  • Acer Aspire 5
  • MSI GV63 7RE

From latest laptop to the old ones. We can be your one-stop solution for all repair worries.

Join hands with us and have benefits of Choosing UAE Technician as your Service Provider

If affordability and quality are the benchmarks for your choice, then UAE Technician can deliver you the same by providing budget-friendly solutions which are productive and efficient. Not only we offer quality service but present you some benefits of choosing us as your service partner. Following are the perks which you can have with us.

  • Pocket-friendly repair service
  • Quick Response to queries
  • Qualified Technicians for assistance
  • Onsite treatment facility

Contact us for experiencing a repair service which is transparent and reliable. You can rest all your technical worries with us so when you encounter an issue with the system.Dial:042053349, as guidance, is just a call away.

Frequent Questions  About Laptop Repair Dubai

Question: My laptop needs to be formatted, how long do you keep it?

Answer: We don’t take your pc for weeks but we carry out the intervention in a short time and directly at your home, without any call and exit costs, the price depends only on the duration of the intervention, in the LISTINO section you can find the cost details based on time and an indication of the feasible intervention.

Question: I have a computer that does not work, how long do you manage to intervene?

Answer: Generally we manage to intervene on the same day of the call and in case of particularly urgent intervention we can intervene in a few hours.


Question : I live in Dubai, for the home intervention what is the cost of the call?


Answer:  For any intervention in any area of ​​UAE  there are no call costs, you only pay the actual time spent on assistance.

Question : I lost the documents, photos and music I had on my PC, can I recover them?

Answer:  Generally the files that are mistakenly deleted are not lost permanently, what we recommend is to use the PC as little as possible (if it is possible to turn it off and not use it at all), we will try to recover the data you care about so much.

Question : When the PC starts up, a screen asks me to pay a sum of money because I have broken the law, what should I do?

Answer:   It is a virus that is spreading in a sudden way, you don’t have to do absolutely nothing, if not call us to solve the problem.

Question : Is my computer too slow, whether starting or performing any operation, can I improve its performance?

Answer:   The speed of your PC may depend on a little dated components or lack of maintenance, in both cases we can give new life to your machine.

Question : Until yesterday I was able to connect to the Internet without problems, today I can’t do it anymore, what does it depend on?

Answer:    Loss of connection may depend on many factors, there may be a problem with your telephone operator or a problem with your computer’s hardware or it may still depend on the configuration of the router and the home network, with a simple call we can resolve your connection problems in a short time.

Question:  I have small but frequent problems with the PC, can I ever make you come to my house every day?

Answer:    If the problems are small we can carry out remote assistance interventions, this means that we operate remotely “entering” your PC and performing the operations as if we were next to you, this of course subject to your permission to let us “enter “in your computer. We only need an internet connection and a small free program to download and install, the first time we can do it together, the next time you will only have to give us the consent to intervene.

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