The ‘device storage full’ message from your Android or iOS phone can be frustrating. On top of that, you can’t capture photos or download apps or files from the internet due to the full storage issue. Don’t worry as mobile repair Dubai experts have compiled some proven ways to make extra space in the storage space.

In the era of advanced and improved file settings and quality and too many apps, it takes no time to fill up your 128GB of internal storage. Most people have thousands of photos and videos on their phones and that’s not uncanny at all. Do you have to sacrifice your favourite documents and photos to save some storage?

That’s not necessary as a mobile repair in Dubai has come up with numerous solutions. Thus, you can make some extra space on your phone for upcoming content. Let’s check what you can do to free up your phone’s storage that flags it as full.

How to Make Extra Space on Your Phone’s Internal Storage

Mobile Repair Dubai professionals suggest having a look at what your smartphone stores. See what kind of files are on your phone and how much space they consume. As confirmed by a mobile repair near me, you need to navigate to the Storage option under Settings if it’s an Android device.

However, Samsung Galaxy users have to follow the path to see exactly how much storage is being utilised for diverse categories like apps, images, and other files: Settings → Battery and Device Care → Storage. You can tap on different categories to get a more detailed insight.

Some Android devices have a dedicated Clear Data option to manage the storage and erase unnecessary files from the system. Additionally, the latest smartphones are capable of detecting junk and duplicate files. They also offer a dedicated button to get rid of those non-essential files with a tap.

However, make sure you review the suggested list before tapping the option. On the other hand, you can review the storage utilisation on your iPhone by browsing the Settings → General → iPhone Storage path. Once you open the iPhone Storage option, you will see a colour-coded bar chart that will show what’s taking up so much space.

So, you can identify the culprits for the ‘storage full’ messages. You can optimise your iPhone storage by deleting files that you don’t require anymore. Additionally, you can offload apps. Let’s reveal all the ways to make some space on your phone and that too in detail.

1. Get Rid of Old Videos, Songs, and Other Files

Do you prefer downloading files from streaming services and apps? Then, you are simply hogging your phone’s internal storage space. According to a mobile repair service near me, you should remove such old videos, songs, podcasts, etc. if they reside o your local media. 

Such downloaded files take up a considerable amount of storage as videos and podcasts can be hours long. Apart from checking streaming apps and services, you should navigate to the Downloads folder of your device.

Mobile repair services in Dubai are pretty confident that you will find sufficient documents and files that aren’t useful to you any longer. Hence, go through the Downloads folder of your device and see what you can erase from this folder.

2. Clear the Cache on Your Phone

Apps can accumulate cached data over time. Well, you can clear cached data on your Android device. Here’s what a mobile repair service in Dubai advises on how you can remove cached data from your Android device:

  • Head towards the Settings icon and tap on it.
  • Next, scroll down to locate the Storage option. Tap on it and you can see how much storage different apps use along with their cached data.
  • You can clear the cache data to remove temporary files and information stored by a particular app.

Check if this method makes some extra space on your smartphone. If it’s an iPhone, there’s no option to delete only cached data related to applications. The best bet for getting rid of temporary files on your iPhone is to clear website data and history from the Safari browser. As per a mobile repair service near me, here’s how you can proceed with it:

  • Tap the grey gear icon or Settings.
  • Next, hover over the Safari option and tap on it.
  • After that, tap on Clear History and Website Data.

If you use another web browser rather than Safari then you can clear that browser’s cache like this as well.

3. Manage WhatsApp Storage

WhatsApp makes communication with your loved ones easy. However, specific WhatsApp settings can force your smartphone to accumulate a substantial amount of data over time. Apart from cached files, WhatsApp can automatically download media.

Not to mention, it will strain your phone’s overall storage space. Hence, mobile repair Dubai experts recommend turning off such automatic downloads to save some extra space on the phone’s internal storage:

  • Launch the WhatsApp application from the home screen or apps tile.
  • Next, tap on the three dots from the top-right corner of the screen. The location of the WhatsApp menu might vary from one device to another depending on the software build.
  • After you expand the menu, tap on Settings followed by Chats.
  • Make sure that the Media Visibility option remains disabled. If not, tap on the Media Visibility toggle to turn it off.

Additionally, you can use the previous method to clear the cached files of WhatsApp.

4. Transfer Large Photos and Videos to the Cloud

Cloud storage options are a handy and smart way to deal with your lack of storage space issue on the smartphone. If you are concerned about your phone’s available internal storage then you can try cloud storage. 

For example, you can use Google Photos and back up all your photos and videos. Once you back up your files to Google Photos, you can remove them from your phone’s Gallery or photos app. However, a mobile repair in Dubai warns to double-check if the required backup is complete. 

Otherwise, you can suffer from a severe data lose. Make sure that you turn on backup on Google Photos so you don’t ever lose a single piece of data. If you are an iOS user then you can back up your photos and videos to your iCloud account. However, you might have to upgrade your subscription to iCloud services if your data limit goes above 5GB.

5. Delete Apps from Your Phone

Your smartphone might have too many apps and you don’t even use some of them anymore. If your phone signals a ‘low storage’ warning then you should review those unused apps now and uninstall them if they waste the required space.

On an Android device, you can tap and hold the app icon and tap the Remove option. Confirm your action by tapping on the Uninstall option. On an iPhone, you can offload applications if you don’t use them right now but might require them later.

Here, a mobile repair near me instructs how you can offload an app on your iPhone:

  • Browse to Settings from your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Then, go to General followed by iPhone Storage.
  • Check out all the apps and decide which app you want to offload. Tap that app and choose the ‘Offload App’ option.
  • Tap on ‘Offload App’ again to verify your action.

Otherwise, you can directly remove apps from your iPhone. Just tap and hold the particular app you want to uninstall or delete. Next, tap on Remove.

6. Take Advantage of a microSD Card

Is it an Android phone whose storage full warnings keep bothering you? Then, you can use a microSD card to take care of your important files and delete them from your device’s internal storage space.

However, iPhones don’t support microSD cards. So, this solution is exclusive to Android devices only. Simply, insert a compatible microSD card into your Android device and move some storage-consuming files, apps, etc. to that card.

For moving files, you can locate the specific files under your device file system and find the Move option. Ensure that you move the files from the internal storage space to the newly installed SD card. Additionally, don’t quit the window until the move is complete.

However, you can move an app from the internal storage to the microSD card by using the Settings application. Launch Settings and tap on Applications followed by Application Manager. After that, tap the application you want to move. 

Still, the entire app and its files may not move to the SD card. The move and its extent will depend on the app, as reported by mobile repair services Dubai experts.

Lastly, Opt for a Factory Reset…

Are you still unable to eradicate the ‘storage full’ warning? Mobile Repair Dubai professionals suggest performing a factory reset. A factory reset will wipe out all your device data and give you enough space to download apps, click images, and more.

However, you must back up your device data and settings so you don’t miss out on important updates. Apart from this, you can try third-party cleaning apps to make some space on your phone, be it an Android or iPhone.