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A digital video recorder, commonly known as DVR  is an electronic device which helps in recording videos and can be utilized for later use. Evidence can be of many types. But most of the users want a pictorial form of evidence. A DVR helps you to watch videos. The use of a CCTV camera and DVR goes hand in hand. Users can view the events after they have experienced an unwanted intrusion. The DVR is the ultimate place where all the images are stored according to the specifications set by the users. Aware of all the features of DVR, it is the key element to provide evidence to the users.

Regular use of any electronic device leads to its breakdown. Same is the case with DVR. In some cases, the use of a DVR becomes difficult due to technical failures. Are you finding it difficult to setup your DVR? Unable to determine its cause. Do not panic. Get comprehensive help by contacting our UAE Technician.

Digital Video Recorder Services in Dubai

Are you frustrated with the following DVR issues? Yes? Buzz our experts at UAE Technician immediately:

Users might face severe problems when it comes to setting up of DVR. If you encounter the following problems while setting up your DVR, reaching our executives is mandatory:

  • Users face severe issues if there is an error in the IP address
  • Users face severe problem in connecting their DVR on their Local Area Networking
  • Uses face severe problems if they are unable to set up the port forwarding on the router
  • Users face severe problems if there is an issue in setting up of a static DHCP IP address on their DVR
  • Users face severe issues in setting up of a dynamic DNS
  • The Users face problems if there is an error in the network connectivity

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One of the best ways of ensuring protection is the use of an efficient recording system. Due to the technological advancements, DVRs have evolved. Hence, users would not want to risk the security of their property due to errors persisting in their DVRs. Irrespective of the problem’s cause, our executives can be contacted as we provide you with unmatched solutions.

Security issues are serious and can frustrate users to a great extent. Once you address your problems to our executives, we listen to them patiently. After that, we resolve the problems permanently. Once users avail services for digital video recorder setup, security reaches a different level.

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Our team comprises of experts who aware of the various issues that can affect the functioning of DVRs. Hence, we can provide you with appropriate solutions easily. If you are unable to get a proper output from your device, reaching us is your best decision. Users can communicate with our UAE Technician through phone calls, text messages and emails. Our helpline number is open 24*7 and can be reached from any part of the world. By dialing this number:045864033 , users can solve their queries easily. Additionally, we provide you with easy DVR maintenance tips. Hence, ping us today and say no to sleepless nights. We also provide Door access control solutions.