Professional iPhone 11 Repair Service in Dubai

Your iPhone 11 might usually provide you with a great performance. But, it’s not immune to certain common issues that you face in smartphones. Apart from that, you might also come across other complex issues with your iPhone. And, troubleshooting might not always provide you with an effective solution. In such situations, you’d need to go for a professional solution. 

We can offer you highly optimal and long-lasting solutions for all your iPhone 11 problems. You can rely on us for a quick and efficient repair anytime you need it. Moreover, you can also get affordable repairs by hiring us for iPhone repair Dubai. So, you might want to book our services for a valued result.

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

Facing a problem with your iPhone 11’s screen? Then, you simply need to contact us to get a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem. After that, we can repair the problem within the shortest possible time. 

Here are some common problems for which you might need an iPhone 11 screen repair:

Flickering Screen

Does your device’s screen flicker a lot? In that case, it might often indicate a problem with the internal components. Sometimes, this issue also indicates a short circuit inside your device. And, you’d usually need professional assistance to fix this problem. We can offer long-term solutions to such issues as a part of iPhone repair Dubai. 

Blurry Images

Many users often complain about the images on their screens being blurred out. If you face this issue on your iPhone 11, you might need a screen repair. We can find the cause of this problem within a fairly short time, and we’ll fix it too. But, you can try various methods to fix this issue before that. Among other things, you can try restoring the factory settings. If that doesn’t work, you might want to hire our competent iPhone repair Dubai service.

Turns On and Off Automatically

Check if your iPhone has a bad power key if you face this issue. If that’s not the case, there must be some internal hardware issue. Also, there isn’t much you can do to fix this issue all by yourself. But, you can try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, we can ensure an effective solution after a quick inspection. 

Showing Wrong Colours

You might often come across this issue on your iPhone due to various reasons. And, it might indicate a problem with the panel. We’ll fix this problem using advanced techniques and equipment. If the issue persists, call us to get a quick and efficient iPhone repair Dubai.

Dead Pixels

This is yet another issue that you might encounter with your iPhone’s screen. Now, you need not necessarily replace the screen to fix it. In some cases, a professional repair can provide you with a solution to this issue. And, we can provide you with a reliable repair for this problem whenever you need it.

iPhone 11 Camera Lens Replacement

Like other components of your iPhone, the camera lens might also come across various issues. As a part of iPhone repair Dubai, we can offer you an affordable camera lens replacement. You must approach us if you face the following camera lens problems: 

Takes Dark and Blurry Pictures

Do you notice a deterioration in the quality of pictures taken with your iPhone 11? Then, it’s probably because of a problem with the camera. Especially so, if the images appear dark or blurry. We can diagnose the problem within a short time if you contact us. After that, we can replace the camera lens as soon as possible, if required. 

Physical Damage

Has your iPhone’s camera faced physical damage? Then, that can affect its performance. In any case, you wouldn’t want to keep using it that way. And, you need not do so when you can get an affordable replacement lens from us. And, for that, you simply need to book our iPhone repair Dubai services. 


Your iPhone camera might often freeze when you’re trying to take pictures with it. Many users might face this problem quite often on their devices. And, it might occur because of software glitches or low storage space. So, you can try relaunching the camera or clearing some space.

Showing a Black Screen

This issue might occur due to a wide range of reasons, including outdated software. So, you must look for any updates for your iOS system and install them. Apart from that, you can also try switching to the front or rear camera. Contact us for iPhone repair Dubai if the problem persists. We can ensure a long-term solution to this issue and replace the camera for a fair price. 

Subjects Look Small After Zooming In

Your iPhone’s camera might sometimes fail to zoom into a subject. And this problem, like all others, can have a wide range of explanations. Also, you probably can’t fix this issue all by yourself. So, you must reach out to us to get a quick inspection and optimal repair. 

Water Damage

Liquids can cause considerable damage to your iPhone’s components, including the camera. And, you might need a replacement lens in such situations. With our iPhone repair Dubai services, you can get that at a very reasonable price. And, all our replacement parts are certified and available at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Us?

We can provide you with optimal solutions for your iPhone 11. And, here’s what we offer you along with that:

  • Our technical team is highly trained and experienced. So, they can ensure a reliable solution to all your iPhone problems. 
  • We can offer you all the replacement parts that you might need at affordable prices. Also, we can assure you that they’ll last long enough. 
  • With us, you can expect fast, efficient, and time-saving iPhone repairs. 
  • We have a stable record of ensuring 100% satisfaction with our iPhone repairs services.
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