Smartphones have more features than ever to make your life easier. With tons of features and productivity, your smartphone may feel like exhausting all its juice rapidly. Why does your phone’s battery drain away so fast?

Be it your Android or iOS device, the problem is quite common. Let’s find out what potential causes are behind your phone’s battery dying too fast and how you can get rid of it.

Reasons Your Phone Keeps Dying Way Too Faster

Mobile Repair Dubai experts point out several reasons why most mobile phones are running out of their juice. Let’s review them one by one:

  • Too high brightness level
  • Poor reception
  • Outdated or old device
  • Using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi
  • Charging your device for a longer duration
  • Too many applications running in the background
  • Outdated operating system
  • Too many push notifications
  • External temperatures

Over time, your mobile phone’s battery is bound to die as its life cycle comes to an end. So, you have no other way than replacing your mobile phone’s battery if you want to continue your journey with the same device.

7 Fixes to Retain Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Runtime

Here we have provided some tried and tested solutions to save up on your mobile phone’s battery and lengthen the overall life cycle. However, the exact steps of every fix mentioned below may slightly vary from one model and brand to another.

Let’s start with applying the most basic ones first proceeding with critical ones later.

1. Inspect Your Phone’s Battery Usage

Your mobile drains its power way faster than expected. Where does all its energy go? Find out such facts by eyeing your phone’s battery usage. All the latest smartphones now let you see insights into battery usage.

Here’s the generic guideline you should follow:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.
  • Next, navigate to the Battery section.
  • After that, go through the list of all power-consuming applications.

Apps that use the most battery and other resources should be closed. So, close those applications and programs that take a toll on your battery’s performance. 

Manage your apps’ background activities by sneaking into the Apps column under Settings. Then, select the intended app and tap the Disable or Force Stop option. You can also uninstall them temporarily and check if they keep the battery optimised.

2. Detect Power-Hungry Programs

Often, gaming, video-editing, social media, and similar apps make your mobile phone drain its battery faster than ever. You can identify such applications using the method above. So, you can limit those applications.

As an alternative, you can find some alternatives to all these applications. Sometimes, alternative applications are available and they demand less battery power to run. Hence, you can search for such programs or software on Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device OS.

3. Adjust Mobile’s Screen Brightness

Do you keep your smartphone’s screen too bright all the time? Chances are that your mobile device’s battery drains way faster due to the high brightness. So, take your chance and lower your mobile phone’s screen brightness.

Besides that, you can reduce your phone screen timeout settings. Make sure that you select a considerable time that is not too long. Hence, the display turns off when it’s not in use. Consequently, your device will conserve more power.

4. Manage Your Device’s Location Services

Applications like Google Maps and Apple Maps keep utilising your mobile phone’s location services. If you keep your device’s location services enabled even when you are not travelling then your phone’s battery continues to drain.

Therefore, you can limit your mobile’s location services to individual applications. Let’s figure out how you can do it:

  • Navigate to your system’s Settings application.
  • Then, scroll down until you get the Location option. Hit the Location feature.
  • Either you can turn off the Location service. Otherwise, you can limit particular applications by tapping App Permissions and adjusting the settings accordingly.

5. Safeguard Your Device from Extreme Temperatures

Don’t leave your mobile phone in a very cold or hot environment. Extreme temperatures can make your mobile device drain its battery, as reported by a Mobile Repair Services Dubai expert. 

For example, your mobile device can overheat and explode in extremely hot environments. Experienced professionals suggest keeping your mobile phone within a temperature range of 68 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Enforce Some Connection Tweaks

Is your mobile phone facing serious issues with receiving signals? Poor cell reception can be a potential reason why your device keeps draining its battery rapidly. As your phone tries to search for a signal, its battery dies swiftly.

So, move to an area where you can get some good reception. In addition, you should switch your network connectivity to Wi-Fi from mobile data. Using mobile data triggers quick battery depletion and your phone’s runtime is affected. 

7. Update Your Device’s Operating System

Smartphone manufacturers keep rolling out security and feature updates to add more efficiency and ease of use to mobile devices. However, some defective software updates may cause rapid battery drainage.

Soon, they release better updates to revert those changes or impacts. Hence, you must update your phone’s operating system and check if it helps the device stabilise the battery performance. Check out if your device has the newest update using the following steps:

  • Head towards Settings and opt for Software Update.
  • Now, check for software updates.
  • Your device will notify you if the system is up to date. Otherwise, your mobile will instruct you to install the latest update.

Alternative Workarounds You Can Try….

Too many notifications popping up on your mobile screen can drain your phone’s battery to a considerable extent. However, you can limit this by disabling push notifications on your device. In addition, you should activate the battery-saver mode on your smartphone and check if it helps.

Furthermore, turn off vibrations for every single notification on your phone. It’s infuriating and battery-consuming. Is your phone’s battery at stake? Chances are that your phone’s battery is on its way out. So, you should arrange a reliable diagnostic and find out if you require a battery replacement. Contact for mobile repair in dubai by expert technicians.