Avail Reliable Garage Door Maintenance in Dubai

Nowadays, the garage door remote control have become quite handy and can be found almost everywhere. Just by pressing one button on the remote, you can easily get in or out of your houses. However, they also cause troubles some time and there can be different issues with your garage door mechanism or the remote might become faulty somehow. Therefore, you need to avail Garage door maintenance in Dubai and fix the problems immediately. You can contact our UAE Technician team and get the proper assistance and measures to solve the garage door remote issues in an appropriate manner.

 Garage Door Maintenance in Dubai

Reasons due to which Your Garage Door Remote is Not Working

When you see that your door is functioning properly by using the wall-mounted button, but you can’t open or close it with the remote, you might need to replace the batteries or the program of the remote needs to be changed. We will recommend you to not do anything on your own without taking help from an expert. You can just give us a call and we will be there for your to provide faultless garage door maintenance in Dubai on time.

Here, we have discussed some of the most common reasons for which your garage door might stop working efficiently:

1.Transmitter Batteries are Dead

You should probably know that your garage door transmitters need power to work correctly. If somehow the batteries are dead or are not working, then the transmitters won’t get the required amount of power to operate. Thus, it will be unable to send the signal to your garage door to open or close. Just replacing the batteries might do the job, but sometimes, the problem remains even if you’re using a new pair of batteries. In that case, you need to consult with the experts of our UAE Technician team and they will fix this issue effectively.

2.Photo Eye is Misaligned

The two tiny photo eyes are used on the entrance of the garage for transmitting an invisible beam between each other. It detects any blockage in the garage door’s path while it is closing. You need to make sure that there is no obstruction that might be blocking the beam from the photo eyes. Sometimes, due to misalignment, the eyes can’t match up on both the sides. Get reliable garage door remote services from us and you’ll be able to get rid of this problem in no time.

3.Track is Not Aligned Properly

The misalignment of your garage door can cause serious issues because the tracks need to be aligned properly in order for the door to move. There can be gaps between the rollers and rails which will cause the door not to run correctly on the tracks. This usually occurs due to the heavy weight of the door and can result in worse conditions in the near future. So, get in touch with our professionals and fix this problem.

4.Broken Springs

If you see that the garage door is not going up despite the transmitters working perfectly, then there might be issues in the torsion springs. In case of a heavy garage door, while opening it, there is an immense pressure on the heavy-duty springs of the door. If the spring gets broken, then it will be unable to lift the door and for that, the door will not open normally. If you’re dealing with the same issue, then you should immediately get some professional help to fix this problem.

Interact with the UAE Technician Experts for Authentic Garage Door Remote Service in Dubai

To avail our services, you can ring us at our helpline number:045864033 and our executives will assist you with the solutions as per your concern. Send us an email informing us about the issues you’re going through with the garage door remote. You can even chat with our experts and get instant solutions regarding your problem.