Today, customers are hungry for innovation and unique features on any device. Gadgets like smartphones, laptops, and tablets have changed the way of our working and living life. Now we depend on them for even running simple errands. With increasing usage of these devices in our daily routine, it has become necessary to choose for the best manufacturer. One such leader in the industry is Apple. With state of the art features and class-apart design, it has never failed in mesmerizing its consumers. People wait for months to have a chance of buying newly launched phones or laptops. By maintaining a robust customer satisfaction level, it has generated a base of brand-loyal consumers. How to fix Apple iPhone 8 problems and these issues are inevitable. With regular use and passing time, you may encounter some problems in the device

In this blog, we have discussed some issues related to iPhone 8. This phone was released in September of 2017. With striking glass design, 12 MP camera, and the fastest processor, it captured the whole market in its wave. Technology can provide you many benefits, but it also suffers from some shortcomings too. In case of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, some issues started surfacing which are as follows.

  • Battery swelling issues
  • Crackling of the earpiece
  • Apps refreshing frequently
  • Screen is unresponsive or frozen
  • Overheating problems

Due to lack of knowledge or awareness, users usually spend money on fixing these issues whereas they can handle these problems on their own. Below we have described some methods which can help you in resolving the mentioned issues. It is mandatory that you should follow the steps carefully without eliminating any detail. If you will alter the process, then it is possible that you may not get the desired result from applying the chosen treatment.

Problem: Battery swelling issues

Some customers experienced this issue where due to swelling of battery the screen of device got detached for the console. The reason behind this problem can be a use of faulty charger or over-charging of the mobile. Sometimes it is possible that users do not use the charger which is manufactured for the device but opt for a cheap alternative. It can damage the battery as well as can affect the performance of the phone.


Make sure that you use the charger which is a perfect match for your phone. Before selecting an alternative rather than the original component, look for the details related to power supply and capacity of the equipment. Maintain a cycle of charging your phone and avoid over-charging the device. By this, you can enhance the life of battery and performance of mobile.

Problem: Crackling of the earpiece

This issue is related to a disturbance which users experience while making voice calls as well as video calls. It happens due to a crackling earpiece. A constant static sound or distortion will deteriorate the quality of voice if you are facing this problem.


The first thing which you need to check is the availability of any new software update. Apple has resolved this issue of crackling voice with the release of new iOS 11.1 developer beta update. Sometimes it is possible that this problem is occurring due to a hardware malfunction. It can be a faulty earpiece which is responsible for the disturbance. Here only a replacement of the part can help you. By contacting Apple support or any other technician, you can get this done quickly.

 Problem: Apps refreshing frequently

App store is one of the essential features of iPhone. But users encountered a problem while using iPhone 8 where it keeps on refreshing the apps constantly whenever you visit or load it. This problem could arise because of several reasons. It can be due to an iOS version or the app itself. The following solution can help you in fixing this problem.


  • Method 1: Tap on App Store and look for the updates tab. Touch on it, and it will reveal all the latest updates available for specific applications. Search for the app which is always crashing and then download an update of the same.
  • Method 2: You can also try deleting and re-downloading the app. To perform this action, you have to press the app icon for long until all the applications start to wiggle. An option of “X” will appear on the right top corner of every app. Touch the icon on the application which you want to delete. This action will remove it from your phone. Then, go to the App Store and re-download the same app again. Once the process is complete, you can use it from the home screen of your phone.
  • Method 3: You can also contact the developer of the app if the issue does not resolve. Touch on the app store and find the “App store customer reviews section.” Here you will see an option of “app support.” Touch on it, and you will get guidance for the same from a developer.
  • Method 4: If you have not downloaded iOS 11 then first, download it and make sure that you “Agree” to the terms and conditions of the app store. It is possible that due to this a particular app is not responding to your commands.

Problem: Screen is unresponsive or frozen

Under this problem, the touch screen of your device will stop responding to your commands and will become unresponsive. Sometimes it may freeze on the lock screen or the home screen. It is possible that you may be able to use the hardware buttons such as volume or home button, but rest of the screen will not work. Following are the solutions to this problem.


  • Method 1: Press and hold the “Sleep or Wake button” and then slide it to power off, If this function is working. Repeat the process to turn it on. It may resolve the issue.
  • Method 2: In case of iPhone 8 force shutdown procedure is different. Here you have to press and instantly release the volume up button. Then, again press and quickly release the volume down button. Now press and hold the “sleep or wake button” until the logo of Apple appears on the screen. This process will force your phone to shut itself down.
  • Method 3: If the problem does not resolve even after restarting the device then create a backup of your data and try wiping your device. Set the phone to factory settings by following instructions given by Apple support. Restore the data which you saved and then check for the problem. If it occurs again, then the issue is related to the files which you have restored.

Problem: Overheating issues

iPhone 8 can face overheating issues due to many reasons. It can be an AR game, over-charging of the device, high-graphic videos, restoration of a backup, or usage of GPS. When the phone gets too hot, then iPhone 8 has been designed in a way that it can disable some features to save it from sudden collapse or damage. It will display you a temperature warning on the screen and will shut down automatically. Following are the solution to this issue.


  • Method 1: Allow the device to cool down on its own. If you are using a cover, then remove it as it will allow the heat to dissipate faster.
  • Method 2: Turn off the functions which you are not using. Like privacy and toggle location services
  • Method 3: If you are not getting a good signal, then you can swipe up and open control center to turn off cellular data for a while. It will help in cooling down the device. Make sure that you turn it on again when the phone comes back to the normal state.
  • Method 4: Hold the “sleep or wake button” and then slide it to power off. Now press it again to turn it back on again. It may stop the processes running behind the screen which can be responsible for overheating.

In case if these solutions do not help you then you can always take help from a technician who has relevant experience in this filed.