Your daily workflow can be stalled if your mobile phone doesn’t function or worse, doesn’t turn on. Calling, texting, social media browsing, etc. come to an end and you feel disconnected from the entire world.

Before you visit a mobile repair Dubai service provider, a bunch of proven and effective DIY fixes can help you eliminate the problem. On the other hand, declaring your expensive phone dead and thinking about purchasing a new one will not be an economical decision.

Let’s check out some common reasons why a phone won’t turn on and how you can revive it.

How to Fix an Apparently Dead Phone?

Typically, a battery failure, charging incompatibility, charger malfunctions, physical or water damage, software glitches, and more can trigger a mobile phone to die. Experts from mobile repair services near me confirm that the conditions of a dead phone may vary from one person to another.

For example,

  • Your phone may not turn on
  • The mobile device has a blank screen
  • You can turn the mobile on but it turns off immediately
  • Your phone turns on but won’t charge

Depending on your phone’s condition, you can apply the following fixes and check if your mobile device responds accordingly:

1. Try to Turn on the Phone Again

We know that you have already tried but we insist you hold your device’s power button. Sometimes, the power button on your mobile phone can be jammed due to dust and debris. Clean the power button with a soft and lint-free cloth. Then, long-press your phone’s power button for up to 10 seconds.

Press and immediately release the Volume Up button if it’s an iPhone 11 or later version. Repeat the same step with the Volume Down button. After that, hold the Power or Wake/Sleep button and check if the Apple logo appears.

2. Charge Your Device

Your phone won’t turn on if it has drained all its battery. Take your charger and plug it into your mobile device. Make sure you charge the phone for at least 30 minutes. However, inspect if a battery sign appears on the screen as soon as you plug the charger into your phone.

Thus, you will be sure that your phone works perfectly and it just needs some juice. What can you do if your phone refuses to charge and doesn’t turn on? Ensure that the charging port isn’t clogged anyhow. You may use a canister of compressed air to clean the charging port.

On a contrary note, a faulty cable, adapter, or charging port might be responsible for the incident. As a quick remedy, you can try a new charger or charging cable. However, the detection of a defective charging port isn’t possible without iphone repair services near me.

3. Look out for Physical Damage

Sustainable damage can make your phone dead. However, signs of damage might not be visible right away. Hence, you need to examine your mobile phone and look out for damage symptoms.

So, you can remove the cover and case of your phone and minutely inspect the device. Bring your phone near a well-lit source and examine the screen for physical damage. Additionally, you can call the problematic phone to check if it vibrates or rings.

Have you dropped your mobile phone in a pool or any kind of water body a few days ago? Then,  chances are that your phone has sustained water damage and the internal corrosion might have forced the device to die.

4. Make Your Phone Enter the Safe Mode

Software glitches from different applications are real and they can interfere with the smooth functioning of your phone. Indeed, third-party apps can cause your device to fail. Your phone may turn on but power off right away. So, you can give the Safe Mode a try as it disables all third-party apps.

Hence, your phone can experience a breeze of relief with the Safe Mode enabled. And, if everything goes well, your mobile phone can turn on. Here’s how you can turn on Safe Mode on a mobile device:

  • Hold your phone’s Power button.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down button when the phone is still in the booting process. Don’t release the Volume Down button unless you notice the ‘Safe Mode’ sign on your phone screen.
  • Now, check if your device works fine.

If your phone is OK in Safe Mode then some recently-installed software may be bugging the device. Hence, you can try to uninstall them. Restart your phone to get out of Safe Mode. However, this fix is exclusively available for Android devices.

5. Induce a Factory Reset on Your Phone

Mobile Repair Dubai experts recommend a factory reset for phones that won’t turn on no matter how hard you try. In addition, a factory reset is a wise decision when your phone turns on but the display remains blank. 

On a related note, your phone will lose data after a factory reset. So, make sure that you have blacked up data on your mobile phone before you proceed with a factory reset. Here’s how you can factory reset an Android phone:

  • Boot your Android device into Recovery Mode. well, the procedure varies from one manufacturer to another. So, ensure that you carefully follow the instructions mentioned by the respective manufacturer.
  • After that, navigate to the Factory Reset or Wipe Data feature with the Volume Down button.

Once the factory reset is done, you can restore the backup and check if the phone works properly. In addition, here are the guidelines for resetting iPhones to factory configuration:

  • Connect your iOS device to your computer and go to Finder. Open up iTunes if you use a Windows PC or a previous version of macOS.
  • Next, check if the iPhone shows up in the toolbar.
  • Click on the listed device and opt for the hard reset option.

After the factory reset is over, you can restore your data from a recent backup.

Nothing Works?

The worst-case scenario is that your phone may have been damaged crucially. Without expert intervention, it may not be possible to restore your phone’s functions. So, you can contact Mobile Repair Dubai to repair your device and revive it right away!