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Carpets are an essential material which is used to cover the floor of the rooms and also to improve aesthetics. It is generally made of thick woven fabric. As it is a thick material it is not possible to clean the carpet easily by using water. It requires some machines or experts to clean it the way it should be. If you possess carpets and are looking for Carpet Cleaning Services, then your one stop solution is here with us at UAE Technician.

Let us see the common carpet cleaning issues

 There are many issues which can compromise carpet cleaning. You should be aware of the issues so you know how to tackle them as and when they arise. The cleaning of carpets is more than simply cleaning the debris and surface as there is much more involved than you can even imagine.


Over-wetting is the most common problem involved in carpet cleaning. In this regard, the person cleaning the carpet can employ excess water than the machine can recover. With excess drying the detergent and dirty water, the residue remains on the carpet and it attracts more dirt and soil thus ruining the benefits of cleaning the carpets. There is another issue of wicking where the soil gets dissolved in the water and dried up when it is left on the carpet. When such dirt is visible on the carpet, this will ultimately compromise the overall look of the carpet and the end result will not be as desired.


Rippling is yet another very common issue when it comes to carpet cleaning and it takes place due to stretching the carpet poorly while installation. There is also a probability of rippling during cleaning. Because of this, you should opt for an experienced carpet cleaner who is expected to perform the cleaning while mitigating the issue.


Carpet browning is a very common issue and you might have faced it at your house. People can confuse carpet browning with yellowing or wicking. However, due to the involvement of cellulosic fibers, browning increases with time.


Finally, you can avoid furniture stains by employing them at the right place like clear plastic tabs on the floor where the furniture comes in contact. This should be done in order to protect your carpet when it just arrives from the cleaning session.

Reasons to Choose us in Dubai for Cleaning Carpets:

With a wide range of services & part-Time maid service Dubai we offer you the best carpet cleaning service. Our workers are ready to provide you with affordable services upon your request. Before heading to any local vendor take a look at our service packages.

Here is the list of services by UAE Technician-  

  • Stain and dust removal package
  • Carpet drying service
  • Pre-inspection and spot testing
  • Deep cleaning and hot carbonating extraction
  • Professional Strength Deodorizer and Sanitizer

If you are facing these issues frequently, then you can simply contact our Carpet Cleaning services in Dubai. Apart from these common issues, you might have other irritating problems with carpet service then  Our experts are equipped with every tool and technique to help you clean your carpet at the earliest.

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Alternatively, you can always email us stating your requirements and we will get back to you within the next 24 hours for getting the best Professional Cleaning.

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