CCTV is a video surveillance device used for security and safety surveillance. Spending money for CCTV installation can be a bit annoying, but in the long run it has proved to be essential and beneficial for both business and domestic use. If you want to ensure safety in your office or home, it is always suggested to install an effective CCTV surveillance system.

Dahua Technology is world’s leading producer of the advanced security solution and video surveillance product. The products manufactured by this company offers a full range of security hardware and software from cameras, storages, controllers, and monitors. The latest technology of the company is the IP cameras that can be best used for indoor and outdoor surveillance. Dahua CCTV IP cameras are specifically designed with automatic adjustment for a variety of image resolution settings. The high megapixel quality range of this camera ensures that the pictures are clearly captured. It also has come up with a variety of series such as 4K Ultra HD, UltraSmart Series, Eco-savvy, Lite Series, Wi-Fi series, panoramic and thermal series. Due to the impressive features of this cameras, it has always been the best choice for users across the globe.

Regular use of any electrical equipment might decrease its lifespan. Dahua CCTV camera is no different. Despite proper maintenance of this CCTV, camera users are encountering a number of issues. Contact UAE Technicians for an accurate solution. We try to provide time-saving and simple solutions and effective Dahua CCTV IP cameras Installation services that can make you comfortable.

Give us a buzz when you face the following issues after installing your CCTV:

  • If you are getting poor image quality on the monitor due to low video signal strength.
  • Fluctuations in video due to irregular voltage current.
  • Image getting out of focus due to sudden shocks on the camera.
  • Total image loss due to lack of power.
  • If the camera fails to work.
  • Problem occurring due to rolling bars on the monitor.
  • Bright spots in the final image.
  • When the device is unable to detect the username or password.
  • Problems associated with the ARP tables.
  • IP address conflict stopping you to access one or more cameras.
  • Difficulty in upgrading firmware.
  • Problem in rebooting your camera.

If not diagnosed properly at its initial stage, all of the above-mentioned problems with your CCTV camera can create issues that can damage the entire device. To keep your CCTV camera healthy and working you should opt for a  proper maintenance service. Reach our executives immediately to avail Dahua CCTV IP cameras Maintenance tips and get rid of your CCTV problems.

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We provide you with guaranteed service from start to finish to meet your specific needs from installation to maintenance. We are there to attend to you at any odd hour of the day. Our team is committed to providing you with solutions which are easy to apply.

Once you reach us, your worries are our concern. UAE Technician consists of a pool of highly qualified experts who are accustomed to deal with any complex issues at a short notice. Dial our helpline number: 045864033 for best Dahua CCTV IP cameras repair services in Dubai. We also provide Grandstrem CCTV installation and maintenance service.