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IT Support Packages by UAE Technician

Our IT Support Packages in Brief …

  • Technical assistance at your office , for the solution of any problem
  • Remote assistance : We can “see” and operate the customer’s computer remotely (ie remotely) and solve the problem
  • Technical assistance in the laboratory
  • Telephone Help Desk
  • Purchase and installation of IT material (fixed and portable PCs, printers, memories, routers, etc.)

Here are the details of the services.

Hardware Services

  • Installation of materials and components
  • Purchase and replacement of damaged components (LCD, Hard Disk, etc.)
  • Printer installation and configuration, printing troubleshooting
  • Warranty material: computer transport to an authorized repair center
  • Warranty material: management of files with the manufacturer or with the authorized center

Internet And Connections  Support  Services

  • Troubleshoot problems preventing Internet access
  • WiFi signal troubleshooting
  • Installation and troubleshooting of router / access point
  • E-mail troubleshooting
  • Migration of mailboxes to cloud services
  • Internet key troubleshooting
  • Navigation problems (access to sites, missing plugins, etc.)

Software Support  Services

  • Implementation of backup systems
  • Resolves issues that prevent the computer from starting
  • Problems with starting programs
  • Software installation purchased by the customer
  • Migration of data between computers
  • Configuring new computers

Malware and viruses

  • Virus removal
  • Malware removal
  • Antivirus installation / reinstallation

Optimizations and consultancy

  • From traditional hard drives to SSDs: purchase, cloning, installation
  • RAM purchase and installation
  • Computer speeding and optimization (dated and not)
  • Consulting and purchase of computers, peripherals and tablets / smartphones
  • Troubleshoot smartphone or tablet problems

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