CCTV Camera Installation Service in Dubai UAE

CCTV Technology has been a boon to security solutions industry. With this, we can monitor and record whatever is happening around our property or office. Usually, users have less knowledge of these gadgets which makes it difficult for them to choose by keeping in mind what will be the best option. There are multiple alternatives present in the market such as Dome CCTV Camera, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV, Bullet CCTV Camera etc. But the question arises that which one is best for you and how to have CCTV surveillance and security.  

UAE Technician is a leading brand in the domain of CCTV installation, repair and maintenance in Dubai. Our professionals have profound experience in handling all type of CCTV camera installations without any hassle. With us, you will get state of the art Home and Office CCTV security systems in Dubai. Our specialists will assist you in making the right decision and also will make sure that you get class apart CCTV services.

  1. CCTV Installation for Home
  2. CCTV Camera for Office
  3. Security Camera Systems for Hospitals
  4. Security Camera Systems for Schools

To provide you guidance at any time during the day, we have developed a system of 24×7 assistance. No matter what is your concern regarding CCTV installation service, we can be your one-stop solution for all your technical worries.

CCTV Installation ServiceQuality Solutions and Excellent Service is our Promise

With a variety of benefits, this technology had become a must-have for businesses. But now people have started installing this equipment at home too. Whether it’s your little child that you want to look over or it’s your expensive car outside the house,  CCTV cameras keep your mind at peace.

Our team of professionals have worked with numerous type of CCTV products such as Dome CCTV Camera, Day/Night CCTV Camera, C-Mount CCTV Camera, Bullet CCTV Camera, Wireless CCTV Camera, Dome varifocal camera, IR mini dome camera, HDCVI cameras, Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera, Network/IP CCTV Camera and High-Definition HD CCTV Camera. This exposure has helped us in developing solutions which are productive and efficient. Following is the list of services which we offer:  

  • An Arrangement of DVR system
  • Demonstration of basic CCTV operation
  • Pre-Purchased CCTV; the complete installation
  • Site assessment by professionals for perfect camera placement
  • Routing of cables from main power switch to camera and back to the DVR
  • Wherever convenient – A device (e.g., Smartphone, LCD or tablet) will be arranged for remote CCTV observation.

With a vast experience of handling CCTV installations, we have gained expertise. Our team of professionals is technically skilled in providing you with the best service within minimum time. We are competent in installing products of various renowned brands in the CCTV Dubai industry such as Samsung, Hikvision, Dahua, Grandstream, Axis, Cp Plus, Bosch and Vivotek, Panasonic etc. To keep their skills up to date, we train them frequently so that they can serve quality in what we offer. Complexity has never been a challenge for our employees, we have worked on cases with high as well as low complexity levels and has been able to deliver what we promise.

Best CCTV Installation Dubai Company – 100% Secured

Security cameras are considered to be the best crime deterrent. It enhances workplace/home security and protects your premises from intruders. Prevent potential thefts and burglaries by installing a high-end CCTV camera. 

But, installing an indoor or outdoor camera might be challenging without an expert’s intervention. This is where the UAE Technician comes to your service. Join hands with our certified technicians and install the best CCTV camera for your home.

Moreover, we are backed by the top-ranked CCTV installation Dubai experts. From wired to wireless, our professionals can install every type of security camera. We have extensive knowledge about the wiring works required for CCTV installation.

If you cannot decide which CCTV to install in your office, contact us. We will assist in installing the right CCTV that fulfils your unique security needs. Besides, our technicians have years of experience in installing indoor and outdoor cameras.

Our professionals also provide effective maintenance tips to protect CCTV from unwanted breakdowns. So, avoid critical technical issues by booking our CCTV maintenance Dubai specialists.

Our CCTV installation services are available for these popular brands:

  • Hikvision
  • Dahua
  • Bosch
  • CP Plus
  • Honeywell
  • Panasonic
  • Samsung
  • Uniview 

Exclusive CCTV Installation Dubai Services, We Offer 

UAE Technician is a one-stop destination for installing different types of CCTVs. We ensure the security cameras are installed with precision. Our experts have the requisite tools to install home or business security cameras.

CCTV installation isn’t considered a D-I-Y project. You must have the technical knowledge to install this equipment properly. Otherwise, you might encounter electrical hazards for improper installation.

If you want to avoid the risks associated with CCTV installation, hire our experts. They will install an advanced security camera with at least a 360-degree viewing angle. We will also determine the number of cameras required to install in the commercial or residential building.

Here is the list of CCTV camera installation services you can trust us with:

Dome Camera Installation 

Dome security cameras are a popular choice for small businesses. These cameras offer crisp and clear details even in low-light conditions. You will get audio and face detection features in all the latest dome cameras.

Get high-definition video footage by installing these advanced CCTV cameras. They can also capture a wide angle in a single frame and are also easy to use. However, installing the dome cameras might be challenging. 

If you want to install a dome camera in your office, connect with us. We will assign the CCTV installation Dubai work to an expert ideal for the job. Additionally, our experts will set up the security camera after the installation. 

So, join us and install the internal or external dome camera from the best experts in Dubai. 

Bullet CCTV Camera Installation

Bullet security cameras are ideal for both homes and offices. They are mostly installed outside the property because of their water-resistance capability. These cameras provide surveillance over long distances. 

The Bullet CCTV camera’s casing also protects it from extreme dust or dirt exposure. Thus, if you need a durable outdoor security camera, go for this one. Book our experts in CCTV camera installation in Dubai. We will install and set up this security camera using advanced tools. 

Based on your requirements, our experts will either attach fixed or varifocal lenses with the camera. Additionally, we will check the bullet CCTV camera is recording the videos properly after the installation. Our CCTV installation Dubai experts will also configure the camera settings if required. 

C-Mount Camera Installation

Due to the C-mount camera’s reliability in extreme temperatures, they are mostly installed on outdoor premises. These security devices capture videos from a 40-feet distance with alterable lenses. If you need to see further than 40 feet, an additional lens needs to be installed.

But, installing the C-mount camera or its lenses can be difficult. This is why you must hire our CCTV installation Dubai experts. Our professionals have the skill to install every C-mount security camera, regardless of its brand.

We recommend installing C-mount cameras as it offers the highest resolution for capturing images. High-definition images or videos will help you to identify criminals better. So, book our experts and opt for a hassle-free CCTV installation. 

PTZ Pan Tilt Camera Installation

PTZ cameras offer a 360-degree to 180-degree viewing angle. It provides complete control over the field of view. This security camera is an ideal choice for large companies which require continuous live monitoring.

With the PTZ camera’s optical zoom feature, you can focus closely on the subject. Moreover, you can easily distinguish facial features from these CCTV video footage. PTZ Pan tilt cameras are also easy to maintain and use.

If you want to cover a much larger area in your workplace, install PTZ cameras with our professional assistance. We will first take the necessary measurements. Our experts will then install this security camera in such a place that you can monitor everything. 

We specialise in installing the following types of PTZ cameras:

  • Outdoor PTZ camera
  • Wireless PTZ camera
  • PoE PTZ camera
  • Analog PTZ camera
  • IP PTZ camera

Day/Night CCTV Camera Installation

This type of CCTV camera offers more security than dome or bullet cameras. It provides instant and real-time monitoring. You will get excellent image quality from this camera during the day and at night. 

Besides, the day/night CCTV camera offers 8-12 unique fields of view. These surveillance systems also store video recordings for 24 days. You can use these recordings as evidence if a crime occurs. 

Day/night security cameras come with additional features like optional thermal cameras. These devices can also detect the criminal’s vehicle license plate easily. Thus, day/night CCTVs will be effective in crime prevention. So, minimise the security risks by installing this camera from our experts.

Our CCTV installation Dubai experts have sheer knowledge in installing these cameras. We will also change the camera modes or connect the device to Wi-Fi after the installation. 

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Camera Installation

Night Vision security cameras capture visible footage without any external source of light. These surveillance devices have motion sensors and send alerts to your phone once they detect movement. They can also be outfitted with motion-activated spotlights to deter intruders. 

If you want to install this next-generation security camera, contact us. Being a leading CCTV camera installation company in Dubai, we can install every type of infrared camera. Our experts will also help you to choose the best night vision that is suitable for outdoor use.

Our experts in CCTV installation in Dubai ensure you get an infrared camera with a high-resolution lens. We will also assist in installing the camera’s dedicated mobile app for live monitoring. Our professionals will make sure all the cables and wires are connected to the CCTV properly for a seamless connection. 

Risks Associated with CCTV Installation Dubai

Power surges or failures can render CCTV cameras useless. Thus, it is important to install these security devices with our expert’s help to ensure there’s a continuous power supply. Our professionals examine all parameters during the CCTV camera installation in Dubai.

Moreover, online predators can access the video footage if the CCTV is not installed properly. This is why you must hire our experts in CCTV installation in Dubai. We will set up the surveillance system for you. Our technicians will enable the CCTV’s security features to protect the device from hackers.

How Do Our CCTV Installation Dubai Services Work?

We have designed an easy-to-access and simple booking process for our customers. 

All you need to do is follow 3 steps to install the CCTV camera from the best technicians in Dubai: 

Share Your Requirements

We offer a broad spectrum of CCTV installation Dubai services to fulfil your security needs. Access our website and pick the right one from the list that suits your budget and requirements.

Schedule an Appointment

To know the CCTV installation cost, ask for a free quote today! Don’t forget to share your contact details and the security camera’s brand when booking the service.

Get What You Have Asked For

We have collaborated with qualified and trustworthy technicians. Our professionals use advanced tools to complete the CCTV installation jobs within the given time.

Why Should You Rely On Our CCTV Installation Dubai Services?

We are an eminent CCTV camera installation company in Dubai. More than 1000+ customers have availed our top-notch services and praised our workmanship. 

Connect with us and get the following benefits:

  • We install high-end CCTV cameras in small offices to large-scale enterprises in Dubai.
  • Our technicians have the expertise to install compatible video cables and DVRs for the security camera.
  • Vetted and licensed technicians handle the critical CCTV installation works.
  • We charge a reasonable price to install the surveillance camera in your home or office.
  • Our experts provide CCTV maintenance Dubai services to keep your security device in top-notch condition. 

Best CCTV Installation Dubai Experts are a Call Away!

Contact our customer support executives if you have queries regarding our services. They will also help you to choose the best service offer or deal that serves your needs.

So, don’t wait! Book our premium quality services and install a CCTV camera within minutes. 

Affordability and Productivity is the Essence of our Services

CCTV camera installation services Dubai: Our primary goal is to reach a customer satisfaction level where you recommend our CCTV installation service to other users. We believe that only quality services which are budget-friendly and efficient can help us in achieving this. With us, you will get best CCTV installation cost in Dubai without compromising quality. By choosing UAE technician as your service provider, you will get best in class solutions with benefits. Following are some of the perks which you can have if we become your service partner.

  • 24×7 assistance through the helpline
  • Transparent services
  • Services starting as low as 99AED
  • Quality solutions
  • Technical guidance from certified technicians.
  • On-time delivery

By serving many customers even from far edges, we have become a leading CCTV installation service provider in Dubai along with CCTV repair and maintenance service. Now you don’t have to search for a service centre near your location for any query related to CCTV.

With our vast network of service, we have catered various consumers from different locations of Dubai such as Jumeirah Lake Towers, Karama, Midriff, The Greens, Dubai Marina, Sheikh Zayed Road, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence and Palm Jumeirah etc. No matter where you stay, we will always reach you in time with quality services. Call us today and experience excellence which we deliver to every consumer.

FAQ – CCTV Installation Dubai

CCTV installation in Dubai is essential for enhancing security and safety measures. It helps deter potential criminals, monitor activities, and provide evidence in case of incidents.
CCTV installation is suitable for a variety of locations, including homes, offices, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, and public spaces in Dubai.
Consider factors such as the area you want to cover, lighting conditions, resolution requirements, and whether you need features like remote access or motion detection
it's recommended to hire professionals for optimal installation. They have the expertise to position cameras correctly, ensure proper wiring, and integrate the system effectively.
Yes, there are regulations in Dubai regarding CCTV installation. You may need to obtain permits from relevant authorities.
The cost varies based on factors like the number of cameras, camera types, features, and installation complexity. It's best to request quotes from reputable CCTV installation companies in Dubai.
Yes, there are weather-resistant CCTV cameras designed for outdoor use in Dubai's climate. These cameras are built to withstand heat, humidity, sand, and other environmental factors.
CCTV systems should be regularly maintained to ensure they function optimally. Routine checks, cleaning of cameras, and software updates are important for long-term reliability.
The installation time varies based on the complexity of the project. Simple installations may take a few hours, while larger installations might take a day or more.

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