Projectors play an important role in watching cinemas at homes and can enhance the entire experience. Unlike a big TV or a sound bar, home theatre projectors consist of a projector and a projector screen. These theatres are based on several technologies and also use a variety of light technologies as well thereby providing an amazing experience. Whether you want to splash Blu-ray movies across a white wall, or you want to magnify your gaming experience, a home theatre projector serves all the purposes. Additionally, you can easily throw photos from your mobile devices onto a plus screen. This is the reason why home theatre projectors have always been the best choice for people across the globe. So, if you are looking for the best projector for home, go through this article. Here, we are going to discuss the best projector 2019, so that you get the required guidance to choose the most appropriate home theatre projectors for you.

Take a Look at the Top 6 Home Theatre Projectors and Their Features

1. JVC DLA-X5900

JVC is one of the most appropriate projectors for home theatres. For the past years, this home theatre projectors have taken over the local cinema screen with its amazing features. The native contrast of 40,000:1 enables the blacks to look black. Another important upgrade that was introduced is the HDR performance. The ultra-bright LCD TV cannot be challenged due to the punchiness of HDR.  But still, you can get the image that is several times the size. Another thing to note is that no native 4K projector panels are available inside. Hence, it proves to be the best projector for home.

2. Sony VPL-VW300ES

To get the proper cinematic feel, it is essential to fill the walls with 4K images. And Sony VPL is certainly the best 4k projector 2019. It offers great color and black levels that meet the ambient levels. To bring out maximum details from native 4K sources, Blu-ray and even DVD, it has awesome reality creation tech. Besides this, it has the hugely flexible optical zoom shift options that make set-up a cinch.

3. Optoma HD39Darbee Special Edition

Optoma Dabree is referred to as an all-around crowd pleaser. At times, it becomes impossible to satisfy movie fans and gamers, but this model helps to fulfill all the expected demands with an amazing user experience. With the most effective and amazing gaming display, it makes your next sporting event a real social occasion and does a great job with the films as well. Hence, the technology that is used in Darbee can be easily polarized.

4. BenQ W1070+

It is one of the best projector for home because of the full HD images. This model is portable in design and is essentially the best solution for any home theatre, because of the beautiful 4K resolution, vivid 2,200-lumen brightness, and an HDR color palate. The core features of this projector include its amazing picture quality. Every image is analyzed by the projector in order to give an optimal balance between contrast and color accuracy.

5. EPSON 1450 HC

In case you are a sports bar owner who is looking for a wall-sized solution for watching big events, or a business owner who requires a large viewing option for midday presentations, EPSON 1450 HC is the best that serves all the purposes. It is an incredible 1080p projector which has enough brightness that helps to project image even in a strong ambient light. With full-HD quality which is crisp, it successfully displays vivid colors and great contrast. Hence, Epson 1450 HC is an outstanding choice when it comes to the best projector for home.

6. LG HU80KA

Another one that makes the list of the best projector for home is the HU80KA which comes in a compact, portable form and does not require a table or stand. It has smart and unique built-in TV features. To provide cinema-style viewing, it has a laser-based light source, full 4K, HDR10 resolution and 2,500 lumens of brightness which are more than enough to add unmatched user-experience. Another added feature is that you can even stream audio through the Bluetooth option.

Winding it up, all the projectors that are mentioned above are worthy of gaining the title of the best projector for home. Going through the features will effectively help you to determine the appropriate one that will suit all your purposes. At times, you might face issues with these projectors as well. This is the time you will require an affordable projector repair to enhance its performance and make it error-free.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you watch TV on a projector?

It is not possible to connect your TV to your projector, but in case you have a set top box, you can easily connect the output of the set top box to the projector.

  1. Are projectors good for your eyes?

Less eye strain is caused by projectors because it has lower contrast than an LCD screen. However, it is not practical for everyday computer use. Just ensure to take breaks to rest your eyes every once in a while or you can also lower the brightness level so that your eyes do not get affected.

  1. Can projectors do HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and projectors have limited dynamic range. However, some of the projectors contain this feature separately.

  1. How long a projector lasts?

With the help of a bulb or lamp, all projectors are powered. Therefore, like any light source, it will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced. It is noticed that most of the bulbs last for about 2,000 hours, though some projectors can be expected to last considerably longer.

  1. How do I connect my TV to a projector?

From the Home Theater cable to the back of the TV, connect the dual plug. Connect the single plug end of the Home Theater cable to the audio connection that’s on the projector. Connect the projector to a power source by plugging in the power cord to the socket on the projector.