Proven Methods to Eliminate HTC Phone Errors: Fix errors in HTC phones in an instant

Are you an HTC Smartphone user? Is your HTC phone not giving optimal performance? It seems like you are looking for help to get rid of the persisting errors in your phone. HTC One M8 repair has come to your rescue. Go through this write-up, know more about the repair services provided by the experts at Uae Technician and without losing anymore time reach us for affordable solutions.

HTC One M8 repair services

List of the HTC One M8 repair services that we provide:

With portable size and attractive features, HTC One M8 is popular among every Smartphone user. Despite having advanced technologies, HTC mobiles malfunction after one or two years of constant usage. This is where our role as a service provider becomes operative. Following are the HTC One M8 repair service which we offer to our consumers:

  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Motherboard repair or replacement
  • Hard drive repair and replacement service
  • Memory & Graphics card repair and replacement service
  • Screen repair and replacement service
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Tune up & optimization services
  • Hinge repair and replacement service

Users mostly complain about overheating and charging problems of their HTC phones. Our experts at UAE Technician went deep into the problems. After conducting a thorough research they have deciphered the reasons for the occurrence of these errors.

Overheating is caused by gradual dust accumulation. The situation is also caused by sudden fan failure and by lack of air circulation from poor cable management that hinders airflow It can also occur due to failure to install heat sink/cooling fan/liquid cooling, correctly and not noticing, which often leads to perpetually high temperatures and wears down the CPU till it fails from extreme temps, taking the motherboard with it. Improper overclocking without adequate cooling can also result in overheating of your phone. Overclocking includes incorrectly setting the memory voltage and frequency or manually setting the CPU to inappropriate frequencies

HTC charging problems can occur due to the following reasons stated below:

Dusty Ports

This is the most common problem as reported by user. Sometimes dust or other tiny objects gets stuck in the metallic parts of your USB ports. The contact between charger and phone is lost.

Defective Charging Ports

Sometimes kids and girls keep their phones in pocket or purse with candies or chocolates. In this case, chocolate gets stuck around charging port of your phone.

Faulty Cables

The weakest part of a charger is the cable. When it comes to cable it’s because you carry charger roll it, wrap it and so many things that happen with your charging cable. So, if the connections of your cable are broken, it will stop charging.

In case you are encountering any of the issues, reaching the experts at Uae Technician will be in the best interest of your device.

Feel free to dial our helpline number 045864033  for HTC One M8 Repair in Dubai

We have highly efficient experts working with us and they have pledged to cater various technical services to our satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us and we don’t compromise with the quality of our work. Over the years, we have gained immense popularity due to the quality service that we provide our customers with. So, without wasting your time reach us and bring back the stability of your phone. You can also connect with us through our live chat facility and get solutions that fit in your budget. If you are too lazy to chat or talk, email us by enlisting your concerns. If our services are helpful to you, don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us. Your opinion counts; it gives us the motivation to work harder and serve better. We also provide HTC 10 repair service in Dubai.