Know its Best Features and Usages

A 3D Printer is a machine which helps in creating a physical object from a three-dimensional digital image. This is generally accomplished by providing thin layers of materials one above the other in the most systematic way. 3D Printing is basically a method of creating three-dimensional solid objects that evolves from a digital file. The development of the 3D Printing object is done with the help of some additive methodologies. The additive process includes providing a sugar-coated version of different materials until the object is made. Every layer is basically a thin sliced horizontal cross section of the main object. So this article will give you a thorough overview of What is a 3D Printer to make you understand the complex functionalities in a simpler way.

How 3D Printer Works?

How 3D Printer Works

It all begins with the 3D Model in the computer. The digital design specially is done for a CAD file. A 3D Model is built either with the 3D Modelling Software or with the data integrated with the scam scanner. Using the 3D scanner you can easily create a digital copy of an object.

3D Scanners

The price of 3D scanners varies from costly 3D Scanners to DIY scanners. Anybody can prepare it in the home with just a few tricks. You can follow the handy guide to get a thorough overview of prices, precision, speed as well as software capabilities.

3D Modelling Software

3D Modelling softwares are available in various forms. You can get industrial grade software which will cost around a thousand every year. 3D Modelling softwares are built to cater the functionalities of the user’s industry. This will lead to an upsurge of softwares under particular niche. Owing to this fact, there are certain softwares available in the market which has manifold applications in aerospace, furniture design, and fabrication sectors. As a result, when you are thinking about What is a 3D Printer, you should be aware of the choices. Now when there is a 3D Model, the obvious next step will be to make it printable.

Segregating: 3D Model to 3D Printer

You need to divide a 3D Model to make it printable in the 3D platform. Slicing is basically segregating a 3D Model into several horizontal layers and it can be done with the help of a slicing software. You can slice a 3D file inside a 3D modeling software or in a 3D Printer. Moreover, it might be the case that you are compelled to use a specific tool to meet this purpose.

When your 3D Model is divided, you can easily adjust that into the 3D Printer. Moreover, you can perform that using a USB or with a WiFi. It depends on what 3D Printer brand you are working upon. If a file is uploaded in a 3D Printer, the object is set to print layer-wise. These things will give you thorough know-how about What is a 3D Printer?

Get To Know 3D Print-Where, to begin with:

Before the advent of 3D Print, you need to know – What is a 3D Printer? Are you interested in using hardware, or do you wish to concentrate on the end result? This answer can lead to certain decisions whether you can buy a pre-assembled 3D Printer or a DIY 3D Printer kit.

Which 3D Printer is best for you?

Are you thinking of purchasing a 3D Printer but you have a tight budget? However, beginning your journey into 3D printing is not always that much costly. You can get a large range of cheap 3D Printers based on your budget.

Apart from this, there are certain elements which will help you to choose the best 3D Printer. Can it be used in the classroom? Is it suitable for small batch production?. All these questions will help you to get through with the best printers in the market.

Cost Of 3D Printer

So what are the factors that will contribute to the price of 3D Printer? To know take a look below:

When a manufacturer is adapted with superior quality parts, it has an adverse effect on the price of the end product. There is a false notion in the mind of the users that high quality will always produce superior quality prints. There are many other factors that will play an important role as well. When a manufacturer is looking for a cheap price on parts, the product will be available at a reasonable rate. On the other hand, it doesn’t imply that cheap 3D Printer will provide inferior results. However, you need to give extra time as well as effort to achieve the same feat.

Also, it takes huge time before the final product is a stable, superior quality 3D Printer. Manpower will become costlier which required to be earned back. The next thing that affect the pricing are the assembly. Generally, it is very reasonable and henceforth more reliable to ship the parts when we compare it with a fully assembled 3D Printer. This is available in the form of DIY Kit or semi-assembled 3D Printer. However, it doesn’t signify that each of the DIY Kits is cheap. This is owing to the fact that DIY Kit contains superior quality parts, although you need to assemble it correctly. However, it is very costly.

And the last thing that you need to consider is the 3D Printer price. There is a probability that you may find problems when you purchase a 3D Printer without looking at the price. In case you select a 3D Printer from a recognized brand, you need to pay more but rest will be reassured regarding the customer service and warranty. Moreover, due to any faulty parts or any sort of breakage, the company will be held responsible and hence it is easily replaceable.

3D Printing Industry

The revenue growth for 3D Printers has undergone a mammoth change for the last couple of years. During the course of the huge transformation of 3D technology and 3D Printing technology helps in transforming every major sector. The 3D Printing industry covers certain forms of technology and materials. When the majority of the people think about What is a 3D Printer, they simply think about normal desktop 3D printer. 3D Printing is classified into metal, bio, fabrics, and also the entire host of industries. Owing to this reason, it is imperative to see a bunch of diverse industries with countless applications.

Sculpteo’s state of 3D Printing is used in several industrial sectors

  • Consumer Goods
  • Industrial Goods
  • High Tech
  • Healthcare Services

3D Printing is becoming very prominent with the enhancement of daily business operations. CEO generally perceived 3D printing as a benefit. FDM printers are mostly used 3D printers integrated with SLS feature. For the past few years, metal printing has been gaining grounds in the printing industry. This is expected because of the huge amounts of R and D imbibed into the metal side of the additive manufacturing. Global MNCs such as Google and General Electric have been investing in several technologies in the course of the year.

Applications Of 3D Printing

The applications comprise of prototyping, 3D print prosthetics, architectural scale models, as well as movie props. Other examples include reconstructing fossils, duplication of ancient artifacts, reconstructing bones and many more.


Educators, as well as students, are inclined towards the use of 3D Printers in their classrooms. 3D Printing helps students in integrating their ideas in an effective and reasonable way.

Primary and High Schools

3D Printer manufacturers play a key role in education. Companies often take up certain programs in order to promote their technologies. These programs help the 3D Printers to be available for use in classrooms. Certain programs like Create Education Project is helpful for schools since they try to incorporate the latest manufacturing technologies into the curriculum and that too at free of cost.

Likewise, there are certain companies which come up with a lesson plan for kids to make them understand the use of it. They will get an upper hand in this case since most of the schools don’t have enough staff having proper expertise in this field. Many educational agencies collaborate with printer manufacturers in order to make projects with particular goals in their mind as well.


Additive manufacturing is a brand new feature in 3D Printing. Universities also use 3D Printers in certain disciplines. There are certain educational courses which one can undertake in order to engross with 3D Printing. Universities also provide certain courses on things which are in line with 3D printing such as CAD and 3D design, having an enormous application in 3D Printing at certain points.

When it comes to prototyping, universities comes with certain programs which are turning to printers. There are specializations in additive manufacturing one can get using architectural and industrial design degrees. Printed Prototypes have enormous applications in art, fashion studies as well as commerce.

Workshops and Online Courses

Before implementing 3D Printers in workshops and online courses people should know What is a 3D Printer? You know that the educational environment is not only restricted to institutions as well as schools. Also, there are other sources through which one can learn additive manufacturing. In order to augment online studies, certain companies come with lucrative discounts for 3D printers.

You can also learn through online videos. Many tutors earn their bread by assembling 3D printers and making free tutorials.

Metal printers are costly and require certain training before you start operating them. This needs in-person workshops provided by 3DMT. These courses are very much professional and also meets business requirement which is opposed to individuals.

Rapid Prototyping

Manufacturers implement 3D printers in their design process to make prototypes. The use of 3D Printers is known as Rapid Prototyping.

Why will you use 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping?

The main reason is because of its effectiveness and also affordability. Some of the companies use 3D Printers for the purpose of creating prototypes in order to run cleats. They spend huge money on the prototype before holding them in their hands. The cost only covers a portion of it, and modification to 3D file can be made instantly and prototype reprinted in the same fashion.

Rapid Manufacturing

Apart from rapid prototyping, 3D Printing can also be implemented in rapid manufacturing. Rapid Manufacturing is a new process of manufacturing where companies implement 3D printers for the purpose of short run and small batch custom manufacturing as well. In this process of manufacturing, printing objects are nothing but tools, molds as well as end products.


From the advent of 3D Printers, car manufacturers, restorers, as well as repairers have been using 3D printing to a considerable extent. Automotive Industry professionals have the expectation that the additive manufacturing technology will grow in upcoming years. Companies not only produces parts but also jigs, tools as well as fixtures. This is also used on-demand manufacturing, which helps in generating a lower stock level for spare parts.

Although large scale manufacturers are ardent users of 3D Printers, there are other automobile enthusiasts who are leaving a footprint as well. Motorcar Engineers throughout the world are using printed parts in order to restore the old cars. In doing so, they need to know What is a 3D Printer?


3D Printing is widely used in used in the aviation industry in several forms. Reputed aviation sectors have been exploring the printed parts as well as aircraft for a considerable period of time. According to the latest estimates, more than 20,000 3D Printed parts are used in airplanes. Besides, they also utilize metal printing.

Likewise, on the 3D Printer side, there are certain companies creating a niche in building machinery, particularly for aircraft production. Follow the rest of the article in order to have a clear idea about What is a 3D Printer?


If you wish to see 3D printing in the wildest ways, search for the aerospace industry. Starting from the materials to concept printers, they are doing some innovative, cutting edge for the whole field, with the intent of making the interstellar exploration more habitable.


Can you print buildings with the use of 3D Printer? They are of limited forms, but there are certain agencies which can actually generate amazing results. With the optimum use of 3D Printers,a house can be painted within 24 hours. There are certain countries who are indulged with the task of implementing 3D printing in the field of construction.


From time inception, Architects are inclined towards the use of 3D printing technology. When architects want to represent the work using physical scale model, 3D Printing comes into the picture since it is a seamless and effective way. These printers also helps in reducing the manpower and time for the purpose of visual designing.

Consumer Products

Although prototyping is very famous, there are many such cases when the company generates end-user products along with 3D Printers.


There are many such companies involved in the work of printing furniture and invest a huge sum of money to incorporate latest techniques. They leverage the use of a 3D Printer to introduce a furniture manufacturing technique. It also helps for the reuse of materials. Recycled plastics coming from old refrigerators are used to make countless chairs as well as durable and stylish.


3D Printers are also used in lighting fixtures and lamp shades. Pendant lamps come with a fluorescent tube which gives a distinct shape for lighting. It takes up the form of flowers that incorporate surplus flavor in designing of any room.

Additive manufacturing helps in creating optics in order to build bulbs as well as LEDs.


3D Printers are imperative when it comes to the creation of trinkets and small add-ons. It has enormous application in Jewelry Printing. This is another popular and attractive category under this 3D Printing. Printers such as Solidscape S300 are perfect for making wax models to generate jewelry.


3D Printing also has a huge application in the medical field. It is evolving at a faster rate since professionals have utilized 3D Printing in an advanced way. Patients across the globe are getting a superior amount of care with the use of 3D Printed implants as well as prosthetics. Moreover, 3D pens have huge and extensive application in orthopedic surgery.

Bio Printing

After knowing What is a 3D Printer, biotech firms have started implementing 3D Printing technology in creating applications based on the tissue engineering where organs and body parts are created using inkjet techniques. There are several layers of living cells placed on a gel medium and then slowly transformed into 3D structures.


The dental industry has clutched 3D printed goods in a faster way. It permits dentists to create bite splints, night guards, dentures as well as crowns. There is a separate market for dental printers. It helps dentists to make appliances in proper shape to meet client requirement.


Additive Manufacturing has extensive application in the food industry. There are certain restaurants which use a distinct selling point to get more customers throughout the world. Shape Changing or transparent pasta can easily be available at a store nearby.


3D Printing has a tremendous application in the world of fashion as well. Ardent designers have been utilizing to hold the capability. Designers are creating tools for the purpose of a retail system. While utilizing 3D Printing to fashion, the customer model implanted on the website is extensively clever.

Know the Categories Of 3D Printing Technologies as well as  Processes

There are several methods of using 3D Printer and application are adverse. These technologies are basically additives. The only difference lies in the way layers are built to produce a distinct object. Some methods implement softening material in order to expel the layers. Other cures include photoreactive resin equipped with UV laser layerwise. Seven processes include

  1. Vat Photopolymerisation
  2. Material Jetting
  3. Binder Jetting
  4. Material Jetting
  5. Material Extrusion
  6. Sheet Lamination
  7. Powder Bed Fusion.
  8. Direct Energy Deposition

To Sum It Up

Hopefully, this article will give you a thorough insight into the important features pertaining to What is a 3D Printer. You will get a thorough overview of different areas of 3D printing. However, it is forecasted by some additive manufacturing advocates that technological development will modify the course of commerce industry. This is owing to the fact that end users can manufacture rather than indulging in trade in order to purchase products from other people and corporations. With the optimum use of energy, customization, medicine, art, as well as construction, 3D Printing will transform the entire manufacturing world.


  1. What are the materials required for a 3D Printer?

There are several materials used for 3D Printing like ABS plastic, PLA, silver, titanium, wax, polycarbonate and many more.

  1. What are the advantages of 3D Printing?

The main advantage of 3D Printing is that it helps the businessman to reduce the cost by the amount of storage space it requires. However, traditional methods are very much time taking. It is cost effective in generating products for the purpose of the high volume of storage.

  1. Is it possible to print food using 3D Printers?

Normal 3D Printers are printed with plastics, while there are some 3D Printers which uses real food ingredients in order to build acceptable products. Stainless steels are deposited into the steel capsules made of stainless steel. You can load it with beef to print out mini burgers.