Telephony Solutions in Dubai : Connecting You to the World

In today’s fast-moving scenario, people use phones as an extension of their role while performing their job. Just like road warriors never leaves home without cell phones, other employees working in different positions may need a phone on their desk. Telephony solutions act as an alternative to achieve efficiency in corporate communication. To stay ahead in cut through competition you cannot rely upon telephone and traditional PBX equipment only.

With many years of industry experience, UAE Technician is an expert in implementing a large number of system migrations of analog or digital network to a converged IP network. Our team of experts works by keeping in mind the requirements of your business. Technical expertise, field experience, and quality support services make us a choice which you can trust without hesitating.

Want an Expert, Choose UAE Technician

Our organization works on a comprehensive approach to build telephony networks precisely keeping individual needs of business in perspective. Following are the steps which we consider while finding a solution for you.

  1. An initial discovery session is carried out which helps us in understanding your requirements, budget, and goals in a better way.
  2. Proper assessments of your existing environment take place, and definition of project requirements are made out.
  3. Detailed evaluation of vendor, future design, recommendations, and proof of concept are carried out.
  4. Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final solution are the ultimate step.
  5. Ongoing product lifecycle support makes sure we deliver you with efficiency.

To provide you with productive and efficient solutions our experts work on some benchmarks which act as a guiding rule. Following are the points which reflect light on it.

  1. Designing and implementing economically efficient telephony solutions.
  2. Developing up-to-date converged corporate telephony networks.
  3. Integration of IP telephony for efficient operation of various applications
  4. Supply and configuration of intelligent multimedia Contact centres.
  5. Integration of Contcentrenter with varied applications like enterprise management system, and Customer Support System, etc.
  6. Automated roaming between mobile and office telephony
  7. Upgrade of telecommunication infrastructure

What does our Hosted Telephony Solutions offer?

UAE Technician implements latest Cisco and Avaya IP telephony solutions which allow you to interact freely, hold virtual meetings and share vital information by using virtually any device or operating system.

We bring you a plethora of manufacturer-approved IP phones that are available in both wired and wireless versions which can take care of all your needs. To understand our offerings better, you can go through following options of solutions for varied issues.

  • Free “On-Net” calls anywhere in the world!
  • Latest “State of the Art” handsets
  • Onsite Training
  • Complete Scalability
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • Unified messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Call Conferencing
  • Hosted Call Recording
  • Hosted Call Centre
  • Remote call management
  • Hunt Groups
  • Soft Phone Option
  • Fixed Mobile Solution

Voice delivery and sending data packets in a dependable flow to the user has always been a challenge in IP Telephony. We have ensured and kept our focus on achieving a sustainable and acceptable standard of quality.

Benefits to You!

Not only Telephony upgrades your business but also brings you several other benefits too which are listed below.

  1. User-friendly: It provides you a simple and consistent experience across desk phones and cordless handsets as well as applications.
  2. Reliability: Local full-featured redundancy, server redundancy, and networked systems options offer automated high availability for mission-critical communications.
  3. Cost-effective design options: Digital and IP connectivity, Hybrid analog, scalable virtual machines and networked systems helps in cutting cost and reduce investment.
  4. Flexible models: From Open Touch applications and Open Touch Enterprise Cloud communications integrations to rainbow’s cloud-based collaboration, all options are open, anytime.
  5. Save over traditional PBX‑based telephony systems.
  6. Connect to users quickly and easily, no matter what their location is.
  7. Add phone lines more quickly and cost efficiently.

Need Assistance? We are just a Call away!

Imagine a system which can offer you up to date and secure environment that grows with your business. Has the ability to move to any other location seamlessly and can use your existing number range. It can also offer free calls between users wherever they are at that time, and it should have an affordable maintenance contract. You can also have a setup which can be an answer to all your worries, and that solution lays just a call away :045864033 .