With a variety of quality products and excellent features, Apple has become the first choice for consumers. The iPhone series is the perfect combination of quality and innovations. Apple Inc. was founded in 1976 in America, which manufactures this robust quality of Smartphones. Till now, eight generations of iPhone handsets have been launched starting from iPhone 3G to the latest iPhone XR, released in September 2018. All iPhone handsets include amazing designs and multiple eye-catching features. High-end camera quality is the specialty of all iPhone handsets which makes it superior to any other mobile brand. It clicks some of the amazing pictures and excellent quality of videos.

But like other renowned camera brands, iPhone cameras also come up with various issues during their runtime. Camera not responding, black screen on the camera, faded or hazy pictures etc. are the common problems that iPhone users often encounter. These problems will definitely create hindrances in the middle of your photo or video shooting tasks. Thus, we have provided some easy solutions in this blog to troubleshoot this iPhone camera not working black screen error quickly. Read this write up to avail those solutions and apply them to fix the misbehaving iPhone camera on your own.

iphone camera not working black screen

Common Issues with iPhone Cameras as Reported by Users:

Like any other mobile cameras, iPhone cameras are also prone to some quality-related issues. Thus, from time to time, you might experience troublesome issues with your iPhone camera. This can be a frustrating situation and undoubtedly, fixing such issues can be a little tricky. Listed below are some of the very common issues which the iPhone users complain very often:

  • The camera is not responding properly as the firmware of the camera is corrupted or outdated
  • The camera screen often turns off without giving any prior warning
  • If your iPhone camera is not working properly due to some damage such as a crack or break externally
  • The camera is giving blurry and dark images or the subjects look small even after zooming
  • Issues when your iPhone camera freezes during operation
  • The camera is not focusing on the subject properly
  • If your camera shows a black screen which can be a software or iOS related issue
  • The camera will not power on or is slow in recording images. This is one of the primary symptoms of iPhone camera not working black screen
  • Bright circular spots found out when shooting flash
  • The camera freezes for a few seconds while taking shots and then returns to the home screen
  • If the lens of your camera is damaged or broken, it might result in iPhone camera not working black screen
  • The pictures get flipped automatically when checked in the computer monitor
  • Fuzzy images are generated
  • The picture is either underexposed or overexposed

There can be a lot more issues which might appear on your iPhone cameras such as lens problems, video resolution problems and many more. Your camera might misbehave due to multiple reasons. Therefore, before troubleshooting the issues, it is necessary to identify the exact causes. The next paragraph will help you to clear your thoughts about the possible causes behind the iPhone camera not working problem.

Possible Reasons Behind the iPhone Camera Not Working Black Screen:

Though the iPhone is the most advanced quality of Smartphones developed by tech giant Apple, they are not immune to technical errors. Rough handling of the device and many other reasons often cause the iPhone camera to stop working. Some of those reasons are as follows:

  1. Accidental fall of the iPhone handset on the ground which results in a serious damage to the camera
  2. Spilling of water or any other liquid on the camera lens, causing it to start malfunctioning
  3. The camera software gets corrupted due to any virus or malware attack
  4. Crack on the camera lens due to a hard hit on the device
  5. Incompatibility between the camera software and the iOS
  6. Improper camera settings

We understand it is not always possible for you to resolve this iPhone camera not working black screen error on your own. Instead, taking expert help and getting the exact guidance to settle the issues, is obviously the best option. But sometimes, connecting with professional experts can be a bit time consuming, especially when you might require instant help. In those situations, you can apply some easy fixes which have been explained in the next paragraph.

How to Resolve iPhone Camera Not Working Black Screen?

  • Before clicking images with your iPhone camera, ensure that there is no blockage on the camera lens. Remove any dust or debris from the lens 
  • Force stop and restart the iPhone camera app 
  • Open the iTunes and check whether an updated version of your iPhone camera application is available there or not. If any latest version is available,  update the existing one with it immediately 
  • You can also uninstall the camera app and then reinstall it by downloading it from the iTunes 
  • Inspect whether the camera lens is smudged or not and clean it with a dry, microfiber cloth 
  • Look for the stability of your iPhone camera by placing your hand in steady position over the shutter or the volume up button 
  • Remove the metallic case from the iPhone cameras with a magnetic lens to avoid blurry images 
  • Wipe out water or any other kind of liquid present over the iPhone lens 
  • Check the camera flash settings and make necessary changes by clicking on the lightning bolt button in the upper-left corner of the screen 
  • Inspect whether the camera sensors are working properly or not 
  • Perform a virus scanning to check if there is any virus or malware attack on the iPhone which is causing the camera to display errors 
  • Try to reboot your entire iPhone device and start clicking images or shooting videos

Click some images to check whether the iPhone camera not working black screen issue still exists or not. In case it reappears, consults with professional iPhone repair experts to get all your problems resolved completely. They will help you to get rid of these irritating iPhone camera problems by offering affordable iPhone camera repair services. So, get in touch with any such expert team and avail reliable iPhone fixes to repair your malfunctioning iPhone camera.