Top-Notch and Reliable Data Recovery Services in Dubai Near Me

In this modern era, people at large are highly reliant on several advancing technologies and devices. Be it a computer, laptop, or smartphone, an immense amount of data is generated every day. And we store all this essential data on various storage devices or gadgets.

However, technical glitches or random accidental events are the prime potential causes of data loss. And this includes hard drive crashes or loss of data from several storage devices like USB flash drives, floppy disks, or RAM. And this is where data recovery services come into play.

Your trusted data recovery partner is at your door.

Being one of the major data recovery companies in Dubai, UAE Technician strives for excellence and accuracy when it comes to offering high-quality data recovery in Dubai. Additionally, we have teamed up with top-ranked IT professionals who can restore corrupted, lost, accidentally deleted, and even inaccessible data with ease. Also, we are an advanced, flexible, and reliable source for any of your data-related issues.

Mostly, we deal with UAE data recovery that involves internal or external storage media such as hard disk drives (HDDs). Apart from that, our associated experts can recover data from solid-state drives (SSD), CDs, memory cards, magnetic tapes, and other storage devices.

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Why data recovery services are necessary for electronic devices 

Data loss can be encountered for several reasons. And this includes virus or malware attacks, damaged or corrupted files, unexpected system shutdowns, unrecognized formats, theft, and more. And human error is one of the most common and major causes of data loss.

Thus, it becomes crucial to get proper data recovery Dubai services if you experience such unwanted data loss problems. So, get in touch with the UAE technician and access the lost data with the help of suitable data recovery software. Apart from that, recover software, utilities, and services efficiently. Adding to the list, recover and repair the fields, databases, and corrupt partitions.

The valid causes when you need to avail Dubai Data Recovery services are:

  • Data recovery services are usually needed when data recovery software is unable to retrieve lost data from electronic devices like PCs or laptops.
  • Additionally, when the complexity of the damaged data increases, it requires the critical intervention of technicians who are well equipped with data recovery services.
  • Moreover, if you are getting clicking noise from the hard drive or have encountered a S.M.A.R.T. failure, it can only be solved through data recovery services.
  • Besides, when the drive is unable to be recognized by the BIOS, or if the device gets damaged somehow by fire or water, and even for the hard disk component failure, one must get hold of the Data Recovery Dubai services.
  • Additionally, with the help of data recovery services, you can be assured of high possibilities for recovering old media files in any format and condition.

Data recovery services near me are the most proficient and easiest way to get back the data and files. So, it will always be a wise decision if you opt for Dubai Data Recovery services from UAE Technician rather than struggling with Data Recovery software free download options.

What Data Recovery Services near me UAE Technician offers?

UAE technicians provide a wide array of data recovery services in Dubai to the natives of Dubai. And, being one of the largest service providers in Dubai, we can help you with several types of data recovery. Additionally, we have expanded our service network just to fulfill all your data recovery-related requirements.

Get prompt service by just connecting with us. We have a leading data recovery Dubai team of professionals who have extensive knowledge and immense expertise in this field. Be it a physical or logical failure, you get instant repair solutions and recover deleted files for free by joining with us.


1. Computer Data Recovery

Have you recently lost all or some of the data from your computer? Then, it is high time that you book our high-quality Computer Data Recovery services. Nowadays, computers are one of the most important pieces of equipment that can store a huge amount of data. Thus, you get to accomplish your work in the most accurate way and easily.

So, if somehow you lose control of the important office files, it can be troublesome for your enterprise or business. And, you might get into trouble for a damaged or corrupted firmware or even for hard drive crash or system failure.

Potential causes for losing computer data are:

  • Human error (one can unknowingly delete important media files)
  • Power outages (an interrupted supply of electricity can result in the loss of unsaved data)
  • If the computer is freezing frequently or the device has lowered its performance,.

These are the clear signs of a hard drive failure. To prevent such issues, it becomes essential to opt for an automatic system backup to save your business files even during power surges.


2. Mac Data Recovery

Getting back the files, photos, and videos from your Mac devices has become easier with our effective assistance. And, you get to completely retrieve the Mac documents, audio files, and even archives by simply booking our Mac Data Recovery services. And, this includes PDF, MPG, JPG, ZIP, WAV, and other media types.

Get powerful Mac Recovery solutions from our team of professionals. Be it a Mac Pro or MacBook, we can solve every data recovery issue associated with it. Additionally, the veteran professionals have acquired years of experience to recover data even from deleted trash bins.

And, there are certain data loss scenarios associated with a Mac Device, those are:

  • System crass or update failures
  • Unwanted virus or malware attack (It can cause because of not installing an antivirus software)
  • And, Damages caused by potential disasters

And, there are other causes that are linked with data loss. So, recover a large amount of data in your Mac devices by just hiring our licensed experts.


3. Laptop Recovery Service

Laptops are easy to carry and one of the most useful devices in this tech advancing world. However, even in these electrical devices, there is a high chance of physical or logical damage that can result in data loss. So, whenever you come across any data loss issues in the laptop, schedule an appointment with Laptop Repair Technician.

We offer the most suitable Laptop Data Recovery service to our registered customers. Additionally, you get an opportunity to recover data from all types of laptops. Besides, physical hardware failure or overheating can be the ultimate reason for laptop failure.

So, get on-time assistance from dedicated experts to overcome these problems. Extract and recover data from the laptop by just booking our service even in case of an emergency.

Additionally, we have gained a huge reputation for offering a successful Laptop Data Recovery near me service across Dubai.


4. Hard-drive Data Recovery Services

UAE Technician is a leading service company when it comes to offering prompt Hard Drive Data Recovery service with a suitable set of tools and advanced technologies. Additionally, we have collaborated with a team of engineers who have decades of experience in this domain.

We can retrieve data from any kind of hard drive. And, the vetted technicians have the ability to recover files from any type of failed hard drive confidently. Join us now and get back your important hard drive files.

UAE Technician has so far dealt with these below-mentioned hard drive data loss scenarios:

  • Environmental damage
  • Platter damage
  • Reformatted data
  • Torn heads sound
  • Deadhead noises
  • Accidental file deletion and many others.

Thus, if you are getting any typical noises like a stuck motor or any sort of scratching sounds from the hard drive, we will highly suggest you be part of our service platform.


5. Memory Card Data Recovery Service

UAE Technician is one of the recognized service companies that contain high specialized professionals to perform Memory Card Data Recovery services at the lowest prices. Be it a digital video camcorder or mobile phone, memory or SD cards, all these play a vital role to store the photos, videos, and other necessary media storage. To expand the phone’s internal storage, SD cards are mostly used.

We can recover every accessible data from the SD card. Be it a photo, or any applications, you will get back an exact copy as it was before you accidentally deleted or removed it from the portable devices.

And, our technicians have been trained to retrieve the several media files from the non-workable memory cards as well. Here are some of the instances of SD card that we dedicatedly work on:

  • Formatted
  • Corrupted
  • Unreadable
  • Broken or physically damaged
  • Non-Detected
  • Unrecognizable by a Computer

6. SQL Database Recovery service

We offer a superlative database recovery and repair services for SQL (Structured Query Language) servers. And, our engineers have a vast knowledge of SQL programming and thus, they can quickly restore the damaged databases to safeguard your business from severe data loss disasters.

Additionally, we are engaged with the most recommended and best professionals who can repair and recover every type of SQL database. Request for a quote or sample of references, before booking our Data Recovery services.

Being one of the popular engagements in relational databases, SQL is an essential part of any business. Thus, in terms of maintaining security and minimizing all overtime in repairing or retrieving the RAID array or corrupted SQL databases, we are unbeatable.

Here are some common data loss scenarios that our professionals deal with:

  • Corrupt or Unreadable Databases
  • Accidental Re-initialization
  • Accidental Deletion, Formatting, or Edits
  • Excessive Errors During Replication
  • Physical or Electronic Media Damage

To start with, our professionals first diagnose and treat the physical damages, and then they create a copy of those lost media files. This includes recovering data from inaccessible or logically damaged SQL databases as well.


7. Server Data Recovery

Get secured Server Data Recovery services from the Data Recovery experts of UAE Technician. Recover the lost data from file servers, restore the application servers, retrieve the lost server by booking an appointment with UAE Technician.

And, when the server fails or it gets corrupted somehow, it becomes essential to avail emergency service to receive the lost data to sustain in the long run. Thus, you get persistent and consistent behavior from our team of engineers in Server Data recovery Dubai.

UAE Technician can help you to get back:

  • Lost web server data
  • The visual server data
  • And, the engineers can even provide proper customer data recovery solutions

Now, keep an eye on the possible reasons for data loss on servers. And, it can occur due to any of the following reasons:

  • Rebuilding failure
  • Air conditioning failure
  • Inverter failure
  • File system corruption
  • And, overwriting configuration

We even offer a phone solution for Server Data Recovery. Additionally, you get a chance to have a proper conversation with one of our specialists to get proper knowledge in this domain.


8. Raid Data Recovery Service

A RAID system is used to store more data using multiple disks. But at any point in time, you can face multiple disk failure issues in these RAID systems. As a result, there will be a severe case of data loss. And, if somehow one disk gets technical issues, the rest of the disks will also begin to fail or be unable to detect the data.

Additionally, get hold of the professional exports for Raid Data Recovery services in Dubai. They can recover data from any kind of RAID configuration. And, we provide our prime focus in recovering the data regardless of the type of RAID.

The RAID array can experience data loss because of several reasons. Those common reason behind such RAID failures are :

  • Controller Failure
  • Inadvertent data deletion
  • Single or Multiple Drive Failures
  • File System Corruption
  • And, Incorrect RAID rebuilds

Our highly eligible engineers can completely recover data from all the different levels of RAID. And, the list includes the following RAID levels:


RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, RAID 50, RAID 0+1

They can repair the entire RAID system while retrieving the data from it. This will safeguard the RAID system from further breakdowns. Furthermore, our associated engineers are knowledgeable enough to recover RAID data from several enterprises like :

  • QNAP Data Recovery
  • JBOD Data Recovery
  • MS Hyper-V Data Recovery
  • Sun Data Recovery and many others

RAID data loss can be stressful and decline the profitability of your enterprise. Thus, we are offering guaranteed RAID data recovery solutions to bring back your important official data.

9. NAS SAS Data Recovery

We have built a team with the most suggested professionals who offer a magnificent NAS SAS Data recovery service across Dubai. NAS (Network Attached Storage) is essential file storage that is lined with a centralized disk and it is accessible through any web browser.

SAS simply stands for Statistical Analysis System, that is used for critical data analysis. Additionally, SAS is used for storing data values of complex statistical analyses.

And, we have joined hands with the professionals who can recover the NAS SAS Data with the help of their extensive skills. All you need to do is watch out for the possible causes behind the data loss of NAS and SAS systems:

  • File Deletion and Unintentional Formatting
  • Virus Damage
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures

NAS SAS Data failures can be a reason behind instant data loss. And, in order to improve such situations, it is recommended to avail immediate action to prevent the data promptly. Thus, we are here to retain the data to its previous condition.


10. SSD Data Recovery Services

Have you recently lost all or some of the important data from the SSD drives? Recover deleted files without much hassle through UAE Technician. We will help you to connect with the SSD recovery specialists who can prevent this damage and bring back the accidentally deleted files and folders.

Moreover, we can recover the data from a diversified model or brand of SSD. Besides physical damage to the SSD drive, there are other causes of SSD drive failures and these are:

  • Electronic component failure
  • Damaged printed circuit boards
  • Corrupted data
  • Damaged connectors
  • Controller chip failure

Types of Devices from which Data Recovery is done by UAE Technician

Whether you are an employee or a business owner, data loss can ruin the reputation of the entire setup. Additionally, due to damage in the hard drivers or in smart devices, your hard work will be lost forever.

Thus, it becomes crucial to avail the Data Recovery service to bring back the field, folder, and other media storage. UAE Technician is engaged with most committed professionals who can recover data from every device. We are currently working on these following devices:

  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • MacBook
  • Digital Cameras
  • Smartphones (both Android and iOS devices)
  • Digital video recorders and other smart devices

Reasons to Choose a UAE Technician for Data Recovery in Dubai

UAE Technician is the one-stop for fulfilling all your technical problems and requirements. Additionally, you get high-end data recovery results through our technical experts. Restore the data even after having a complex breakdown in the laptop, computer, or Macbooks.

Reliable Professionals

All the professionals who are associated with UAE Technician are trustable. And, you can count on them any time for availing any type of data recovery services.

Exceptional Recovery Services

We have helped and still now help numerous individuals in retrieving the data from critical situations. And, we have gained excellent response after accomplishing the services.

Excellent Customer Reviews

We have gathered outstanding reviews and ratings from our customers. Additionally, those feedbacks have helped us to improve more and thus we have expanded our service.

Cost-Effective Service

UAE Technician brings a budget-friendly service package for every customer. And, regardless of the type of chosen service package remarkable and quality incorporated service is delivered. We are providing Data recovery services for as low as 89AED.

100% Guaranteed Results

With the help of the latest technology and facilities, we make sure to recover all the lost, deleted, damaged, or missing files. We have achieved a 100% success data recovery rate.

Get in Touch with UAE Technician

Connecting with UAE Technician is quite an easy task. Additionally, you get easy access to the professional by visiting our website. Besides, you can state your requirements or ask your queries by dialing our helpline number (*****). Or, send an email at (*****) mentioning the type of Data Recovery service that you want to avail.


Customer Reviews


Grateful for having such a high-quality service

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me back the entire stored RAID data. And, the professionalism was beyond my expectations. They were honest, knowledgeable, and retrieved everything within an hour. I am very grateful for having such a high-quality service.”

Ansur Ali


Excellent Data Recovery Service Provider

“UAE Technician brought back all the photos, videos, and audio files that were saved in my phone from the past 6 years. And, the experts are very professional and have excellent communication skills.”

Safudur Alam

Marketing Head

I would highly recommend them to everyone

“Because of the hard drive failure, almost every stored data was lost from my MacBook. I booked the Data Recovery services of UAE Technician. The professionals restored every small to large files and other media maintaining high-professional. And, I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

Sofia Begum

Business Head

Great Stuff!

“In the last week, I somehow accidentally removed all the downloaded PDFs from my PC. And, when I heard about UAE Technician, I immediately called them. They have absolutely recovered all the lost files that were saved on my computer. Thank you, UAE Technician!”



Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Professionals take for Computer Data Recovery services?

It doesn’t cost much for getting superior quality computer data recovery services. Additionally, by just booking service, from UAE Technician you get to recover everything by spending a few dirhams. But, based on the amount of data that needs to be recovered, the cost of service will differ at times.

What does Data Recovery service include?

Data recovery service simply exemplifies the recovery process of the lost, missing, or inaccessible data. Additionally, you get to access the damaged, and corrupted media files from PC, laptop, and other smart devices. So, if you ever come across any lost data scenario inform UAE Technician. We will help you to extract those data from the corrupted/ damaged hard drives or SD cards and restore it as early as possible.

What are the different Data Recovery software?

With the help of the data recovery software, you can now bring back the accidentally removed data in any device. And some of the useful software is Stellar Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Disk Drill, and Advanced Disk Recovery. UAE Technician team is certified, authorized and secured software, applications and tools to retrieve your lost data.

Can I restore the deleted photos on my phone?

UAE Technician can absolutely bring back all the saved pictures and other media files (PDS field, documents, movies, audio files, applications) on your phone. Additionally, if you want to get back the data linked with any applications, our technicians can help you to get that as well.