AC Duct Fabrication at Your Door Step in Dubai

AC ducts are used to distribute the ventilation air and regulate the flow of the supplied air. Hence, air ducts make sure that the quality of air inside the room as well as the thermal air is comfortable for the user. Ducts are an essential factor for central air cooling. The engineers at UAE Technician have a considerable number of years of experience in  AC Duct fabrication.

Other than fabrication work, our engineers also specialize in making, supplying and installation of the AC ducts. We also provide our customers with a warranty on our services in ducting works.

The Best Service Provider To Lookout For In Dubai

We have a history of successful problem-solving cases and have repeated it for over the years. We are globally recognized for our customer support and have been expanding our services to other countries too. At UAE Technician, our engineers are always on their toes to provide you with the best quality of services and 100% positive results. The experts do not compromise with the quality of service that they offer and will provide you with a relevant solution in no time.

Never hesitate to ask your queries if you have any and get a proper understanding regarding the matter. AC fabrication requires great dedication and hard work from the specialists. They always try to deliver you the best possible output available in the market for Chiller repair and other issues that you are encountering with your AC.

Other Noteworthy Services That We Have To Offer

  • Clearing the air condition duct is another of the services that we provide to our customers. We help to disinfect the air tube and get rid of the pollutants and dust particles that may have accumulated on them.

  • We also remove the dust, grease, and grime from the kitchen exhaust duct. The engineers use a professional and safe approach to clean them and hence improve the air quality.

  • We also offer Laundry duct cleaning services. This service is not secure to carry out and requires hard work to complete. However, you will receive this service at a very reasonable cost.

  • The engineers at UAE Technician can also assist you in testing the interior air quality of your room. So, never hesitate to connect with them as soon as possible and get rid of the issues.

  • Other than these, our experts are also efficient in providing infrared thermography inspection, duct leakage testing and many other services as well.

Turn To Us For Meeting All Your Ducting Requirements

AC ducts are a significant component as it helps to keep the air clean and free of unnecessary dirt particles. So, if you want to keep your AC ducts free from dust and grime, then turn to the engineers at our UAE Technician. We provide world-class services when it comes to AC duct fabrication. Our specialists are also efficient in solving issues related to HVAC installation as well. Not only that, but they are also proficient at repairing the cooler head and extractor fan in the duct that aids in delivering cool and fresher air while removing lousy smell or odor.

Below, we have listed a few services for which our engineers are considered to be of top-class.

The services we offer are numerous. If you are facing any problems with the AC, then be carefree and get in touch with the experts at UAE Technician as soon as possible.

Why Choose UAE Technician For AC Fabrication Service?

Fast-track your AC repair and maintenance by taking aid from the proficient engineers at UAE Technician. Take a look at what sets us apart:

  • Affordable Services: No matter how much you try, you will never get AC repair and maintenance service like the one we offer at such a pocket-friendly budget. We also provide our customers with free services once they sign a contract with us regarding their appliance.
  • Reliability: You can relieve all your worries after you hand over us the responsibility of AC servicing. We will take care of your AC and deliver the services on time. We have a huge base of satisfied customers, and this is all possible because of our professionals. Rely on us and give us a chance to serve you.
  • Talented And Skillful Panel Of Technocrats: Our technicians are highly qualified in this field and never shy away from helping our customers. We have the latest tools and equipment in our inventory to assist you in getting over any issues regarding AC fabrication. None of your queries will go unanswered and we will try to clear all your doubts at the earliest.
  • Punctual And Friendly Professionals: None of the customers who have asked for help from the specialists at UAE Technician have complained of receiving any rude behavior from the experts. They are also known for being punctual in providing support to the customers. So, be assured to get on-time support and timely action for the problem that you may be facing with your AC.

No doubt we are one of the best among the third-party service provider with positive output and are worth relying upon. The engineers first examine your issue and then use a professional approach to develop a solution for the same. They will also instruct you step-by-step about how you can avoid the common issues with AC and have a long-lasting appliance.

Reach Out To Us

You can ring us and talk with the specialists directly at:045864033.You can also address your grievances by dropping an email at our email ID. We will reply you as fast as possible. We also have online live chat services for our customers where you can discuss your problems with the professionals at UAE Technician.

Know The Types Of Ducts Available

Nowadays, there are two kinds of ducts available in the market namely galvanized steel and pre-insulated.

Galvanized Steel

It is the most popular material used for making AC ducts. Metal ducts with fiberglass blankets are utilized for the insulation of the tube. This is used because it assists in reducing the air noise. To get the best result, a layer of fiberglass of about 1 to 2 inches is used in the inner layer.

Our engineers mainly work upon ducting, central air conditioning, ventilation, and duct installation. We also provide these services on a contract basis. Nevertheless, the projects that we take up include air cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, and HVAC. The technicians also specialize in the construction and commissioning of the same ducts.

We, at UAE Technician, have a panel of well-trained and skilled specialists who have been rated highly by their customers for the services that they provide. Nonetheless, we also manufacture high-quality air conditioning ducts, air cooling ducts, machine fabricated ducts, exhaust ducts, HVAC ducts,  rectangular ducts, and ventilation ducts. Nobody can question the quality and effectiveness of our products. They are left unchallenged by our competitors in the market.


Aluminum ducts are light-weight and much easier to install. The sheets that it comes in are known as pre-insulated sheets. The shapes that are needed to be fabricated can be made available easily in the workshop or on-site. Given below is a brief about the method of ducting:

At first, an outline of the duct is drawn on the aluminum pre-insulated panel. Then, the plate is cut in precisely 45 degrees and is then bent to obtain different fittings and finally joined with glue. A tape of aluminum is applied to all joints where the foil has been cut. Next, all the internal seams are sealed with the sealant.

This ducting has gained popularity among people recently. We also offer some warranty years on such kind of ducting. Our engineers are experts in the field of fabrication of the ducts and have excellent command in this field of work. You can trust us and avail services from our engineers regarding all kind of manufacturing of AC duct. Also get the best